If you thought Apple’s victory last week was the end of the fighting between it and Samsung, think again. Samsung is still expected to file an appeal on the ruling, and an injunction hearing has already been set.

On top of that, Samsung is said to be gearing up for a major legal counter attack, preparing “all measures for all scenarios” to fight Apple in 50 patent disputes in 10 countries. In other words, “it’s on…”

The Korea Times reports that Samsung plans to sue Apple immediately following the release of the next-gen iPhone if it contains LTE technology. Apparently Samsung owns a large share of LTE-flavored patents.

“Samsung confirmed that it will immediately sue Apple if the latter releases products using advanced long-term evolution (LTE) mobile technology. LTE has been emerging as the top standard in the global mobile industry.

According to data from Thomson-Reuters, Nokia ranked top with 18.9 percent in terms of the number of LTE patents, followed by Qualcomm with 12.5 percent, Samsung Electronics with 12.2 percent and Ericsson with 11.6 percent.”

And chances are pretty good that we’ll see LTE in Apple’s new handset, which it’s expected to unveil next month. Apple used the tech in its latest tablet, and the consensus seems to be that it’s a-go for the smartphone as well.

In addition to its legal attack, Samsung is also said to be working closer with its US carrier partners to develop new mobile technologies to get away from Apple’s patented ones. And it’s also increasing its relationship with Microsoft, and its Windows Phone platform, in an effort to reduce its dependency on Android.

Yeah, this Apple-Samsung thing is far from over. In fact, it looks like it’s just beginning.

[via PhoneArena]

  • I would if thought that Apple would be on the ball about using LTE in the next iPhone and that it made sure there was no infringement on using it…

    • J M

      I thought LTE technology is considered part of Standard Essential Patents, and therefore, required to at least be licensed under FRAND.

      • Drew

        Just as pinch or tap-to-zoom should be Standard Essential on a touchscreen.

      • As with 3G, it’s wasn’t licensed under FRAND when it first came out either. It’s pathetic how things that really are standard essential (3G, LTE, pinch-to-zoom, multi-touch) aren’t under FRAND.

      • You need to check more precisely why samsung got sued because pinch-to-zoom isn’t there. Just Google it, because I can’t post Links as you might know… All people got crazy talking about the court and never realized that the patent numbers that Apple won, none of them are about “pinch-to-zoom”.

      • I never said it was part of it, I just said it should be under FRAND, even though it’s not. I said NOTHING about the case, don’t know why you brought it up.

      • LTE itself is not a problem. But implementation of LTE on a mobile device. The process in which data is
        transferred onto the devices RAM. Many different ways. They could have
        bought the patents for a process. Or designed their own process which
        Apple might use. It’s not LTE in general.

  • Kok Hean

    If that really happens, I hope that Apple will be ordered to pay Samsung 1.05 billion dollars, and everyone would be happy 😀

    • Are you Korean?

      • Kok Hean


    • tony

      You are correct.

  • Zorvage

    Silly Samsung, they really think Apple would just use the LTE knowing they can get sued. I bet Apple is already 3 steps ahead.

    • What about the other thousand phones with LtE? Did they invented it?

    • Apple will use LTE on iPhone 5. It would be silly not to use LTE in iPhone 5 which is already part of iPad 3.

      • I agree, but I’m sure Apple had agreements with any other company listed above to use their patents, not the ones that Samsung owns.

      • Heatfan316

        Wow did you think of that all on your own genius!

      • ali_plus

        Also remember, iPad does’nt have calling feature while iPhone will have, so the patents might be related to that. But I am sure Apple has already figured that out.

      • I don’t have much information on LTE and how exactly it works but isn’t LTE latest technology for faster data transfer. I don’t think it has anything to do with basic calling feature which I am sure, they still be using GSM or CDMA technology. And iPhone are offered in both technologies in addition to 3G and now LTE.

      • wshyang

        LTE is not just for faster data transfer, it is the underlying data transport over which everything (including voice) is carried.

        Think about it as the TCP/IP of phones.

        GSM and CDMA are older versions of this transport, much akin to TCP/IP v4, with LTE being v6.

      • GLaDOS Hates Chell

        The iPhone 5 already came out though but its name is the 4S

    • a smit

      just about as silly as ‘proving’ that anyone who produces a rectangular shaped tablet with with slightly rounded corners is plagiarizing apple?

      or how about as silly as using a green phone icon to denote a phone function as infringement on apples intellectual property

      all of this is ridiculously laughable (on both sides)

      • The problem is that SAMSUNG did more than produce rectangular shaped tablets with slightly rounded corners. They ripped off almost the entire Apple products. Take a look at the latest Samsung AVID Slate 5…come one.. seriously… iPhone, iPad, Dock connectors, they even used iOS icons and screenshots on their products and now ripped off the Macbook Pro/Air… are you serious?

