Yet the Korean company is unable to come up with distinct enough designs to avoid being accused of purposefully creating products that look like knockoffs, per the ruling in the Apple v. Samsung trial. While Apple’s products are created by a “kitchen” design team comprised of no more than twenty people and led by SVP of Industrial Design Jonathan Ive, Samsung has 20 times as many designers as Apple, Bloomberg reports…

According to this Bloomberg story, the $1 billion ruling in the Apple v. Samsung case puts an enormous pressure on Samsung to steer away from Apple-like designs.

Samsung’s reputation is already tarnished in the eye of the public as the ruling has now established that the Galaxy maker was comfortable taking design cues from Apple rather than come up with their own unique and recognizable solutions.

Samsung’s initial challenge will be making its new generation of handsets look as different as possible from Apple iPhones. Future devices will probably boast more styluses, have control buttons in different places and come in shapes besides rectangles with rounded corners, said Alexander Poltorak, chief executive officer of General Patent Corp.

It’s not that Samsung isn’t trying. The Galaxy S III could hardly be called an iPhone knockoff and it’s been selling like hotcakes, too, which proves that customers value originality over copying.

Of course, Apple doesn’t share the sentiment as the company last week added the S III to a list of allegedly infringing products.

During the trial, we learned that Apple’s products are often brainstormed around a kitchen table by a team of about 15 designers.

Samsung’s Ive?

There are many, but the company as of recently employs the services of Chris Bangle, former head designer at Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (that’s BMW for you).

But hiring and retaining top-tier talent is only half of the equation. In order for these creative individuals to truly contribute to their employer, a structure needs to be put in place that removes all of the noise, politics and management obstacles so the design takes the center stage in product development.

At Apple, for instance, no meeting begins until a designer walks into the room.

It is a bit surprising to me, to say the least, that all of Apple’s competitors nowadays have all the advanced design and machining tools at their disposal yet somehow largely fail to produce original designs.

Up until a few years ago, only Apple had access to advanced equipment and was willing to pay through the nose for top-notch design work.

This tells me that, even with the right people and the right tools, Apple’s rivals lack the design culture in their organization needed to really push the envelope and create products with that lust factor.

What say you?

Does the S III stand on its own as a uniquely designed phone or does it have too many similarities with the iPhone’s look and feel?

  • Not to defend Samsung or what, just raising a point. They design LOTS of stuff like refrigerators, air conditioners, t.v’s, and many others not just phones.

    • We might should starting to looking more carefully their refrigerators, AC’s , Tv’s and other stuff they do… Because I believe there’s a huge chance that they just copy another brand in those areas too… 🙂

      • Jesus F’n Christ… really? What form factor would you like their air conditioners to be? They have to work with most to all windows. I bet a triangular washing machine would work wonders on your dingy iPanties. A spherical refrigerator would probably be a fantastic way to utilize the most space for all of your low fat Greek yogurt.

        Go to any appliance store and you will see that nearly every fridge, washer / dryer, oven, a/c are all going to look nearly identical in shape and size.

      • Maybe only in your country all tv, ac and refrigerators look the same because im my country I see a lot of them, with different designs, the only factor that they had in common it’s just the shape.

        Bro, today you went full retard 3 times… on this post.. what’s happening? need help?

      • LMAO… really? so in your country, refrigerators aren’t shaped like giant boxes? Air conditioners aren’t box shaped? Washers and dryers aren’t box shaped? Granted you got your H/E washers and dryers that are a bit different designed than the old school ones, but they are still box shaped.

        I’d love to see those magical variations of appliance designs in your country. I could really use something like a conical freezer, a pyramid oven that allows me to only cook one item at a time.

      • This is just an example…


        Gorenje Vintage Refrigerator

        And then
        Swarovski Caked LG Refrigerator

        And tell me if they look the same…and like I said.. Design, not the shape.

  • The S III is pretty awesome. It’s the first phone that I’d say makes me even think about getting an android powered device. So if they keep coming up with devices like this ill be more and more tempted to switch.

    • Theres nothing wrong with S3… just about Samsung. They never were innovators and they will never be on the mobile industry. Even South Korean critics sent that message 1 day ago. Because, seriously:
      1) S3 was designed by lawyers
      2) They don’t even own the OS they use because BADA, made the Badaboom…
      3) They have better specs because Android is heavy, badly coded, use the garbage JAVA and UI Toolkit compared to Cocoa, just sucks.
      4) Their support is just a mess…only people who have the lucky to know how to root their devices, and have the lucky to get a Android phone without the bootrom locked, can make their own devices run better than the company who have built it…

      So why in the would I would support such a company that their history show us that they are not trustful and had always followed their competitors instead of pulling REAL INNOVATION.

