Amazon just wrapped up its news-packed event that saw the company update its Kindle lineup and add two new notable products to the mix: the Kindle Paperwhite with a stunning new display combining the best of LCD and e-ink technology and the Kindle Fire HD, a tablet meant to take Apple’s iPad on the high-end.

You should care because Amazon has the ecosystem, the game plan and the devices to take on Apple from every angle. If you don’t have time to read through our extensive coverage of Amazon’s presser, have a look at two new ads that highlight headline features of the two new tablets…

Here, the commercial promoting the Kindle Paperwhite device with its revolutionary new display technology that even managed to impress Gizmodo.

Instapaper creator Marco Arment already pre-ordered his!

And this clip underscores a bunch of goodies brought by seven and 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD devices.

Amazon nailed it, if you ask me.

They are really developing rapidly as a technology giant to form Eric Schmidt’s “gang of four” alongside Apple, Google and Microsoft.

Right now, no other company has as comprehensive a lineup of tablets as them (your competitive specs mega-matrix is right here).

Analyst Michael Gartenberg is on the same page, writing on Twitter that “Amazon opened up a big can of whoop-ass on Android tablets today”.

Not everyone agrees, of course, but it’s noteworthy that even the Apple pundit John Gruber praised Amazon’s presser on his Daring Fireball blog, writing:

Now this is how you do a product announcement event: product demos, prices, ship dates. Really impressive stuff at extremely aggressive prices.

Couldn’t have said it better.

Are you sold yet?

  • Wow, Amazon really did this good. It feels like they’ve learned a little bit from Apple, i mean look, these new products feel Through thought and made wholeheartedly! Even with all this goodies and extras for a very affordable price, it still runs on Android with a much more custom “Kindle feel” (Another UI implmementation ) , which is a little bit “disappointment”. They’ve done such great new kindle tablets, why not make an original Kindle OS integration? Oh well, maybe someday they will, but for now, I’d like to try one of those 🙂

  • I am defiantly sold
    Half the price of the iPad
    Faster processor (1.5ghz dual core)
    More RAM (2gb)
    And possilby a nice design, oh and it’s lighter than the iPad.

    • PK

      defiantly? sold after told not to be?

    • Liu Zhenyu

      Pros of iPad, retina display, more pixels, friendlier UI, goodness of jailbreaking apps and tweaks, higher profile (You hold an iPad ppl look at you differently), much less normal than the kindle stated in the advert cos its extraordinary.

      • tturner23

        “Retina display” on the new iPad is around 264 ppi, the new high res Kindles are 254 ppi. Friendlier UI? That’s your preference. Some people like to see, at a glance, what new content is on there devices without having to dive into 3 or 4 difference apps. Jailbreaking? Anyone who jailbreaks an iPad is smart enough to know about rooting and from there you are juct clicks away from installing other ROMs, plus the tweaks you think are so great on your JB device are common occurances in the Android market (different lockscreen, swipe naviagation, wifi tether, etc). And finally, “Higher profile (You hold an iPad ppl look at you differently)” … You’ve got to be kidding me.

  • Amazon has done a good job with this tablet, but there is still a lot of work to do. Currently the Kindle Fire is only available in the US (and maybe some other select countries, I don’t exactly remember). They need to expand their market to Canada and other big countries!

    So many people I know here want this tablet, but they cannot buy it as it is only sold in the US and many of the functions are disabled when out of the US. If Amazon can make this tablet available to the rest of the world, then Apple has got a new big competitor.

    • Thorasgard

      When did Canada become a big country?

      If you guys would just take care of our Hillbillies of Wasilla problem for us you might just get the respect you deserve.

      • I’m sorry, I’ll say large markets next time. After all, Canada’s economy is stronger than America at the moment.

      • Thorasgard


      • Doug

        What a narrow-minded comment, not only did you put down an entire state but another country as well!

      • $C1 = $US 1.03 yet everything here still costs more!

  • The ads remind me so much of Apple!

    • Liu Zhenyu

      Ad no, status bar and features, yes

  • M.O.dern

    OMG! u’re comparing elephant vs ant! Amazon Kindle is far far away from technology.iPad mini will destroy all android tablets such as Galaxy tabs!!! Dont forget it