Until now, Apple TV seemed to assume the role of livingroom entertainment center. However, the device may soon find a new home: the classroom. The latest beta of iOS 6 suggests Apple could display digital textbooks on large in-class screens, vastly updating how schools teach.

The clue came in an error displayed when AppleInsider downloaded an e-book from Apple’s iBookstore. Since the Apple TV unit shared the same iTunes account, a message appeared that an automatic download of the book failed because the device did not have the needed software. The iBooks software already exists for the iPhone and iPad…

“But those devices have access to the App Store and can download the iBooks application for automatic downloads of content, while the Apple TV cannot,” the blog explained.

While it’s unlikely many people would read an e-book on their television screen, iBooks 2.0 introduced the concept of turning lifeless textbooks into interactive applications. Along with full-throated support from late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, interactive textbooks have gained government endorsements from US President Obama, the Department of Education and the Federal Communications Commission.

Reshaping Apple TV into a classroom tool could breathe new life into the device. Apple executives recently said an iTV based on the device is unlikely, given the massive hurdles the Cupertino, Calif. company would face licensing content.

What do you think? Will Apple TV become a big hit on campus? Or, is the error message just a bug needing squashing?

  • They probably just forgot to remove code.

  • JerseyD

    I don’t understand why newsstand is a default app but iBooks isn’t

    • because newsstand is commercial application. commercial = money 🙂

  • Reading books on TV
    That is kind of a new idea but I don’t really think it would happen

  • Eric Armstrong

    I’m with World of Apple on this one, it looks like it’s just a simple error. But I do think that Apple could do some really awesome stuff with the Apple TV if they put a little more effort into it! It’s such a cool product as it is, if they would give it more attention it could easily be the next must-have product.

  • i dont see that hppening b/c you would have to have an 60″ + bigger just to read the thing and that would kill the ipad if they added book and maybe internet but who knows.

  • Marten

    Reading a book on a tv? Definitely no.

  • Not going to happen until Apple update the Apple TV to support enterprise networks and make it more than a consumer device.

  • Chach

    What about sheet music?