The Apple-Samsung trial that ended last week was just the first of many to take place here in the US. Apple filed another lawsuit against the Korean company back in February of this year, which should go to trial sometime next summer.

Originally, the lawsuit was aimed at the Galaxy Nexus and some of Samsung’s other older devices. But on Friday, Apple amended the complaint and added the Galaxy S III, the Galaxy Note, and the new Galaxy Note 10.1 to the patent suit…

Apple believes that these, among other, Samsung products are infringing on 8 of its utility patents. Four of them were asserted in last month’s Samsung vs. Apple trial, and four are brand new: the ‘647 Data detector patent (which it used in last year’s ITC victory against HTC), the ‘721 Slide-to-unlock patent, the ‘172 Word completion patent and the ‘604 Universal search patent, which covers a few things, including Siri assistant.

AppleInsider provides an excerpt from the filing:

“These infringing Samsung products include the at least 21 new smartphones, media players, and tablets that Samsung has released beginning in August 2011 and continuing through August 2012. Specifically, Samsung has imported into, offered for sale, or sold in the United States at least the following products, each of which infringes Apple’s patent rights: the Galaxy S III, Galaxy S III – Verizon, Galaxy Note, Galaxy S II Skyrocket, Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch, Galaxy S II, Galaxy S II – T-Mobile, Galaxy S II – AT&T, Galaxy Nexus, Illusion, Captivate Glide, Exhibit II 4G, Stratosphere, Transform Ultra, Admire, Conquer 4G, and Dart smartphones, the Galaxy Player 4.0 and Galaxy Player 5.0 media players, and the Galaxy Note 10.1, Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus and Galaxy Tab 8.9 tablets.”

Earlier this summer, Apple won a preliminary injunction on the Galaxy Nexus based on these patents. But Samsung was granted a pending stay.

So what’s next for these two tech giants? Samsung and Apple are to meet in court again on December 6 to talk about the 8 devices Apple wants banned from the US, and Samsung has vowed to retaliate with a next-gen iPhone lawsuit.

Here’s hoping that someone can put an end to this ridiculousness before it goes much further. We’re looking at you two Tim Cook and Larry Page.

  • James

    Hey Apple! Here’s an idea! Try competing with the competition instead of trying to get rid of them! Just an idea but it could work…

    • I actually am starting to agree with you. I am getting sick of hearing about court cases and which company will be suing who next. Gets old and really doesn’t effect the Apple customers at all.

    • No more Obama

      I liked it when apple used to innovate. Now it seems as if they see a device that is superior they say-we could innovate more and compete or use the court house 10.1 miles away where we will surely win. We lose when we are in courts outside of this city/country(UK, Germany,Netherlands, south Korea, Japan).

      Also, the iPhone 6 Gen looks like a cyclops now with the front camera above the ear piece which looks like a mouth. Am I the only one?

      • I agree about the cyclops thing. It’s probably Obama’s fault?
        (You haven’t responded to my other comments, btw.)

      • No more Obama

        don’t attack my president. he is the president of the world. and the best president ever. he got a noble peace prize because he earned it even if it was awarded before he even did anything.he still earned it! and that’s just because he is the best!

        LONG LIVE Barrack Hussein Obama!

    • JamesR624

      I love how most people dissagree with this. You people dont want your OWN company to innovate because they dont want to. If this isn’t “brainwashed”, I don’t know what is.

      • Tell us all samsung innovations in all galaxy devices that they have shared with every brand…and tell us what companies used their technology without paying them any cent…

  • You know a announcement I want to here “Apple announces keynote will be september 12” still no word from them, all this hype and rumors are getting annoying its time for the real thing

    • I know right

    • JamesR624

      Could it be that these rumors are just *gasp* RUMORS?! And apple hasn’t actually made anything because they’ve spent all their time suing peopler over things they themselves stole?

      • 1337lolzorz

        10 days till you’re proven wrong

    • notewar

      The word rumours already summarised it self, why so serious?

