As Ed brought out in his post just a few minutes ago, AT&T is scrambling to get its LTE network deployed in more cities with the iPhone 5’s debut on the horizon.

At this point, Verizon has many more markets covered with LTE than their fiercest competitor in the United States, and with the upcoming release of the first LTE enabled iPhone, it could have a significant impact on customer loyalty and sales.

With that in mind, would you consider switching from AT&T to Verizon, if AT&T doesn’t have an LTE network available in your market come iPhone 5 launch day? Sound off, in this week’s Question of the Week…

Right now Verizon features well over 300 LTE markets, while AT&T lags behind with just a hair over 50. That’s a pretty massive disparity between the two.

What’s the situation like in your market? Will you make the switch?

  • I definitely am thinking about it. Verizon’s LTE is lightening fast, and I already use an iPad 3 with Verizon, so I know how their network performs. I can’t believe AT&T has lagged behind so much in this area, but that’s likely why they were trying so hard to purchase T-Mobile, they saw the writing on the wall. I’m sure the extra markets they will add in 2012 will help a lot, but at first availability of the iPhone, it could definitely come back to bite them.

    • I’m have AT&T unlimited data since the iPhone 3G now iPhone 4S. AT&T CS has always been great to me. AT&T is greedy and is getting lazy by trying to buy up everything and always increasing plans. But I hear horror stories about Verizon’s customer service all the time. I know Verizon is 100x but Verizon becoming worst an AT&T been CS wise. Plus Verizon has no real grandfathered in plans unless you pay full price for a iPhone. Switch average person won’t.

      • You won’t be keeping that unlimited data when making the transfer from 3G to 4G data…

      • AT&T is allowing you to keep unlimited data even when upgrading from 3g iphone 4/4s to 4G iphone 5. We are just getting screwed on the facetime option, which makes me angry. But it is what it is. Is Verizon not allowing to grandfather the unlimited data from 3g to LTE?

      • I am currently employed by Verizon, and no matter what you upgrade to you will lose your unlimiter data wether it be from a 3G smart phone to a 4G or 3G to anoth 3G. verizon does it me for the reason that 90% of customers don`t come close to using the 2GB of tierd data plans. now that probably isn`t true for most of the readers on iDB like myself but Verizon makes up for the loss with the share everything plans. they actually do save money with at&t my family had 7 iphones and one with the internet tethering and the 1400 minute plan. when we switch when iP5 comes out our bill will drop from nearly 600 all the way to 380 a month. haha sorry for my rant had to clear some air on here a bit.

      • TriguyRN

        I was able to upgrade from my unlimited droid to a galaxy nexus (4G) and keep my unlimited plan.

      • when did you do your upgrade? there are ways around losing the unlimited. using an alternate upgrade is the easiest way to do so. if you have more than one line on your plan and that line has an upgrade you can use it then have the rep put the new phone onto your number that is the only way to do so…

      • TriguyRN

        We have a family plan with unlimeted texting and calling. My phone was upgraded, with my existing phone #, to the nexus, my daughter had a flip phone which was upgraded to an iphone (which also kept its existing phone #)and another flip phone was added to the plan. I kept unlimited 4g and my daughter got a two gig plan.

      • SoCoMagNuM

        when i switched from 3G iPhone 4 to 4G LTE Galaxy 3 i still got to keep unlimited data. as long as you dont switch to a tiered plan/tethering plan youare still grandfathered in. once you make the switch you lose it forever.

      • Many of my friends have android phones and LTE service and they still got to keep their unlimited data plan. So I think I’m good but who knows. 

    • Here near Flint Mi. I have 3g AT&T my speed ranges from 7-9 mbs down and 1.5 – 3mbs up
      To me that seems fast enough to do what i need.
      I’ll be sticking with AT&T, i have never had problems with customers service like i did with sprint always double billing me or verizon’s crazy billing system.

