As we approach the big event next Wednesday, leaks related to Apple’s next iPhone are multiplying with each passing day. Just a few minutes ago, a new report went online claiming that someone in China has been able to get their hands on an actual iPhone 5 unit. They made quite a believable video to prove it and it looks legit.

Best of all, the clip shows a white device with a taller display booting next to an iPhone 4S, giving us a good indication of the increased speed of the iPhone 5, courtesy of its rehashed, low-power dual-core variant of the A5 chip, souped up with 1GB of RAM. Have a look, the clip is right after the break..

M.I.C. Gadget has the story, sourced from Chinese website

A tipster tells Chinese tech media that he has “accidentally” discovered an iPhone 5 prototype when he made a visit to his friend at Foxconn’s factory in Jincheng.

Our sources tell us that each Foxconn worker needs to finish some touch-up cleaning to complete up to 3,000 iPhone 5 back panels every night in recent months.

The source apparently “accidentally” discovered an iPhone 5 prototype at the Jincheng facility and was able to take a few quick snaps, here’s one.

Some more observations from the report:

When he got his hands-on with it, he could feel the phone is thinner, and it is indeed taller.

And here’s that video.

As you can see, the device cannot be activated because, as iOS says, “it is not registered as part of the iPhone Developer Program”.

By the way, Foxconn’s Jincheng plant that reportedly leaked the device is located in China’s northern Shanxi province and is thought to be the largest factory on the planet and the world’s largest precision manufacturing base.

Quite a place to make Apple’s cutting-edge handset, if you ask me.

What do you guys think about that video?

Do you see anything else worth of mention?

Is this yet another elaborate hoax or the real thing?

Hit us in comments.

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  • Or this is the best elaborated hoax that Apple ever did or Tim Cook have failed widely on doubling Apple’s secrecy…

    • macboy74

      Yes..This is all bs just to throw everybody off. Apple is doing a great job cause its working. Whoever thinks this is the new iPhone you’re a fool.

      • Immortal1s

        Whether this particular video is fake or not is irrelevant – the next iPhone is clearly going to be of that design. And come September 12th I would love to hear your comments then.

      • macboy74

        How is it clear that this will be the design? This same fake iPhone has been floating around the web since last year. And you will here my comments on the 12th saying “I told you so”. There’s no way they are going to stay with the same design though 3 generation of phones.

      • does that mean we can say “I told you so” if it looks exactly like the video?

      • macboy74

        Yes you may, but it won’t.

      • You are right, there is no way to be the same design!

      • Soooo…I told you so then…?

      • I told you so.

      • macboy74

        Yes you did. Not really sure how to feel about it though.

      • Phlooo

        I would love to hear yours now.

    • It’s a fake!
      You can clearly see all the Photoshop mistakes all around the edges of the larger faux iPhone!
      I know this is not what the next iPhone will look like because I will most definitely not be buying this piece of crap! And Apple knows that too!
      My guess is that it will resemble the macbook air or at least be aluminium.

      • All those videos (and photos) can be fake, I totally agree. Most of them have evidences of fakery. But they can be easily based on a real prototype or model that someone could have stolen from the factory.

        So this could be a “plastic clone” with some after effects. But that doesn’t mean that he can’t be based on a real device. I hope it’s not. I like the design, but this aspect ratio still looks wrong to me.

      • Have u even ever used photoshop?? Since when does photoshop edit videos??

      • CZ

        Easily! Just export each frame as a jpeg in fcp then bring into photoshop! Welcome to the 21st Century, anything is possible!

    • takean

      YouTube the video:
      iPhone 5 booting up video DEBUNKED

  • Fake. look at the left edge of the alleged iPhone 5 at 1:20-1:23- The bezel of the screen seems to be less wide at the bottom than it is at the top.
    Looks like someone edited a picture onto the screen and forgot to align it properly.

    • Appletiser

      or maybe it’s just a simple example of perspective (extension) distortion

    • Edwin

      good eye! I really hope all these leaks came from apple to throw us all off and present something completly different!