  • Guest

    what should you do when your idea used by others?

    • Of course. That perfect and magical idea of pinching and zooming is so important that devices which use it have to be completely banned. (That was sarcasm, btw.)
      This has nothing to do with patents, but with limiting choice and stifling competition. I’m surprised people haven’t realized this by now.

      • disqus_DyYOeSTW7b

        Apple licensed the same patents to Microsoft and Nokia. Samsung just refused to pay. Had samsung paid like Microsoft and Nokia, they would have saved hundreds of millions of dollars in decisions/lawyer fees and there would still be “competition”. Instead, we have dozens of articles a week about these lawsuits.

      • f96lrs


      • You’re wrong. Apple did want to licence those patents to Samsung, but at a price of $30 per phone and $40 per tablet. And you wonder why didn’t Samsung accept that “deal”?
        Samsung now has to pay around a billion to Apple, plus extra few million for lawyers, etc…. At the same time, they made around 9 BILLION in profit by selling those patent infringing devices. So yes, you’re wrong again.

      • disqus_DyYOeSTW7b

        According to the court documents, Samsung sold 21.4m of the infringing phones since 2010. 21.4m x $30 = $642m. Samsung sold 1.4m tablets x $40 = $56m. $642+56 = $698m spread over 3 years minus millions in lawyer fees and minus ~20% if they had agreed to cross license. Not to mention ramifications of the drop in their stock prices. I don’t know what the calculator on your android phone says, but it looks like they would have saved around $300m ($440m if they cross licensed) without pissing off Apple just by doing what they should have.

        Why should Samsung have accepted the deal? Because it was the LEGAL thing to do and it would have saved them money and face.

        Quit trolling and go run an antivirus. Or better yet, go make some money off the avatar you obviously ripped off from a Google image search or your favorite fandroid blog. Oh sorry, I didn’t mean to “stifle your competition”.

      • Have you included the “at least 21 new smartphones” mentioned in this article? Whoops. They still profited by ripping off Apple’s hardware/software design, which was my point.
        Just a side note, I have an iPod touch and a 4S. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be here. Whoops again. But have a +1 for the effort.

      • disqus_DyYOeSTW7b

        I used the 24 phones from the court case in question since that is where there is official data. The $8.4b in the past 3 years is mostly from those 24 phones. I’m not sure what the 21 “new” phones you’re referring to and I don’t care. Regardless of what phones you claim to have, your avatar and comments scream “troll”. Let’s just agree to disagree because this would be endless otherwise.


      • I’m referring to the 21 new phones, as mentioned in the article you failed to read. My avatar screams how I prefer Jelly Bean over iOS, not really rocket science. I’m glad this discussion is over. Now please go get some sleep because that last edited part of your previous comment makes no sense what so ever. What avatar and stifling competition have to do with…? O_o People I run into on these fanboy-magnet blogs is truly amazing.

      • disqus_DyYOeSTW7b

        btw, all 21 “new” devices (not just phones) ARE included in the 24 mentioned. ok NOW i’m done haha.

      • Legal = USA legal. Completely different. Rest of the world facepalms at usa once again. And this time its their patent system

      • disqus_DyYOeSTW7b

        sad but true…

      • JamesR624

        I love how everyone of these LOGICAL comments are getting downvoted. Is there ANYONE here at idownloadblog that ISN’T a brainless iFanboy?

      • Kok Hean

        Me 😛

      • DilbertAsended

        Just the freetards.

        Hey this is fun!

    • Kok Hean

      License them the idea. It’s just that simple.

      • DilbertAsended

        That’s akin to renting a car thief your car after he stole it. Samsung being the thief in this metaphore.

      • Brrriiiaaallliiiaaannnttt

        Apple tried to do this, it was a key part of the jury trial in America. They liscensed to Microsoft, Samsung refused to play ball.