    • I have AT&T now, and I’m looking at T-Mobile’s new Unlimited Plan – I can put myself and my wife on their plan for $100/month, saving myself an extra $120/month for AT&T…


      • If virgin, Tom or metro offers reliable LTE I WOULD JUMP SHIP

    • Dlevi309

      I remember asking you this qeustion on your live show 🙂

    • Verizon sucks, everyone talks about their great coverage but when you don’t get it 30 miles outside of a major metro area then yeah it sucks. A friend I work with gets an average of 57Mbps down on LTE via AT&T in the area Verizon’s coverage sucks. So if you think that kind of speed sucks…go pick your crack pipe up again.

  • CollegiateLad

    I’m switching to Verizon. I, too, went with Verizon’s LTE iPad this year. AT&T’s service is lousy and I can’t wait to dump them.

  • I am grandfathered in since the original iPhone came out with unlimited data but after AT&T started throttling my data I skipped on the iPhone 4S upgrade. Now I am free from the 2yr contract and ready to jump ship to a better LTE network aka Verizon as soon as the next iPhone comes out.

    • Cknock22

      Remember AT&T only throttles at 3gb on 3G LTE throttles at 5GB

  • Short answer… Yes.

  • the LTE is not a good reason for me to give up my unlimited data and Verizon no longer offer’s it and they dont have LTE here where i am. if they had unlimited and LTE here i would

    • No Whammy

      How much data do you use?

      • 4 to 5 gigs a month.

  • Most definitely. AT&T has had every opportunity to do right by me as a loyal customer and they automatically kicked me out of my grandfathered unlimited data plan. It’s the little things, Ma Bell.

    • Well, Verizon is a Baby Bell too. Hehe.

    • how did they kick you off? i ask b/c im grandgathered as well.

      • If you change your number or account settings, you have to make sure that they don’t change the data plan because once they do, there’s no going back.

        Unlimited data plans will not roll over from 3G to 4G LTE.

      • i’ve spoke with at&t rep at a retail store and also to their customer service by phone and both reps told me that you can keep your unlimited data plans when you go to 4g from 3g. You might want to inquire again….. Either your mis-informed or I’ve been lied twice about it. I was told the only thing I could not take advantage of is the facetime over cellular. But I was told I would keep unlimited data with the new LTE iphone as long as I don’t make any changes to my account.

      • Sorry for the late reply, but they kicked me off when they say that I had tethered once. ONCE!

  • I really think AT&T is lacking real bad that anyone in US should just go Verizon and Verizon speed as what I know is crazy fast than any other carrier

  • the only reasons that I am with AT&T is b/c I am still grandfathered in on their unlimited plan which I pay an arm/leg for. If i can unlock my phone or the new iphone and get an unlimited plan with either Tmobile/sprint others I might make the move, but they have to atleast have 3g speeds, no throttling atleast after 5gb of data and 4g would be nice, but not holding my breath, another concern will be their coverage/sister networks as I sometimes travel overseas for work, then again i could just get a throw away/simm/phone if I need to when i am abroad.

  • macboy74

    No I won’t. There is AT&T LTE coverage in my area and it is way faster and not as cluttered as Verizon’s. Plus Verizon is not going to give me everything I have for $85 a month.

    • i have had at&t since 2002 and now I am employed by Verizon. to clear up some things verizon has LTE in over 220 different cities where as at&t is still in the low double didgets. plus at&t does not have faster LTE than verizon and their CEO has come out and said they are atleast 2 full years behind VZW, infact it is identical they both are garranteed that if you are connected to LTE you will get between 5-12mbps now with my mobile broadband device i have with VZW i have actually gotten speeds up to 25mbps.

      • macboy74

        Awesome. Verizon having lte in 220 cities doesn’t do a thing for me I only live in one city. Even traveling doesn’t matter because 98℅ of my data usage will be where I live. I have gotten between 21 and 23 Mbps down and almost 2 up on AT&T’s lte. Plus I have had nothing but trouble with Verizon years ago and will never go back. What’s good for you where you live is not necessarily good for me where I live. just saying.