    • If you remember about those masking tapes that they pasted over the logo behind, maybe you’ll understand why..

  • wow

  • The_Rise_Of_The_Shrimp

    Same boring bootlogo 🙁

    • Laga Mahesa

      Yeah, it’s annoying seeing the same thing every 2 months when I reboot for a laugh.

    • M L

      Actually there is a small little ‘swoosh’ at the end of the boot up. Thats different 🙂

      • The_Rise_Of_The_Shrimp

        The “swoosh” animation is only when the iPhone is in a beta version, or when the iPhone doesn’t have a SIM card… I hope it will be in the regular version of the new iPhone too ! 😀

  • christmas_ape

    Don’t you usually have to go through several set up screens before it says you cannot activate? It would boot up to the “set up iPhone screen”. It could be running a custom version of iOS but in terms of software that’s all I noticed

    • Appletiser

      the time and language seem already set so guessing this isn’t the device’s first boot up.

    • Laga Mahesa

      I would expect a custom quality-control build that skips a lot in order to save time.

  • Anyone else notice the bootup screen said “We’re unable to complete you…” ?

    • Kok Hean

      We’re unable to complete your request.

  • Looks fake, the left side Is thinner than the right side..

  • Laga Mahesa

    “We’re unable to complete you”

    So, the big reveal is that it hooks into your brain somehow?

    A week. Just wait, people, geez.

  • Miketyler

    Looks like they’ve finally put an LED flash on the front

  • Vitor Costa

    Fake because the home button lacks the apple WHITE quality, or maybe not because the apple logo before the error, increases the size and glows a bit on the top! anyone notice that?!

    • Gerard Hampton

      it kind of looks like the new home button has more clear plastic to it than the old one. makes it look less white i think.

  • Yeah, I’ll say the the home button does look shoddy at best, which definitely isn’t Apple standard… if it is real, that specific device wasn’t built in the production manner.

  • Gerard Hampton

    looks pretty much the same from the front. only slightly bigger. Bigger screen, smaller dock connector.. sounds like a samsung 😛

  • Ok that’s was kind of cool

  • Did anyone notice… when the supposed “Iphone 5” is rotated the right edge of the screen is sticking out like its a sticker? When its booted he is also not holding the phone, could be an edit job. [Around 30 seconds]

  • It’s fake. The screen on the left has no reflection like the one on the right. It’s digitally inserted, and done poorly since it is off-center in parts of the clip. Also, the home button looks like junk, which is not something an Apple device would have.

    • I would agree on the home button, but for the reflection part, most likely its because of the new LCD technology that they are using, which gives clearer viewing quality. Less internal reflection.

  • Rahul312

    China is great in producing fake prototypes and all…this is 100% fake…

  • harit7

    I seriously hope that the iphone 5 doesnt look anything like this.

  • people are going to be some what underwhelmed when they announce it because of all these damn leaks.

  • anasiatka

    They did not put out the A6? Anyone else think that this would not be what they would do? Besides that the iPad usually gets the hardware upgrades first?

  • Terrible Home button, if you ask me. This just gives it away as a fake.

    • Erny Carrillo

      I was about to mention that. Doesnt even match colors!! Way obvious its a fake!

    • or its the latest prototype..

  • Apple best line to introduce the New iPhone.

    “You thought that you already saw the new iPhone 5…
    (showing all the leaked pictures) but you’re wrong…”

    This, is the NEW iPHONE!

    :huge applause:

    After presenting the Specs, design, new features…

    And theres one more thing. All devices will have Steve Jobs signature, since this amazing new iPhone was his last work.

    :huge standing ovation:

    (And this my friends, would be the Apple that we all know…)

  • I would be very disappointed if they would just use some refreshed A5 SoC :/ Accordin to Boot Times is doesnt look that much faster.