  • This lawsuit came after samsung promise to sue apple over lte technology… So it might be just a way to show them that apple will keep fighting back if they dont stop ripping off apple products in general. I mean, look at the samsung slate series… These guys never learn. Apple might be going too far but samsung is asking for it…

    • Please, enlighten me, what parts of these devices, GS3 and Note, infringe upon Apple’s patents?

      • When you came here to comment, can you spend some time at least to read the whole article instead of reading the title only?

      • That isn’t what I meant.
        For example, where is slide to unlock on the GS3? Apple is trying to portray this as if they own the exclusive right to touching the screen in any way that unlocks the device. Many Apple’s patents shouldn’t have even been awarded, which is the core of the issue. Look up “Why Apple’s patent ‘647 is obvious” on YouTube.

      • For everybody everything that apple does is obvious. But the strange part is that they only realize that after iphones success. Ps. Ive posted a link that you should check about that patent. Moderator should approve that link soon i think…

      • DilbertAsended


      • And you missed the point again. Why do you keep pretending as if Apple is a poor victim here? The iPhone was/is successful not because they patented and “invented” everything, but because they used prior art and intelligently combined it into a great package. Stop pretending how every single patent is valid, because that isn’t the case. Everyone is complaining because combining prior art is not new art and does not deserve a patent. And now they are using those same patents to block their competition! How can anyone support this???
        You like Apple? Fine, then keep living in your little perfect bubble. I really don’t see how can the fact Samsung used round rectangle shapes negatively affect your magical Apple experience.

      • Apple didn’t invent the computer, but was the first that made the PC as we know today possible.

        Apple didn’t invent the Mp3, but it was the first company that made Mp3 getting mainstream and successfully with iTunes, convince Music industry to sell digital music over internet.

        Apple didn’t invented the phone, but it was the first company that have made the biggest revolution on smartphone industry, using for the first time a multi-touch device. Running fast and smooth with a proper OS, without a stylus.

        Apple didn’t invented the tablet, but was the first company that made him mainstream, and with sense. Once again, with a OS 100% full designed for fingers.

        And many other examples..and when they worked with all those technologies available, they improved some of them and invented other stuff to fill all the gaps…and the list is big. So here’s your answer. Now try to deal with it inside your magical bubble of denial. Apple have paid many millions to use patents that they don’t own. So, Samsung should do the same.

        And once again.. everything is “obvious” but all of those things, only seem to be SO OBVIOUS after Apple pulling their magic. Samsung should stay on the manufacture… where they belong. And very soon.. will get screwd and they noticied that they have just lost their biggest client, who make them earn more money than their own products (Galaxy phones and tablets)

        Now tell me.. if Apple is so bad, why you have a iPhone? If Apple is soooo bad… why your visit so frequently a iDevice Blog? There’s no SDownloadBlog yet out there? Because could be a VERY ORIGINAL blog name…

      • I’m not here to masturbate to Apple magic, I’ll leave that to fanboys like yoursef… But for news. I’ve been over why I own Apple devices at least 4 times now. I bought my iPod touch almost 2 years ago and 4S 8 months ago. Back when Apple wasn’t fighting and trying to block their competition in the courtroom, and long before Jelly Bean was available.

        You’re appealing to emotion, rather than arguing with logic and common sense. Yes, Apple brought a lot of new things to the table. The problem is in the fact how they used already existing technology, already existing ideas (multitouch, pinch to zoom (Digital Desk from 1991, for example), slide to unlock) and patented them. That is the point of my entire argument. They also used several existing ideas to join them together and patent as new and different (patent 647). That is what I’m trying to point out, but all you do is ignore everything I say and start rambling on about how Apple changed the world, yada, yada…

        You still haven’t answered my question. Where is slide to unlock on the GS3? Apple does feel threatened by those devices, and that is why they are fighting so vigorously against them. I mean, who could blame them? Did you watch a single GS3 review? Do you even know how many amazing new things Samsung brought to the table with their Galaxy and Note series of devices?