      • i wasn`t trying to say you should switch just stating that at&t does not hae a faster LTE they are both the same but when the towers aren`t cluttered the speed goes way up. I would think you get it often because of that reason and because at&t doesnt have as many people running LTE phones. yet. obviously once the iphone gets LTE at&t will end up with a huge increase in LTE

      • Neko

        I get 60 to 70mbps on AT&T LTE in Pittsburgh

  • jschaff

    What difference does it make if there are more markets with LTE with one company or another? The answer is does your company have LTE in YOUR city. Unless you travel and need access in more cities.

    In my area, Dallas, ATT pioneers all of there new upgrades so we are in a good situation.

  • RB McKinney

    No…i’m switching from At&t because their voice service blows in my area. I mean, blows. Cannot make/receive a call; half of text messages “fail” to send. It’s ridiculous. What does At&t say about it? “We’re working to improve it.” They told me that 2.5 years ago. Later ATT. Good riddance

  • Solowalker

    I can’t switch to Sprint or Verizon until they’re totally off of CDMA. I’d die without being able to use voice and data at the same time. It’d be so annoying to have an app download be interrupted with a phone call or not be able to send an iMessage while on a call. As much as I’d like to go with Sprint’s unlimited plan, I can’t justify the added cost while losing features.

    When they get some form of VoLTE going, then I’ll consider it. Though what I’d really like is for T-Mobile to get the iPhone and LTE. Can’t wait for that.

    • Todd Young

      I’m likely with you on this… but still somewhat of a toss-up for me between better coverage (3G and 4G) with Verizon nationally, versus simultaneous voice & data on AT&T’s network.

      It’ll be a beautiful thing once Verizon rolls out VoLTE next year, and hopefully the iPhone 6 will support that upon release in the Fall of 2013.

    • ah, forgot about that .. not being able to talk/surf/message at the same time, yeah that would be something big for me to consider too, as I do it all the time. I will probably stick with at&t for a bit, and wait until my contract ends, and see if my unlimited data will transfer over to the new iphone. Honestly if i count keep my unlimited everything plan and add tethering to that plan i would pay an extra 20-30 bucks to have it on there. I am not sure what kind of cell technology that ntelos uses, but i heard they also have unlimited plans. so thats ntelos, sprint, tmobile that are offering unlimited plans here in the u.s….something to consider i guess

  • Ron McLaughlin

    Is LTE the same as 4G, if someone has time would you be kind enough to explain?

    • Solowalker

      Depends on your definition of 4G, one of the major marketing problems going on. AT&T and T-Mobile have faster versions of 3G known as HSPA+. Since it’s faster than normal 3G (in T-Mobile’s case, sometimes very significantly so) they call it 4G, but it’s really 3.5G at best. Same goes for Sprint’s “4G” WiMAX that they’re dumping.

      Even LTE by all technical standards isn’t quite 4G but it’s close enough that nearly everyone–including the standards bodies that defines what actual 4G is–are bending the rules and calling it 4G.

      • Ron McLaughlin

        Thanks, the reason I ask, I looked at AT&T’s coverage map. I am in a 4G area (Shows 4G HSPA+) and the city next to me is 4G LTE. I didn’t know what the actual speed differences were?

      • Solowalker

        Real world speeds will vary depending on a large number of factors like cell signal strength, how many people are connected to the cell tower you are and what they’re doing with data, other possible interference around you, etc. But for me in my area, AT&T’s 3G on my 4 usually averages roughly 1 Mbps download and 1.25 Mbps upload. My brother with a 4S on their HSPA+ network gets maybe 3-4 Mbps download if he’s lucky. AT&T doesn’t have LTE in my area yet but Verizon around here gets between 12-20 Mbps at a non-congested time. I’ve heard of similar speeds on AT&T’s LTE in other area, possibly even faster (Verizon, too).