  • selcukcura

    lol this is fake. If you look at the bottom left side of the “iPhone 5” at 00:40 – 00:42 u can see the bootlogo animation expands a little over a white area, which means it must have been edited over the edge of the screen. Its not a hard thing to do really. Plus, the home button is unbelievably cheap looking lol.

  • Gerber

    Maybe apple is sending out fake iPhones for people to put online and then when they announce the iPhone 5 it will be completely different. Just a thought. Very unlikely, but remember this is apple…

  • macboy74

    This is all bs just to throw everybody off. Apple is doing a great job cause its working. Whoever thinks this is the new iPhone you’re a fool.

  • Last year china allso had a iphone 5 for show b4 the 4s was showed by apple, i dont really trust this, but that sayed iwill order if it will look like that

  • Honestly, this whole iPhone concept is an elaborate hoax;
    think about it. When Tim was interviewed, he answered little to no questions relating to the structure of the iPhone. Before the iPhone 4, nobody really ever sought after what a newer iPhone would look like, even the “non” techies are starting to hear about this design; The posts are all over common websites such as the NY Times, OtterBox Blog, and much more. this found has been delivered as a “dummy” piece by piece. From the inital feedback from iDownloadBlog readers, most can say they really do not like the iPhone 4 feel to it, and you should not have to expect it. (Especially that hideous back plating) . In addition, Apple has been using the same connector since the first iPod; they would never even consider changing their signature design, It’s like downgrading from a unique charger to a simple Mini USB charger. Nobody wants their plugs upside-down either. Obviously Apple had changed this a long time ago for phones for various reasons: The plugs would get it the way while calling someone, You have to always flip your phone around out of your pocket, and it just is a nuesence to have the port on that side. Notice how shocked everyone is with this design for its low quality standards. Whether Apple, or a hoax team is involved, their key goal is to simply make everyone say “WTF”

    When has Apple ever once kept the same concept for a NEW GENERATION device? Sure the 3GS and 4S trait the similar concepts, but they were simply upgrades for speed and quality. Rather than a hardware upgrade, a brand new phone should look and feel like a brand new device, and trust me, I am sure Apple has sent out some patents that they will never use for the same reason. Therefore, I would not rely on rumors too much, especially if a standard company that has a history of secrecy will suddenly change just because ONE role has been changed. The company has not been sold to another, Apple is still Apple, and their tricks will always remain.

  • looks pretty real I think

    • takean

      Look up on YouTube:
      IPhone 5 booting up video DEBUNKED

  • kumar714

    i think this video is bullshit. when he’s rebooting he put phone’s down so it’s easy to photo shop.

  • kumar714

    and look at the home button it looks fake as shit.

  • @dongiuj

    All smartphones slow down as time passes by. So looking at the startup time difference on this video, there’s not really that much of a speed difference. I still see no need to upgrade.
    Let’s see what apple have to say for themselves next week and let’s wait until it’s in the shops to have a little touchy feely of it.

  • Dlevi309

    it seems the iphone can do anything except using it as a phone

  • Lmao man this fake as hell the screen on the iPhone 5 not even centered!! It’s off as fuck at the bottom! This some hella hoaxin’ apple got going on!

  • Liu Zhenyu

    It’s a hoax, look at the bottom left of the screen just before he turns the iPhone on. It will have a change so slight I didn’t catch it the first few times, but look closely. I swear I am not joking.

  • Apple will NOT break the ASPECT RATIO of their product line to keep things consistent across the board…I predict the next iPhone will go with a 3.5:2.5 or a 4:3 aspect ratio…so whatever size screen that equates to 😉

  • did anyone notice how the apple exploded on the iPhone 4S? i have one and it doesn’t do that on a boot up,that’s kinda shaky

  • i really hope this isn’t the real thing ! … this design is really a Huge step backwards :(( …

  • Definitely an Apple conspiracy

  • will

    Guys the exploding apple thing happens the first time you turn on an iPhone after a restore or anything… I know how to do it on purpose too lol. But the video is obviously fake.