        The reason why “everything is ‘obvious’ after Apple pulls their magic” is because nobody except Apple and the patent office knew how exactly will those patents be used. Read this for more info on what I’m talking about: (look up “apple pinch to zoom patent myth” on The Verge) Also, before you reply back with your ignorance, I’d suggest watching all four or five Special Edition Vergecasts (watch?v=jlfy6XAtKRc) to inform yourself on the subject. With every comment you show how little you know about what you’re arguing.

        “So why this persistent myth about Apple’ and pinch-to-zoom? A large part of it is because patents are hard for non-lawyers to read and understand, and it’s far easier to use a shorthand that obscures important details. Apple’s case against Samsung was designed for the jury to recognize interface elements, and that made it particularly easy to slip up: you can fairly call 7,469,381 “the bounceback scrolling,” and 7,864,163 “tap-to-zoom,” so the lazy slide into calling ‘915 “pinch-to-zoom” was almost inevitable. It’s the media totally blowing the Obama BlackBerry story all over again.

        And Apple almost certainly likes the confusion: there’s no more distinctive multitouch gesture than pinch-to-zoom, and it’s great for Apple if everyone thinks it’s patented. Steve Jobs standing on stage doing an exaggerated pinch-to-zoom with his hands right before saying multitouch was patented wasn’t some coincidence. It was a master salesman at work — and his work seems to have been extremely effective.”

      • You are just a fandroid losing your time. Grow up kid and get some girlfriend. Dont embarrassed youself anymore calling others fanboys when the only guy here that lose time on a brand that dont like is you…

      • Very nice, constructive reply, as expected. Thanks for the laughs, now go learned english, youre grammar be laughable.

  • I do understand when people say why don’t these companies innovate and I agree with you, but y’all have to understand there’s a reason why companies patent their inventions. I would be pretty pissed off if I create something and somebody use it to make money without giving me my credit. This is nothing new, people that go to college knows that when you write a research paper and you use somebody else’s work for reference you have to give them credit or you could even get spelled for plagiarism. It is no different in the technology world, so why getting so worked up about these court cases? All I’m saying is these companies need to protect their intellectual property, so other companies can actually innovate.

    • I’m personally getting worked up over these patents because they have been awarded in the first place. Apple took already existing ideas, merged them with already existing ideas, slightly modified and then patented them. That is the case in majority of the patents in question. Slide to unlock concept has existed before (neonode n1, for example), the same goes for pinch to zoom (mitsubishi), as well as many, many other patents. Words revolution and innovation are nothing but marketing terms, and the sheer number of people who fall for that, is astounding.

      • I think we should all complain to the USPTO for even granting these patents if they are using somebody else’s ideas.

      • Mitsubitshi didnt have pinch to zoom. Theres no zoom there at all. Its only a way to grab on window corners to maximize and minimize the window size. Similar concepts but definitly not the same. And once again, apple create some ideas, get others and make the whole product whithout simply ripping off complete ideas and designs like samsung did. Apple not always use the term innovate but alo reinventing some stuff

      • You people are truly amazing. Creationists of the tech world. How is there no zoom??? Are you kidding me? Do you even know what zoom means? “To bring (a subject, scene, etc.) into closeup”, “to examine more closely or in greater detail” and “to cause text or other graphics in a window or frame to appear larger on the screen.”
        Concept of pinching and zooming: two touch inputs > slide them apart > result is enlarged image, webpage, or whatever else.
        Concept of diamondtouch: two touch inputs > slide them apart > result is enlarged something.
        So, with those definitions in mind, how is the concept of diamond touch ANY different from pinch to zoom, just on a different scale? Stop living in denial and stop making up ridiculous excuses, for crying out loud!
        Two wrongs don’t make a right. We shouldn’t ignore Apple’s wrongdoing simply because Samsung did the same. Your ignorance and denial of facts is embarrassing!

