Right on time, the first batch of cases modeled after the leaked two-tone iPhone 5 design are beginning to make an appearance at a major U.S. carrier. We wouldn’t normally report on this, but this is AT&T, originally Apple’s first and exclusive iPhone carrier in the United States.

Company of this size surely wouldn’t screw customers by putting cases on store shelves that may not fit the final iPhone 5 design. With just a week until Apple’s iPhone 5 presser, this is yet another indication that the two-tone design is in fact the real deal…

A hit-and-miss Boy Genius Report editor Jonathan Geller has the story:

The images we obtained feature the iPhone 5 in two different manufacturer’s cases, and we have one additional render that shows a new screen protector.

If you remember what happened last year around the same time, we posted images of iPhone 4S cases that turned out to be authentic ahead of the “disappointing” iPhone 4S, which launched instead of the much-rumored iPhone 5.

Here’s another alleged iPhone 5 case from AT&T’s inventory system.

Note that BGR’s track record is a mixed bag so it’s possible that the publication’s source is simply wrong.

However, if the cases in question have in fact been entered into AT&T’s inventory system, I wouldn’t be betting against that iPhone 4/4S design rehash for the iPhone 5.


  • and again the iphone 5 has the youtube app …

  • The awkward moment when the iPhone is obviously running iOS 4 and there’s iPhoto.

    • swooshme13

      There is an iPhoto app in the App Store…

      • I believe he meant that iOS 4 is on there and iOS 5.1 is required for iPhoto.

    • And the Music icon still says iPod

      • Also, there is still a YouTube app and not sure if they changed the Maps icon for the new Apple maps. Lots of things show that this is not iOS 6

    • To be honest, a lot of accessories hardly use 100% accurate images. A lot of accessories I’ve seen use completely different images. I still see iPhone docks showing a homescreen from iOS 1.

  • And also why is there an iPod app??? Shouldnt it be music?

  • not as bad as the supposed packaging, but this one also has the youtube app icon….

  • unified ipod app.

  • too ugly

  • Xys

    How about SIM for iphone 5/New iphone?Still Micro SIM or New Nano SIM?
    Anyone know about it?

  • ryderdon

    everytime i looked at those long light poles of an iphone i feel like throwing up SERIOUS!!!

  • NotJustin

    Anybody notice the home button? It’s rotated 90 degrees counter-clockwise.
    What’s up with that?!?

  • Irfan Tarique

    STOP with the square/bricked shaped phone man! I was waiting for the iPhone to be redesigned like the iPod so atleast it feels comfortable in your hands and not a brick in you pocket!

  • Donovan Davis

    As I remember last year AT&T got new cases for the iPhone 5 but then we got an iPhone 4s. Those cases were redesigned but then there was no iPhone 5 to fit them.