You know you’re a fanboy when you’re caught saying any of these things. [via @AppleSpotlight]

  • Well I’ve only failed in one, I think… That Apple will remain the same after Steve Jobs died, wich I think that Apple will keep great, but not THAT great….so what does that mean? I can’t call myself Apple fanboy anymore?

    • omg I am so tired of comments like “nothing is the same when steve jobs left” and so on… how the hell did you know what steve jobs did do? He was just CO founder and who knows maybe he was just chillin’ and taking all the credits? How can you be sure that everything that apple presents now is not “designed/planed/produced” by jobs?

      • dafuq.. it’s my opinion based on how Apple was when it was founded, when Steve Jobs left, and when Steve Jobs back, making a company almost bankrupt, to the biggest company in the world.

        Steve Jobs was a good leader. Great Designers, Great Engineers, and many other great people are nothing if their leaders (CEOs) don’t have the vision to take advantage of that great people.

        Jony ive was in Apple while Steve Jobs was on Next, and none of the Apple ceos gave him credit or believed in him for the projects that he did (never released). Steve Jobs was the only one who saw how great Jony Ive was… Steve Jobs was not a great inventor but a great Visionary. A great Leader. A person that could make people make better than they actually thought that they could.

        This is why Steve Jobs left designer Jony Ive more power than anyone at Apple before he died. So yes, it doesnt matter how good people are in a job if their CEO’s, the people who approve things, suck.

      • Take a look at Jobs biography, bitch!

  • Miketyler

    Im eating an apple now does that mean I’m a fanboy 🙂

  • hahah i loved when he had different cell phones talking about itools/.mac/mobileme/icloud

  • This is so funny. (Mainly because it’s true)
    Guess I’m a fangirl then.

    • J_GellerDoesDallas

      Hey! I got some Apple condoms<3 (O•:)

      • Forever Alone

      • J_GellerDoesDallas

        Not really I can always depend on your mom 😛

      • And you have no one to use them with? Ah, that’s too bad.

      • J_GellerDoesDallas

        ^this above you check it out:)

      • TROLL


      • Aaron de Silva

        Careful, 1st wave of new apple products always have defects

      • J_GellerDoesDallas

        Yeah I know and Sol is the kind of girl who is not monogamous she has been around the block a couple of times so to speak 😛

      • coejam

        You can sell it on ebay for $10,000.

  • This was more accurate than I’m willing to admit -__-

  • i guess i’m guilty then. but in fairness the majority of what he says in the video is true. it’s better than being a fandroid so w/e.

    • Being a fanboy of anything isnt good bro…

      • No more Obama

        exactly. worshiping a for-profit non ethical company shouldn’t be admired by your peers

  • I don’t see them mentioning : “The S3 is a piece of plastic clown.”

    • I hate Apple & love Samsung but the S3 does look like a fisherprice toy.

  • aajaas

    That is totally ME !!

  • Gestures… Gestures… Gestures…


  • Josh Leyva

    Hahaha love this, so true!

  • Kok Hean

    I don’t say anyone of these… I guess it’s time for me to leave this blog D:

  • LMAO I always say nobody needs flash player, or a removable battery, and also there are no viruses hahaha

  • Apple city made all of glass lucky guys quote look up boys she’s having a bath pmsl

  • So I’ve been talking shit all these while?

  • Miketyler

    I just picked up the new apple condoms they are granny flavored 😀


    How can we “dislike” an article?

    (Does that make me a fanboy?)

  • Brrriiiaaallliiiaaannnttt

    I hate Google, Samsung, and the Devil! <;)

    • U better not be googling things then…

      • Brrriiiaaallliiiaaannnttt

        1 word – BING! Bazinga! <;)

      • Benny Green

        Amazing – an Apple fanboi who loves a Microsoft search engine……. Bazinga

      • Brrriiiaaallliiiaaannnttt

        Mr.Softy and Bing! Are groovy enough, but just think if Apple made a search engine, ahhhhh! Happy/Happy/Joy/Joy! <;)

  • Brrriiiaaallliiiaaannnttt

    Oh, forgot to mention that ‘I love Apple & Jesus’!!!!!

    • No more Obama

      which do you love more?

  • It’s all true about Apple products! Just look back at the time in 2007 when Steve Jobs demo how iPhone (a real smart and user friendly phone ever made) work, in 2010 when he introduced the first iPad, … Can you feel how amazing it was at that time as a user 🙂 and how shocking as a competitors 🙁 Nowadays, if we look around we will see how so many products that are influenced by the iPhone, IPad, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, you name it. Oh one more important thing is iCloud that make our Apple products work seamlessly as a ecosystem. It’s amazing, isn’t it? And it’s insanely great that most of the competitors trying to follow. Personally, think different, think Apple!

  • Hahaha guilty as charged!

  • kumar714

    me right there :p

  • sounds about right… same words i have heard of shit apple fan boys..
    I beat that if apple had a dick the fan boys would suck it….

  • Apple_King98

    Pick up Apple Condoms and then….GESTURES!

  • Only thing I agree with is the right click part and a bit of not needing flash when clearly HTML5 is better. Everything else is so fanboyish lol. “Gestures… Gestures…. Gestures” XD

    • No more Obama

      html 5 isn’t better yet, but hopefully it will be. because it has some great potential. but you still can do more with flash so its not better just yet

      i didn’t get the gestures reference though

  • This guy really looks like Nicholas Cage. o_o

  • Wasn’t funny

  • Scary thing is… I’ve encountered most of these arguments in apple discussions….

    • No more Obama

      scary thing is, all these people on this blog post writing how cool it is that they are just like that guy. pathedic.

      having flash is a plus (turn it off when not needed), having a removable battery is a plus, customizing this and that is a plus, having more ram is a plus…

  • O. Bakerman

    Gimme back my wasted 4 min.

  • I found this hilarious! But some of these things I say because usually it’s the truth…

  • LMFAO 100% True

  • lmao. i wish Apple made condoms..

  • maurid

    Viruses are so 2000’s anyways. And only idiots could get them.

  • Jonathan J. Javier

    That sounds too much to me… it’s weird…