      • Guest

        Oh man.. Just check the video again. Theres no zoom there. Theres no closeup. Post the link and time mark and tell us wheres the zoom… The “bringing objects to a close up” and btw apple didnt even filled any pinch to zoom patent against samsung neither

      • “To cause text or other graphics in a window or frame to appear larger on the screen.” How isn’t that window being pinched out (at 0:39 in the video) appearing larger??? Please explain that to me.

      • Theres no zoom. Deal with it.

      • That is your brilliant response? *hats off*

      • sore loser,just admit it.”
        the same goes for pinch to zoom (mitsubishi), “

      • No more Obama

        @Tr1pTr0p:disqus is the only one being objective and for you @Int3nsive:disqus you’re again, being mr. defender of apple. you are not worth having a conversation with because you can’t admit to when apple is wrong or when windows/palm/android is right on an issue. you clearly worship a for-profit company. think about this obsession and work out what is wrong in your life. this is beyond pathetic. its a company, and a company that doesn’t give and help people. your god steve jobs even dismantled the philanthropy department they had. that’s just evil, and may he rot in hell

      • Youtube /watch?v=EwRjb4fNWAI tell us wheres the zoom… The close up… And actually this is funny because seems to me that they are watching apples website..

      • 0:39 What did you think I was going to point out? Is that your ultimate excuse? “There is no zoooooom! That isn’t zooooom!!! Durr!1”
        The concept is the same! Two touch inputs sliding away from each other, and in turn increasing the size of an object. The reason you don’t see that method on iOS devices is because apps are already running in fullscreen! That is why pinching and zooming increases the size of content displayed within the app. Again, the concept. Is. The. SAME!

      • Definetly theres something wrong with you. That is what i said on the first place! They are similar concepts but theres no zoom! And you gave me the lecture about zoom and close up… Lol… Thats why its called pinch to zoom and not pinch to increase the container (window) size.

      • It is ironic, because that what you just said is the definition of zooming. To zoom means to increase the size of something. Your entire argument is STILL invalid because Apple should have never been awarded that patent because of the very reason the two concepts are so strikingly similar. How you can call those two “different” is beyond me.
        This whole unnecessary discussion is the reason why these software patents are completely ridiculous.

      • Apple didnt win the pinch to zoom anyway.. So your argument is invalid.
        And second, since when the content make zoom when you increase or decrease the window size?! Just admit it… You were wrong! In your web browser, grab the window corner and tell me wheres the zoom…the close up like you have discribed so well…

    • Thing is that apple didnt create alot of these features. They just got around and snagged the patents before the creators

  • If they came up with their own code… I think everyone should have the right to patent it, but I’m talking a block of code that only one could come up with and not just a line or a few lines.
    It’s like writing a book, song or creating anything else, you’d like to keep it ‘yours’, no?

  • @dongiuj

    Apple…..YOU’RE GETTING SO BORING!!! Also you’re cluttering up this blog site with BORING NEWS!!!
    Fine, just sale apple phones in america. Let the world see how america deals with no competition and no consumer choice.
    I’m glad i don’t live in america.

    • As much I dislike how america handle in some situations (and im not american..but i dont care because all countries around the world including mine sucks anyway) I don’t think that cloning and copying stuff is competition and giving users consumer choise… yesterday I went to a mega store (worten) to see some tech stuff and all pcs there looked like the Macbook. Since Acer, to Asus, HP and Samsung. I mean, jesus… where’s the consumer choice if all of them look the same?!?! For me, consumer choice and REAL competition is giving us different tastes and different designs, and we, consumers chose the best ones… Any brand, having their own design…that is a true competition. I must praise Sony because at the moment seems to be the only PC brand that has their own design and was always consistent about that. What is killing the PC industry is all Apple wannabes out there… because every time people see that clones, the first thing that they say is “look, a macbook” so more free advertisement to apple… brands like HP, Samsung and Acer are the ones at this moment that are saying “to the world” that Apple it’s the only brand that are doing the things right… because otherwise, they didn’t copy apple.

