There’s a weird story floating around the tech world today that Foxconn recently pulled Chinese students out of several colleges and forced them to work on the assembly lines in their factories.

The story stems from two separate, but corroborating, reports that say that Foxconn has been unable to find sufficient workforce to meet large iPhone 5 orders, so it’s forcing students to work…

The Verge passes along reports from both The Shanghai Daily and China National Radio, which confirm that several Chinese students were pulled out of school last week to work at Foxconn.

“The source, who claimed to be a student at the school, said the work began last Thursday. The student also said they are being paid a rate of 1,550 yuan (about $244) a month for six 12-hour days of work per week. The Shanghai Daily also reports it has corroborated the claims with “several” other students from at least five other colleges…

…A separate report on China National Radio claimed that some schools had even suspended classes for the next month or so in order to meet the internship’s demands, and quoted an education official who seemed baffled that the program was up and running during the school year.”

Teachers from local schools have admitted to China National Radio that their classes have been suspended for the next one or two months. But they soundly defended the reported “forced internships,” claiming they help students “experience working conditions” and promote individual ability.

This isn’t the first time Foxconn’s internship practices have come into question. As The Verge points out, a recent investigation by the Fair Labor Association had some harsh criticisms about the program.

A new report this afternoon claims that some students are now being allowed to return to school. But the fact that Foxconn forcibly pulled them out to fill empty worker spots in the first place is troubling.

  • Not this again……….

    lets not forget:

    • WolfgangHoltz

      You so intelligent, I bet you get straight A’s in school.

      • Thanks for the compliment, I’m in 11th grade still. Still in school :/

      • WolfgangHoltz

        Send some thought to the poor Chinese students that have to skip school so Apple can earn more money.
        They don’t earn so much money so they can buy one for themself, and without school they probably never will.
        Slavery in new shape what a wonderful world.

      • No more Obama

        there are 27 million slaves currently in the world. more slaves now than ever before.

  • macboy74

    Does foxconn just build for Apple? Because I have read that they build for a ton of others. Now if this is the case,are the others oems slammed for making these people work? Or is it just Apple because they need more product than everyone else? Its just funny that every time something happens at these factories Apple is to blame and none of the others are ever mentioned.

    • CollegiateLad

      They manufacture for many, many companies (HP, Samsung, Dell, Asus, Acer etc). Apple just happens to be more click worthy… lol
      If the headline had read “Dell”, I would have passed on reading the story.

      • No more Obama

        dell is far less of a client. they manufacture for apple far more than the other companies. so obviously apple gets the most blame. or not so obvious because of your blind love affair with apple?

  • Kok Hean

    Well, at least they are paid.

  • Yay where my iPhone 5. This is BS. We complain and complain an yet as soon at the 5 comes out everybody wants one

    • Irfan Tarique

      This is just one way other competition tries to lower their opennents reputation

  • That’s almost slavery which is wrong and should not be ever allowed to happen.

  • That guy in the picture isn’t too happy that his working and missing out on his education … lol

    • No more Obama

      thats a girl you moron, and it’s not a kid.

  • I fully support this!

  • As I’m reading this article, my brain can’t help but play Pink Floyd’s Another Brick in the Wall mentally, while picturing a lion tamer cracking his whip at anyone slacking off! LMAO

  • Irfan Tarique

    I can believe that here in the US we complain about unemployment and Chinese complain about having employment. Work is work should be happy you have something to do

    • CollegiateLad

      While I doubt the legitimacy of THIS story, I’d be highly pissed if my kid was pulled out of school to fill some stupid work order.

    • @dongiuj

      They’re students you idiot. Not unemployed looking for work.

    • No more Obama

      average unemployment under clinton for 8 years 5.3%
      average unemployment under bush for 8 years 5.3%
      average unemployment under oblamer around 9%

      • @dongiuj

        But Bush probably had something to do with the increase of unemployement before he was kicked out. That was one nasty president.

      • No more Obama

        “nasty” shows your age, typical liberal comment. i dont like obama but i wouldn’t say something like that even when bush was a far better president. 16 trillion in debt, thats obama’s fault

  • WatchTheThrone

    I call bs on this story!! What a coincidence that Apple is about to announce its best selling product next week and then this comes out?? I bet it’s debunked by tonight

  • Thorasgard

    Once Bain takes over our country we have opportunities like this also.

  • Everyone is up in arms about this, but you know what? We the American people the consumer etc have brought about this process. You want your shiny new iPhone, and you wan’t it now! You complain about unfair labor, but if apple said “hey we wont have the phones until 3 or 4 months after we debut it”. What would you say? You would complain, and gripe until you got your new iPhone. If you wan’t to blame someone look nowhere else but in the mirror…

    • No more Obama

      and for a certian fruit company that launches it in many countries at once. yes it staggers the launches but it should do it more if it doesn’t want to be a slave master

  • Mahjikk

    These type of things will happen as long as there are poor and/or developing nations. (China is still developing in terms of labor and population maintainance) it’s economics stupid.

  • a smit

    this is one of the reasons why I personally am such a cynic when it comes to kids (and some adults) being so obsessively focused on trivial, banal things such as how pretty a phone looks

  • reported too many times, and ppl get tired of such news….but thg is, Apple is wrong. They cant hide beh story saying “it is suppliers” issues”, or “we have suppliers’ code”…etc….those are just worthless documents collecting dust in an isolated corner of Apple campus…….but well…nothg will stop them making more money as of nw

  • I can’t support this, Apple must be ashamed for obtaining business success in that way.That’s the reason why iPhone is not assembled in the US and have billions in earnings, because they promote human exploitation and are associated with people who do not believe in human rights. USA (as a world symbol of freedom), which has always been concerned about human rights around the world should look into this and take action against Apple.

  • No matter what you have to do. Do what you have to do to deliver mi iPhones on time! That’s all I care. Apple

  • This is the most troubling piece I have ever read on Foxconn, not that the other reports haven’t bothered me. This just disgusts me!

  • Angus

    Why are we judging Apple as guilty of supporting forced labor, when we
    do not have the full story of what is happening, why it is
    happening, and on what scale it is happening. Kind of like a guilty
    verdict without a trial. I find the timing of this leaked story
    reporting forced student labor at Foxconn very highly suspect. Just in
    time for Apple’s hugely anticipated announcement and presentation of its
    new iPhone 5. Well, that’s really interesting and convenient isn’t it.
    Now consider Samsung, who just lost a huge huge court case to Apple,
    must be snickering and smiling greatly. Oh, indeed, what interesting

  • Nicolas Loots

    That’s just madness, but it’s China. Nobody does something about it. They’re just watching it like a cow watches a train pass by.

  • Can you explain me why wouldn’t they just quit? Are they being forced by guns, or even legally? If the reason to accept that ‘forced job’ is “they need the work”/”otherwise they will fire us” or something alike, then the cause is the economic situation of the country, not the factory.