      • Ron McLaughlin

        Thank you for your comments: I have a iPhone 4 too, So If the new iPhone(5) has LTE and I am currently on AT&T with HSPA+ coverage, I am only going to get basically what the 4S offers?

      • Solowalker

        Likely, but it depends on if the radio they include in the new iPhone also includes support for faster HSPA+ speeds and if AT&T has faster HSPA+ speeds available in your area. It’s possible that a new iPhone would get better speeds than a 4S in your area, but you most likely wouldn’t get anything anywhere close to LTE speeds.

  • Eddie Sheerr

    I would say that if your contract is close to being up, or is up, it’s an easy choice at this point. Especially if you live in an area that has Verizon LTE. I live in an area that does not have Verizon LTE, but does have AT&T HSPA+. I currently have an iPhone 4S on AT&T and the new iPad on Verizon. I will tell you that Verizon’s 3g network is very, very slow. Hardly ever get more that 1mb/s download. AT&T’s HSPA+ network on the other hand is actually pretty respectable. I average between 2 and 5 mb/s download and about 1 to 2 mb/s upload. So at this point, I am not planning on switching. I can deal with the HSPA+ speeds on my iPhone for a while. They are not that slow. As fast as LTE? No. And I’ve had so-so experience with LTE on my iPad, depending upon where I am. I’ve gone to Denver and Colorado Springs a few times, and never get more than 6-8 mb/s download speed, and reception seems to be full. Maybe I’m not close to a tower, or just the bandwidth is being used. On the other had, I’ve had my iPad in the suburbs of Philadelphia where new LTE networks on Verizon have recently been activated. Speeds there were very fast. Nearly 20 mb/s down and up. Guess I just have to wait for AT&T at this point.

  • JerseyD

    No. I have AT&T now and switching to Verizon is not worth the extra costs and I have a bad history with their customer service.

    Also I’m almost always around wifi so I don’t do much surfing on mobile data.

    Yes Verizon might be in 300+ networks or w/e but honestly I live in one and don’t travel much. That’s the jersey shore and I stay between here and NYC which I know At&t will make a priority so I’m not going to switch. Pros don’t outway the cons.

  • No Whammy

    Why isn’t this a poll? My answer is YES…assuming the iPhone is 4G.

  • With Verizon lte can you surf and talk simultaneously?

  • Ab

    I travelled to the US last April and bought the new iPad 4G to use with Telcel (GSM) here in Mexico. I’m on supposedly 3G network but speeds are more of a 3.5G cuz they’re really fast. I love it although now I’m thinking of buying the new iPhone. I also own an iPhone 3GS, I hope this new iPhone is awesome so I can find a good excuse to spend $700 on an unlocked iPhone.

  • chjode

    I would, but for two things:

    1 – There’s no Verizon LTE service where I live (and certainly not AT&T LTE).
    2 – Verizon’s new plans are for shared data only and thus much more expensive if I want to buy a single phone and activate service on a single line.

    • with verizon for the same 2GB of service with att you get unlimited call and text for only 100 a month

      • Thorasgard

        Lol “only 100 a month”

      • well when you compare prices of the loest minute plan then yes of course it is cheaper to stay there. but if you look at exactly what you get for the service i.e. the call quality the coverage and the LTE coverage you get so much more for your money. keep in mind too that at also now has the share everything plans. every now and then i see people that it wouldn`t benefit but in most cases with family plans the share everything is far better.

      • chjode

        And right now with AT&T I pay $75 for 450 minutes/unlimited nights/1000 text/3gb “unlimited” data. So, as I said, Verizon forces me into a shared data plan which is far more expensive for a similar plan.