      • @dongiuj

        Between the galaxy s3 and all iphones, overall appearence, power, performance and abilities are different. Even if the icons looked slightly similar, in my book that is offering consumer choice. Besides, no competition = no consumer choice.
        This is just my opinion.

      • Do you know what’s Samsung problem. People must think this is new, but they do this along time ago. Samsung is a manufacture, so they can make their own hardware at the lowest price. So, what do they do? Get their clients ideas, make the products at the lower price that they can (with some cheap plastic on the mix, getting a almost “free” OS from other brand) and sell it at the lower price ever, mimicking their best clients. They did that in the past with Nokia (and as you can see, they even used Symbian OS too) and now they do with Apple. That’s not fair competition, either innovation. Because apart from S3 and Note (as people say.. designed by lawyers) they have totally ripped-off other brands. Where’s the innovation?

        Nokia (as much I know) never sued Samsung from ripping-off most of their products (Google Nokia N95 and N96 vs Samsung Innov8 for example), and now see where’s Nokia.. almost bankrupt. Like motorola too, on the same boat as Nokia, but had the lucky to be bought by Google.

        From all companies out there, Samsung was always the less innovative one on smartphones world. They steal and have no shame at all, and if you Google about “Samsung CEO” you can see that his record it’s really bad.

        Google: “Samsung CEO charged with fraud, won’t be arrested”

        “According to a report out of Australia, prosecutors in Korea have formally charged Kun-hee (who has admitted guilt anyhow), but say they won’t arrest him because it would cause “enormous disruption” in the company’s operations.”

        This guy has a HUGE influence in ASIA.

      • @dongiuj

        Well, that’s a nice speech. But getting back the my point, the consumer has a choice right now. Me personally, i have an iphone and i’m getting bored as hell with it. I want something a bit different and samsung and other companies offer that choice. Just like my TV, microwave, vacuum cleaner, fridge, electric shaver etc etc. they all look the same as other brands but all do the same thing and are at different prices. To me, that is consumer choice.

      • Nokias downfall doesnt have anything to do with samsung. Nokia refused to drop symbian and that “mamo/momo” or what the crap was named. They insisted to stick with it instead of offering phones with android (windows phone was shiet back then. No need to include). Nokia make great phones. Its the software thats been lacking. They shouldve done what everyone else was doing back then. Im convinced they wouldve still been the king if they did.

        Their new lumia series looks really interesting tho. Might give it a try next time im swapping phones. If not just to get out of the apple vs android war completely.

    • Brrriiiaaallliiiaaannnttt

      You know man, that’s like just your opinion, man…

      • @dongiuj

        That’s right. It IS just my opinion. Agree or disagree if you like. That will be YOUR opinion.

      • Brrriiiaaallliiiaaannnttt

        You’re so Android, LOL. Go watch ‘The Big Liebowsi’ man, and then you just might take life a little less bitterly and laugh at yourself, it’s healthy…

      • @dongiuj

        Sorry, don’t have a clue what you’re talking about and I don’t own any android products, i own an iphone.

      • Brrriiiaaallliiiaaannnttt

        Apologies, I was just riling people up, it’s easy on this site. Take care and definitely see the movie some time, it’s awesome!

      • @dongiuj

        Ah, ok. I have seen the movie but I can’t remember it. It was a long time ago.

  • @dongiuj

    They’re doing this because they’ve heard about so many people saying that the next iphone will be crap.

    • Brrriiiaaallliiiaaannnttt

      Or maybe they are doing it because it makes strategic business sense? Just a thought…

      • @dongiuj

        Maybe, maybe not. What strategy do you think that might be?

      • Brrriiiaaallliiiaaannnttt

        Like every business including Samsung, to make money for their shareholders. Apple has made the investors in their company a LOT of moolah, they know what they are doing. Samsung has a copy/adopt business model that has served them and their shareholders well also. Both companies are just doin biz, I have no problem with either, though I am definitely a fanboy. My first computer and executable were in an Apple IIe many years ago. I Love Apple, just who I am!