      • A buddy of mine rooted his Note to install a pre-release version of ICS on it. But it was buggy and we took it back to the factory default. Only problem was that it updated his clock count. He called Samsung with ICS came out and they had him send his phone in, set it back, reset the clock and send it back. Whole process took 2 days. Over night to them, they did their thing that day and over nighted it back. We were totally surprised that he got it back in 2 days.

        He said dealing with Samsung support was a lot like dealing with Apple and was very pleased.

        I highly doubt that a bunch of lawyers set down and designed the S3.

      • ow really? I had one problem with my iPhone 4 and they gave me one brand new on the same day. But since I was talking about “software support” … “updates”… nevermind.

      • But if you didn’t go to an Apple store, you would have to have mailed yours in. Since his phone was a software issue that he had done while rooting his phone and installing a custom rom… the fact that they took that phone and fixed it is what was AWESOME! Send a jailbroken phone to Apple and see what they do.

      • I sent my JB phone to a regular apple assistence, since my country doesn’t have Apple Stores. When they see any JB phone, they just make a restore to get rid of the JB… nothing more.

  • 20 times the amount of designers and half the ideas

  • Yeah the Samsung Galaxy S III is an original phone Apple wishes to ban from the market, because its processor is even faster than the upcoming A6 Chip. It’s a one-of-a-kind phone, it has proven to people that android can run fast and fluid and JellyBean is coming to add a competion to iOS 6 (especially Google Now that wiped the floor with Siri,) and it has a sleek design and a great screen and display (although it’s unmatchable with the retina display.) And if someone replies to this comment saying : “The S III is a piece of plastic clown”, he’s an Apple fanboy jealous of the Samsung or a dude who seriously doesn’t know anything he’s talking about.

    • The S III is a piece of plastic clown

      • No more Obama

        and iphone 5 and iOS 6 is just a 2007 clown. really almost the same design,right? yes.

      • You definitly don’t understand Apple philosophy. They never did radical changes because they work with simplicity and consistency. Look at the MacOSX. Look the same only for fools, but theres a lot of progress since 2000. The secret is getting better and introducing features, improving the system, the security and small details. Using better API’s, better Frameworks, and other “little details” that make huge difference. That’s why Apple is the numero uno brand out there when we talk about costumers loyalty. Because they make everything with consistency and not radical changes that might scare the users and change for other brands that does that every time… and fail.

      • “they make everything with consistency”
        So that’s why we are getting a new dock connector when we’ve used the same connector since the original iPod came out.

      • Do I really need to answer that? I mean, jesus.. it’s obviously moving forward because they need “room” inside the iPhone to use better specs without increasing the phone size too much. Like they will get the Micro Sim for the same reason.

        and like you said. since the original iPod… do you know how many years just passed since then?

      • But if you are talking about consistency, they aren’t always consistent. So now without an adapter, how many accessories is that new iPhone 5 going to work with? There’s a plethora of 3rd party accessories out there that use that 30 pin connector… So for them to change that up is a bit crazy.

        There’s a huge difference between changing the sim card and changing something that people have accessories for.

      • Sometimes things change, for better. Lack of consistency only were if they change it every year. Hardware, unlike Software, can’t be upgraded with short moves, like Software. Specially when we talk about connectors.

      • I understand and except that. I just think that without an adapter and getting an iPhone 5 basically makes all of your accessories obsolete. I don’t want to have to buy new clocks, new docks, new surround sound receivers, new speaker docks etc.

      • You dont have to. All accessories will get adaptors, and others will be updated. Both will continue to sell because there’s much more iPhones, iPads, iPods with the “Normal Dock” than 1 iPhone 5 with a new dock, so no, they are not obsolete. You will see in stores available for both and probably with a plug for both docks. Someday Apple would do this, or should they stick with the dock connector forever? Off course not, right… the actual dock connector are here almost 9…10 years… it’s time to upgrade.

      • So it should be up to the manufacturer to provide adapters for the iPhone 5 because Apple changed their standard design after like 12 years?

        That 30 pin connector was one of the best things that I liked about Apple. I knew that all iPhones, all iPods, iPads etc were going to have the exact same connector, located down at the bottom. I loved having that standard. To me, that was one of the biggest weaknesses of Android was the lack of a standard port / dock and location. So now we will have docks ports to deal with until people slowly replace old iDevices and their accessories… and who is to say that Apple won’t change it again a few years down the road.

