Great news for all of you folks waiting for the next big app sale to grab some iOS games. Electronic Arts has just kicked off its Labor Day promotion, shaving prices on a number of their most popular titles.

And don’t worry, this sale is much better than the recent Back to School one. Most everything has been discounted down to $.99, and there are dozens of both iPhone and iPad games to choose from…

There are many games on sale, but these are just a few of our favorites:

Everything you see here has been discounted down to $.99, which equates to about $9 off for some titles. If you’re interested, you can follow any one of the above links to the App Store for more information.

Even if you don’t plan on playing some of these games right away, the savings alone is worth downloading the ones you want now, and deleting them. iCloud will always let you re-download them later.

Labor Day is Monday, September 3rd, so we expect the sale to go on at least through then.

What do you think, deal or no deal?

  • Great Sale! Time to get Real Racing 2 for my iPad

  • Thanks but No Thanks! I already have Monopoly, which is great!

    I really hate games that have “in app” purchases for additional levels, or stuff you need to play the game! EA has been getting away with this nonsense for a while now, but I am now seeing more and more negative feedback on this practice!

    You buy a game – you should be able to play that game in peace – and NOT be constantly hounded to spend more money just to keep playing!!!

    I think they can take a note from Rovio and their very successful series of “Angry Birds” – rather than annoy you with in app purchases – they innovate and created new “Worlds / Space” and let you decide if you wanted to purchase that new “World / Space”!!! Simple, Fair & Brilliant 🙂

    • Joey_Mousepad

      ever heard of the Mighty Eagle or Danger Zone levels of ABS?

  • brownieboy

    U.S. only?

    Those games still show as full price for me.

    • abujafer

      Labor day, so guessing it’s US only.

  • No more Obama

    i wish they would come out with a fight night champion 2. that game is so good. many of the other games i have bought already when there was holiday coming up.