      • @dongiuj

        About the shares, I couldn’t agree with you more.

  • Patent system is broken as fuck.

    • Brrriiiaaallliiiaaannnttt

      F’n is the only thing in the world that isn’t broken, maybe you are doing it wrong? <;)

  • Come on apple you getting boring right now

    • Brrriiiaaallliiiaaannnttt

      Yea, and Apples corporate business model is to keep Bunna intellectually stimulated… <;)

  • Nooooooooooo!!!! I want the new note 2 🙁

  • Jose Cheong

    Everyone seems to think Samsung copied Apple because of a ruling in California (Home court of Apple, jurors select from hometown of apple). Other countries like South Korea and Japan ruled it did not infringe. Lucky for the rest of the world we don’t have to suffer. I feel ashamed of using Apple products from iphone 3g, 3gs, 4, 4s, ipad1, ipad2, ipod g2. I feel so tainted knowing I used and supported Apple; a company that was once innovative and strives for perfection. Now resorting to using dirty methods to set injunctions to ban competitor items. Why do you think they only target Samsung and not the other Android companies. Its because Samsung is gaining the most traction and Apple can’t deal with it in terms of 1 year 1 mobile strategy so they resort to banning opponents instead.

    think about it please for a second. The first iphone is merely a improvement/tweak of existing touch screens of competitors (e.g. windows mobile and Symbian OS). They only made it better. So its wrong for other companies to also improve/tweak on whats best in the market as well?

    Android OS is pretty much a greatly improved version of iOS.
    E.g. Ability to change keyboards
    Change the whole launcher
    Change themes
    Pretty much mod anything you want
    (you bought the device you get to modify it to your liking)

    All this and no rooting required.

  • Liu Zhenyu

    Trip trip so noob, use multiple device to dislike ppl comments, come on, dislike this, you are just an fandroid who thinks others has no innovation when android is the no innovation, Mitsubishi too.

  • it’s high time Apple find another supplier….why give so much business to a supplier ( also a competitor ), and provide them the money to sue you back ?

    • Brrriiiaaallliiiaaannnttt

      Agreed, and they are, Taiwan Semi for processor, LG & Sharp, & Japan Display, & Corning for the displays, etc, etc. In 5 years Samsung will be a backup supplier, takes some time for ramp up other suppliers.

  • DilbertAsended

    Good decision.

  • Too bad for america. They will have delayed technology. That was the vision of apple to slow down technology for profit purposes.

    • Brrriiiaaallliiiaaannnttt

      Fascinating, I just marked this day as definitely the end of tech innovation in America. You are a super-genius, thank you…

  • Jonathan James

    I’ve officially switched to Samsung Galaxy…. mostly because I am fed up with Apples legal BS that is trying to eliminate all forms of competition. Whats next? Is apple going to patent Cell phone battery power so that all phones with a battery are infringing patents?

    • Brrriiiaaallliiiaaannnttt

      Please give it a go, you’ll be back soon enough…

  • This will just make those devices ever more desirable the fastest way to make
    Something popular is to ban it!!

  • Brrriiiaaallliiiaaannnttt

    Apple Rules! SIII is goin down! Victory! Smell the glove you Samdung, Fandroid LOZERS! VICTORY!!!

  • Brrriiiaaallliiiaaannnttt

    Why do all Samdung, Fandroid Lozers live in their mom’s basement, and have horrible grammar? Just sayin’…

    • @dongiuj

      Probably the same reason people that can’t spell “losers” or “saying”.
      Before you say anything, no, i’m not a fandroid nor am i an apple fanboy.

      • Brrriiiaaallliiiaaannnttt

        Just trying to speak down to the Fandroid audience, phonetic spelling is the best way to communicate with them… VICTORY APPLE!