  • I was planning on it but thanks to Verizon’s new “Share
    Everything” plans that they force on new customers, I’ll be sticking to
    AT&T. I currently have the grandfathered “unlimited” (3GB) data plan with
    450 minutes and if I make the switch to Verizon I’ll end up paying more than
    what I’m paying now and end up with a data cap of 1GB a month. I don’t care
    about the unlimited talk/text that come with it since I do very little of either. No one’s talking about it now because we’re all excited for faster phones on faster networks but this is going to be worse than the issues with Comcast and other ISPs since the wireless companies got the green light to go ahead and screw over the consumer after the FCC rulings on net neutrality.

  • Two words. Hell no. Hate them both, but sticking with AT&T since I expect people to move and then AT&T will have less congestion on 3 and 4G.

  • LTE is great an all but is it worth it? there limit to how much you can use for data, and 3g network is already good enought plus the coverage is probably better than LTE

  • Nope. I live in Kansas City and AT&T has been pumping up their 4G in the area.

  • Can you talk and use cellular data yet on Verizon? If no, I’m sticking with the T.

    • you can if you’re on LTE

      • Gotcha. Just looked up and AT&T has LTE in my area. Guess I’m good to go.

  • Been with at&t through 4 iphones now, but I am not hesitating to make the switch to Verizon, they just released LTE coverage in Southern Utah. At&t told me not expect their network to upgrade here for 2 more years.

  • Lookatthemonkeys

    I plan on switching to Verizon after being a AT&T customer for almost a decade. I have grown in my hatred for AT&T over the many years because of their price increases on text messaging (.30 for a single text!) and their unrealistic plans. I am currently planning on switching to Verizon because I have heard that their service is better and there is LTE in my city, although I am unhappy with a majority of the carriers as a whole. I have debated about switching to Straight Talk, and I still might, although I can not afford to buy 2 unlocked phones at this time (for me and my wife). Switching to Verizon would also mean paying about $30 more a month than I do now on AT&T but I figure it is worth it for better LTE and service than AT&T offers.

  • Derek Tenner

    Hi iDB! I’m not very technology savvy as yall. I use Verizon and have an iPhone and am wanting to sell it before the iphone 5 comes out (like two days before would be fine) I dont actually know how to sell it? I know how to wipe everything like contents and setting, but dont know how to take my service off the phone. so that it can be a CLEAN ESN. I dont mind not using a phone for two days. any ideas?

  • Ilikepie

    I think alltel will be better than both! They just released the Samsung galaxy s2! Who needs an iPhone or an s3.

  • AT&T’s network is better for me hands down. Not only is their LTE at least twice as fast in my town (STL), but if I ever loose LTE at least I have HSPA+ to fall back on, with Verizon if your lucky to not drop your call, you are almost guaranteed a drop to 2G/ EVDO.

    Not to mention that AT&T’s back haul network handles SUBSTANTIALLY more traffic than Verizon can.

  • Sad thing is there’s better Pre-Paid Services then Monthly Services in United States. Virgin Mobile ( uses Sprint’s Network ), Straight Talk ( uses Verizon’s network ) both are Pre-Pre-Paid & iPhone compatible. T-Mobile’s coming out with a service to unlock iPhones for the network. It’s sad Verizon & AT&T overcharge so much. 

  • Verizon just lost any chance of getting my business with their money grab shared data bullshit. Unlimited data with tethering and a guarantee that it won’t be ever taken away. This shared data bullshit is an attempt to force customers to pay more for what they could just as easily do with tethering. I suspect it’s their way of saying eff you to being forced to provide free tethering to their fake 4G customers (all of what is being sold as 4G is actually more like 3.2 g, I call it fake 4G).

    And if AT&T tries to mess with my unlimited data plan, throttles me or cancels my plan I will drop them too and use my iPad data for everything.

  • wbuddy1065

    AT&T says “Great news! You qualify for an upgrade with a new 2-year commitment”
    Not so sure I want to jump on the iPnone 5 LTE bandwagon though. I’m gonna look into other alternatives like Boost or some other company that may be able to use my iPhone 4 with a lower unlimited monthly 3G payment..