      • If you own many accessories and fell betrayed, don’t get the new iphone then and your problem will be solved. Stay with your iPhone and the accessories that you got to THAT MODEL should keep working fine.

      • Chris

        Stop bitching y’all don’t even know if they’re gonna even change the dock connector they’re just RUMORS!!!

      • No more Obama

        wow why are you so extreme. who said they should do a radical change? next time YOU don’t be so radical mr. defender of apple. your fanboyism is obnoxious. it’s fine to like their products as i do, but quite with the love affair.

        you’re not even a little embarrassed by your obsession?

      • Says the guys who dont know shit about Apple and think that the MacOSX still have a blue/white scrollbar.

      • No more Obama

        marble blue

    • The S III is a piece of plastic clown.

    • No more Obama

      as some people are stuck in the 80s, my iphone 4S, is stuck in 2007. same design year after year (front) and the back has same look just flatter the past 3 years

  • Just a question… Why they have designers if their lawyers know how to design a device too?

  • they can have 100 of them, and apple only needs jon ive.

  • It also depends on the designer that you are hiring… I don’t know this part, but i would guess that Apple are more fastidious, then Samsung, when talking about hiring people…
    I’m not saying Samsung dosen’t make good designs, cause they do…
    A lesson to many companies, is to put more effort into their product. Apple take their time to make a good design, instead of HTC who put’s out a new phone almost every month

  • jose castro

    right there tells you that samsung suck haha

  • CollegiateLad

    When your OS is poorly optimized, a super fast processor is mandatory. Instead of rewriting the OS from the ground up, they lazily came up with the buzzword ” project butter”, which just means faster processor. The nexus 7 has a quad-core and it still stumbles at times. Meanwhile my single core first gen iPad with 256 MB of ram is still buttery smooth.

    • Now you must imagine Android running on a Retina Display resolution because in real life you can’t still see it…

  • rohta

    Quantity doesn’t mean quality.
    And Apple shows this. I’m not saying that Samsung doesn’t know how to do good looking products, but sometimes I feel that there is a lack of “knack”, that Apple has.

  • No more Obama

    20 times the designers and 400 times the products. from tablets/phones to air conditioners, fridges, tvs…

  • If you’re driving a Samsung mobil phone, you are in possession of stolen property; Apple’s

  • Well_Said

    I agree with you, Samsung has 20x COPY CAT designers

  • And I can tell you for sure that those designs (Apple and Braun) are not accidental. Dieter Rams was like a “mentor” to Jony ive and both follow the same principle of industrial design. Both know each other and praise each other work. There was a lot of inspiration in those devices, but none of them was a computer.

    You should see this documentary
    youtube watch?v=HGPIqGi7MWY

    at 2:50 what Dieter Rams says…

    • So just because they were friends, it’s OK for Ives to steal/copy their designs… but since Samsung designers don’t know Apple designers, then it’s the worst thing since Nazi Germany? Steve Jobs said they steal great ideas. This shows they copy designs… so I ask, why does Apple get a free pass on stealing designs, but everyone else is treated like the spawn child of Satan?

      • Ow come one… Did you saw Dieter Rams complaining about those designs? Stealing is when someone don’t agree! Jesus.

        And BTW they don’t even are competitors and never where, so no, it’s not a copy. A copy is when both devices have the same purpose and when they are specially competitors.

        1, Braun designs are from the 60’s.
        2, Braun never designed computers or smartphones.
        3, Dieter Rams agreed with those products being inspired by the work he did. He felt that like a complement. Was like a homage to him, having products TODAY that reminds the old products he had designed.

      • That doesn’t matter. Copying OTHER’S ideas is what this whole argument has been about with Apple. Apple is claiming ownership of certain designs and design ideas… yet it is clear that those ideas ARE NOT ORIGINAL. Ives copied Braun, then they wanted to copy Sony… but when Samsung copies, then Apple acts like it’s the worst thing that has ever happened to the company.

        If Apple’s design ideas were truly original, then I would be in agreement with Apple in this matter… but since they clearly were not original ideas… then Apple should shut up and get back to actually innovating instead of litigating. Imagine if Ford sued everyone who tried to make a car after him and copied his ideas and designs, or if the Wright Brothers sued everyone who tried to make a plane.

      • Apple did not copied iPhone, even from braun, so technically yes, they can sue anyone who copy their work.

        Did you saw Apple suing Mac Pro cloners and others?