        And other think that made your comment totally invalid. Galaxy S3 is a rectangular shaped phone with slightly rounded corners and didn’t get sued because it doesn’t look like a iPhone. Like the Nokia Lumia has similar shape and doesn’t look like a iPhone either. You guys just plain stupid when try to hide all the evidences. Samsung ripped off Apple and should be punished.

    • apple fanboy over here

  • If their lawyers and legal team is anything like the one that handle the last lawsuit then Samsung has some balls to sue apple knowing that they also have many other great patents at hand and can also take their business elsewhere. I’m sure soon Samsung will stop being the main supplier for apple and that ain’t going to sit nicely with investors that will see a 15% drop in revenue.

  • Irfan Tarique

    Samsung, don’t be a loser! You know you copied the iphone and got you ass sued

    • Geeks on Hugs

      Its not about lawsuits, its about principals. Samsung is a poor little multinational mega corporation who stayed up late to ensure they patented LTE. So Apple can’t have it without putting in all the hard work of securing those patents. So fuck Apple is what I’m saying.

    • tony

      Irfan stfu dumb f. How the hell samsung copy iphone? Dumb head

      • Irfan Tarique

        tell that to the jury who found Samsung guilty of copying apples patents. I don’t have to explain to you how they did it. Its pretty self explanatory if you do your research.

  • hahahahahaha my Vengeance ends now!!!

  • J

    I don’t get this, the iPad already has lte capability and apple hasn’t been sued over it yet

    • Does it really matter? If samsung won, they will ask for ban iphone 5 and ask for damages (by ipad) just like apple asked in last case.

  • Guest

    “Samsung, mad, plans to sue Apple for 3 zillion dollars”

  • Geeks on Hugs

    Like I’ve said, with the speed of the mobile market Apple’s victory will be short lived.

    An uppance for Apple will come, by and by.

  • This is just beginning.
    Frankly, in Apple – Samsung patent war, consumer will be ultimate loser.

  • That sounds only fair, but as @Zorvage:disqus mentioned in his comment, I doubt Apple would be stupid enough to willfully use technology covered by Samsung’s patents.

    • The new iPad has LTE in it already, and Apple sure as hell didn’t license it through Samsung. Through Nokia and Qualcomm, but not the ones Samsung has. They’ve just been waiting for this case to be over to decide if they were gonna go after it or not.

      • Right, Samsung was waiting for outcome to this case. And I think that’s why they were quite for iPad. But since this war has already been started, they don’t want to left anything anymore. And if Apple is using their patents which I am sure they are (because I read somewhere Apple accepted it that they are using lots of Motorola and Samsung patents) then Samsung will be getting ton load of money.

  • Randys

    If people remember thats the reason apple dint include lte on the 4s because qualcomm wasnt ready with the chips so samsung cant sue if the new iphone has it because qualcomm owns patents hahaha samsung usa 2-0

  • Applefreak555

    Sick of this bs

  • Dave McLaughlin

    I am either missing something on how this patent system works or the fact that mobile devices are manufactured differently?
    I thought that the chipset manufacturers actually licence the technology so they can build the chips and sell them. You pay for the patented design as part of the chip cost. I use CAN bus in my designs which is licenced by Bosch but I don’t have to licence anything from Bosch to use them. The only time I have to do this is if I create my own programmable part and use their technology. So surely if Apple are using a chipset from a licenced manufacturer and paid for those parts, the patent licence is then covered? I can see there being an issue if there is a software part of the design which is patented separately but hardware should not be. At least that’s the way it seems to be for what I have been doing for years.

  • JonathanLiu

    It might be called iPhone 4G LTE , lol

  • M Last

    why they didn’t sue Apple ,when they used on Ipad 3?
    or this patent only for cell phones?

    • Same goes for Apple, why didn’t they sue earlier but now asked for 4-5
      years of royalty and damages. Because back then, Apple didn’t consider
      Samsung a threat to their business.

      Now answer to, why Samsung didn’t sue Apple earlier. Because, in my opinion, Samsung assumed, Apple will let him use their patent because Samsung is letting them use his. But now scenario has been changed after this trial. Samsung also don’t want to allow them to use LTE patents because Apple don’t want Samsung to use his patents.

      But if Samsung proves Apple’s infringement of LTE patent then he might get lot of money considering the sales stats of iPad 3 and iPhone 5.

  • We’ll see how this will be played by Samsung, cause I’m pretty sure, Apple has thought of this 🙂

  • faziii

    such loosers………….. they have more billions to give