The App Store was updated with a brand new layout for search results in iOS 6 beta. The change impacts both the iPhone and the iPad.

The card based layout is quite a departure from the current search results on iOS 5, as you’ll see in our hands-on video.

As you can see from our photo comparison below, the current iOS 5 based search results provide many more search results on a single page when compared to the updated results found in iOS 6 beta. The one area where iOS 6 is noticeably better is with the large screenshot of the app on the main search results page. This is an obvious trade off, but I’m not sure if most users will take kindly to the idea of limiting search results in exchange for a large screenshot.

iOS 5 vs iOS 6 search results

On the iPad, things are quite a bit better with the extra space, but there is still a noticeable difference in the amount of search results to be reaped on a single page.

Even though much of this may be indicative as to what we might be able to expect come iOS 6 launch, we must remember that it’s still beta, and therefore a lot can change between now and iOS 6’s final release. I’m particularly sure that Apple will iron out any speed or loading issues when it comes to searches and results.

What do you think about the new search result view?

Thanks Carlos.

  • doesn’t work for me….

    • This is only for beta, are you on iOS 6 beta 4 or on iOS 5.1.1?

    • You need the latest iOS6 beta version and I believe it’s not available yet in all countries. Only on the US AppStore.

  • @dongiuj

    Looks kind of ok on the ipad but looks worse than the present layout on the iphone. I hope they do a big improvement on that.

  • IMO it look extremely great on iPad but terrible on iPhone
    I really like how it display on iPad. But on iPhone is disaster only being able to view 1 at a time…

  • The app detail view looks perfect for a slightly taller screen.

  • doesn’t work. has a bug that shows only the first and the second result. 🙁

    • macboy74

      It’s in beta man.

      • Like Siri right? So any issue can be blamed on the beta tag?

      • Something that Google knows pretty well.. since almost all of their products are always labeled as “beta” …

        But did you know why SIRI is beta? Because first, isn’t available in all iOS languages, and second, since it’s a AI, he needs to learn with the people and not with the developers. It’s the only way that Apple could study the algorithm to improve SIRI based on what people want, how they talk and how SIRI can be more accurate.

      • macboy74

        Yeah kinda like android which has been in beta for three years. And while I’m at it a lot of what google has is beta aka half baked.

      • Anirudh B

        Android has been out of beta since 1.0 in September 2008…

      • macboy74

        Yeah well I have a nexus 7 with JB that says otherwise. It still slow choppy laggy and unstable as the HTC Dream I had in 2008 when android first came out. That’s why I’m done with android and moving to the iPhone in a couple weeks. And I know of ten other family members and friends that are doing the same. Just like others say about the iPhone android is getting stale and boring to me.

  • Mohammad Ridwan

    iOS 5 is better than that.. apple is losing their touch.

    • macboy74

      Go use an android, BB or windows phone then.

      • No more Obama


      • macboy74

        My shares say otherwise.

      • No more Obama


      • macboy74

        Ok.. Whatever you say buddy. Btw I like the name and I agree no more Obama.

      • No more Obama

        thanks, you are a good man

    • Guest

      can you apologize to macboy74 please. you hurt his feelings. thank you.

  • SimonReidy

    I like it. Providing performance is sped up on the iPhone when it comes out of beta, I think its a cool improvement.

  • I honestly like the new layout, it gives some of the not so popular apps a chance to be recognised as there screenshots will be visible now, even on the iPhone the loading speed is damn quick and you can switch between apps super quick, I actually find more apps with this update.

  • No more Obama

    i only care if it is faster. the appstore is so slow. apps like “AppShopper” are far faster.

  • No more Obama

    card view is nice on the ipad. it would be great if you could swipe the screenshots to see more images of the app without having to leave that screen.

  • Liu Zhenyu

    It is nice, smooth and crisp ,not as dull as ios 5. However it is still in beta, i see why you guys are disappointed, but apple may have an option put up that allows for a simpler description, showing more apps. It would be nice to see some difference.

  • I’m on iOS 6 beta 4 and I don’t have the card layout on my 4s. Genius is turned on now.

  • seyss

    So on iPhone you lose 4 search results for a single screenshot…

    • Irfan Tarique

      Stupid right?

  • I dont like at all this new iOS6 AppStore UI/UX and I hope it’s only a test and they change it on the final version. The interface is ugly and don’t have the “Apple touch” that we all know.

    • I can already hear all the comments screaming how this wouldn’t happen if SJ was alive… Whether this looks good or not is subjective. But scrolling through 151 results in such way is inefficient, to say the least.

      • If you know what your looking for you won’t be scrolling that much, that’s the whole point of this chomp algorithm, it doesnt show it in that layout 100% of the time either

      • I’m pretty sure the point of search in the app store isn’t to “force” user to find a good [insert purpose here] app by googling, but instead by searching in the app store itself. Also, even if the user knows what he/she is looking for, this way will make it harder to find that one specific app that may be tenth on the list.

  • Irfan Tarique

    This makes me wanna downgrade to 5.1.1

  • 13 updates? It’s like looking at my wife’s phone. Update that damn shit! :p

    • Funny you mention that. It IS my wife’s phone. I think all wives do that.

      • Last time I picked up my wife’s phone it was 53. She told me that it was my job to update her phone :] Guess it is universal wife thing!

      • Same here. But with my girlfriends phone. I’m only 19. It’s a universal couple thing!

  • Irfan Tarique

    doesn’t work on my iPhone. it now shows search results for ipad now thats the only new thing i found. i wish there was a a way to put screen shots here

    • Irfan Tarique

      Nvm it’s same as the video now

  • dady king

    Apple feel lazy .. They would have designed other coding for iPhone and ipad .. Instead of just same coading on both

  • Wow, when choosing an app from the App Store on the iPad, it kinda rolls out, like on the preview of an albums song in the iTunes =D Very nice indeed, Chomp investment finally pays off, looking forward to try this out when iOS 6 GM comes out ^^

  • Not a huge fan of it on the iPhone, I’ve used it for a while and it’s a lot slower than the previous state, it’s cool on my iPad though.