        And it was proved that the “iPhone Purple Prototype 2005” it’s older than the Sony Prototype.

        And btw, do you think that Apple is the only one who sue other companies from stealing stuff or using patents that they don’t own? Because looks like you belive in that. Last year Nokia sued Apple and won. I don’t remember the patent in case, but they won.

        Nowadays it’s “cool” hiting on Apple, because they are famous and have the best devices out there that most of the cry boys can’t efford. Most of those kids don’t even own a Galaxy phone, but since they lost the case against Apple, all fandroids joined forces.

        Cloning is wrong, and even Apple tried before this case to contact Samsung over the cloning stuff, asking them to change their designs a little bit and stop mimicking apple. And they just ignored. Even Google said the same to Samsung, about the Galaxy Tab in special. There’s nothing more to argue about this. Samsung cloned Apple stuff, they are a “today rival”, so that make it even worst and they lost. Case closed.

      • Yes, Apple sued lots of clone makers lately. They have done a lot of C&D on sites that show how to do OSx86 aka Hackintosh.

        I don’t get why you think it’s OK for Apple to copy other peoples designs, but when Samsung alledgedly copies Apple designs, you get upset. Just because Braun didn’t sue Apple doesn’t mean that it’s OK for Apple. Copying is copying. Stealing others ideas is still stealing ideas. Apple does this. As I said, one of the most famous Steve Jobs quotes is the one where he said that they shamelessly steal other people’s ideas.

        So my question still stands… why is it OK for Apple to steal other peoples ideas and designs, but it’s not OK for others to steal ideas from Apple? Apple copies from others just as others copy from Apple. Apple gets a free pass and everyone else is made out to be a villains. That’s what I don’t get.

        I’ll leave it at that.

      • Why I defend Apple… its pretty easy to explain:

        1) Braun and Apple are not competitors. So both don’t steal each other sells.
        2) Apple devices that got inspired was by the old braun designs, was under Dieter Rams consent. Even they being old, it was under Dieter rams consent.
        3) It was a homage.
        4) Apple (and Jony Ive in special) was the first ones to give credits to Dieter Rams for being the BEST DESIGNER in the World.

        Now, talking about Samsung copies.

        1) Apple never allowed them to copy.
        2) Apple have tried to talk to them to not copy and make a agreement (like they did with Microsoft Tablet) to avoid cloning.
        3) Samsung never, EVER, assumed that they copied Apple.
        4) For last and the worst, they are competitors, and the cloned designs was to build direct competition devices.

        It’s so hard to see why I defend Apple and not Samsung? Stealing is when you get something without the owner consent.

        You should read this, that was posted after our conversation.
        daringfireball (dot net) /2012/09/homage_vs_ripoff

        Jony Ive, from Apple:
        “The overall build quality seems impossibly good. The iPhone 4 is beautiful to behold and feels like a valuable artifact. It’s like a love letter to Dieter Rams.”

        And the iPhone is not even a inspiration of Braun products, but followed the same principles of Industrial Design where Dieter Rams is the king.

        And in response to Jony Ive, Dieter Rams:
        “I have always regarded Apple products — and the kind words Jony Ive has said about me and my work — as a compliment. Without doubt there are few companies in the world that genuinely understand and practise the power of good design in their products and their businesses.”

        See the difference between a homage/inspiration and a rip-off. It’s all about respect and not stealing ideas to build the SAME device that can hurt Easily the competition, with a unfair competition.

  • Well looks like Christian is back in full fanboy force…Samsung may have 20 times the designers, but, like it’s been stated, they have a thousand times the products Apple has. If you look at it that way, they actually have LESS designers than Apple PER PRODUCT. It’s been proven by people who analyze cases after the details are public, that the jury has completely screwed the case up here in the US. Legal experts, Ph. D. holders, are saying this, not Joe Schmoe from down the street. And in almost every other case of Apple v. Samsung in other countries, Apple has been found guilty, and most of the time Samsung has as well. This is utter nonsense, to say the least.

    • No more Obama

      the fanboys on this site will say…”oh wait you are right they do have less designers per product, so ummm, yeah they should get more designers than!”

  • So Samsung and others need to copy Apples way of doing things and not the iphone.

  • Miras safadi

    I think samsung should just shut up and keep designing fridges and stay away from the mobile industry because with that number of designers in their company, thay couldn’t come up with phone that doesn’t infringe apple’s patents?! If apple has about 15 designers and they came up with the simplest designs, that only means that if samsung had a billion designer they still lack creativity, and what’s a designn without creativity?!