Despite Apple’s clear court victory last week, ultimately proving its theory that Samsung crossed the line with its iPhone and iPad copying, the Cupertino company is still taking heat from critics.

Some folks believe that Apple using its hefty library of patents to sue other companies will end up destroying innovation in smartphones. And, according to this video, the Starship Enterprise…

Admittedly, it’s a fun parody clip. But for what it’s worth, Apple hasn’t gone after any other companies outside of Android manufacturers. It obviously feels that it has evidence that the folks who built Android back in 2006-08 took one too many queues from iOS. You don’t see any Windows Phone suits do you?

Thus, not only is smartphone innovation not doomed, it’ll probably increase now that companies feel they will have to start trying things that haven’t been done before in order to avoid legal trouble.

And that’s what innovation is right, trying new things?

What did you think of the Star Trek clip?


  • this was damn funny

  • About as funny as someone dying from cancer…

    • not cool

    • Gerard Hampton

      I hope someone you know dies of cancer just so you can make a more accurate comparison.

      • This is not cool. Please refrain from leaving such comments, even though the comment you replied to wasn’t very smart to start with. Thanks

      • Gerard Hampton

        Have you had someone you love die from cancer? if so you will understand my point and agree comments such as these are a very high level of insult. If not you are a very lucky person. But yes i will refrain next time.

      • DilbertAsended

        That’s not the point. You comment where just as out of line as his.

    • Cancer is not funny. Just lost my brother because of it. Please have some kind of decency.

    • I’m 13 and my grandma just died of cancer. That hurts. It hurts a lot. Have you ever heard the saying do unto others as you want them to do to you? If your grandmother, god forbid died of cancerโ€ฆ how do you think you would feel if you saw a comment like this on a post a WEEK AFTER IT HAPPENED. Think before you speak please.
      – Lakota

      • Geeks on Hugs

        Sorry for your loss. What kind of piece of shit down voted that? That’s some bad karma for him.

    • There’s nothing funny about dying from cancer.

      One thing though about Steve Jobs that annoyed me to no end was how he moved to Tennessee for a few months just so he can get on the state’s organ donation list. Got his organ and then as soon as the surgery was over, he packed up and moved back to California. That’s pretty shitty if you ask me. Someone in TN could have used that, but no, Steve got it because of who he was and once he got it, he left.

      • Geeks on Hugs

        Actually Steve Jobs was on the list everywhere. The location requirement is that you can be in for surgery in 4 hours, a luxury only people with private jets can afford.

      • DilbertAsended

        That’s not true, and I find it rather disgusting that you would even make that up.

    • Geeks on Hugs

      Was that a reference to Steve Jobs? He died from arrogance BTW, his cancer was caught in time but he couldnt believe that Steve Jobs would go out like cause HE was Steve Fucking Jobs. And he took a perfectly good liver with him. A poor man died so the rich man could have a couple more years to do his work for the good of consumerism.

  • lol funny

  • Loopthree

    Great concept, woeful execution.

  • You donโ€™t see any Windows Phone suits do you?”

    If WP8 starts to gain share in the market, you can be sure that there will be lawsuits.

    • Apple wont sue for Windows phone because Microsoft and Apple have a patent agreement

    • No u are wrong. Y because it’s too different u look at metro and say “iPhone” no you don’t. U look at android and say on some models to the non techs and they could say it looks like an iphone

      • My grandma calls every phone a nokia… See what i just did there?

      • DilbertAsended

        Missed the point?

    • Why? It looks nothing like an apple product

    • DilbertAsended

      It sounds like a Fandroid fantasy. Microsoft and Apple have crosslicensing agreements.

  • Miras safadi

    I remmember a steve jobs quote from his biography; i will kill android because it’s a rip off, or something like that, the important part is that one of apple’s plans is to kill android, and they are at it!

    • Geeks on Hugs

      Hey hey, my my.

      Open source projects never die…

  • Guest


  • I hate when people say it will kill “innovation”, no they are wrong because it will create innovation because it’s not a copycat product. Metro is formed out of innovation. They “thought different”.

    • Geeks on Hugs

      Where do you want to go today? ๐Ÿ™

  • No competition = no innovation

  • frombytes2bites

    I guess the thread lost its focus but we were talking about Apple vs Samsung. The truth of the matter is if Henry Ford sued all the other companies that came out we wouldn’t have the variety we have now. Since for argument sake all cars have a steering wheel , an engine, four wheels, shift gears, break and gas petals. Henry Ford and his design team had confidence in thier product. There are so many other products that we wouldn’t have the variety to choose from if the “originator” sued or requested licensing fees. Just imagine if you only could have copiers for Xerox, tissues from Kleenex and only soda from Coca-Cola. I would be more apt to believe the validity of Apple’s argument if they also went after the companies that produce phones like the Apad and Aphone. Companies that make millions of selling counterfeit Apple products. Not Samsung that made a product that was influenced by the popularity of Apple but in my opinion stands on its own.

    • DilbertAsended

      Do some research before you comment. Henry Ford did sue everybody and Goodyear sued the other tire makers.

      That kind of blows a hole in your whole argument.

  • Geeks on Hugs

    Its funny because it’s sad. ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ˜€ :'(

  • tonyzhou

    oh,very good,I like it ~~~