We’re just weeks away from Apple’s next-gen iPhone event, and the leaked parts just keep on coming. This time it’s a wall charger, USB cable and a case — all of which appear to be made for the handset and its rumored smaller dock connector.

For the first time since its inception, Apple is widely expected to change the dock connector on its iPhone this fall. Instead of the usual 30-pin setup, it’s said to be utilizing a smaller, 8-pin connector that we’ll also see in future iOS products…

The leaked accessories, originally posted by iLounge, seem to match up with previous mini dock connector parts. There’s a total of three parts in the two pictures, all made by Scosche, including a a dual device wall charger, a USB cable and a case.

The wall charger looks pretty standard, albeit its ability to charge two devices at once. But there’s something unique about the USB cable. Its plug can transform from a standard micro USB connector to the new Apple connector, and vice versa.

Finally, the case in the photo is said to also be for the next-gen iPhone, and is shown with an iPhone 4S for reference. Notice how it has a much smaller opening for the new dock connector, as well as seemingly large holes for the mic and speakers.

I don’t think there’s any question at this point that Apple is introducing an all-new dock connector next month, starting with the new iPhone. The good news is, there will be an adapter for older 30-pin accessories, so you shouldn’t have to toss them all out.

  • Ecko Vas

    Damn, apple losing parts left & right

  • Loopthree

    Loving the transforming USB cables.

  • I still find myself skeptical. Remember back in the day when real parts and photos were leaked and Apple dropped C&D letters on everyone? I haven’t seen anything like that lately. Either Apple no longer cares that parts and spy shots are all over the web, or we’re all looking at the wrong things..

    • I so agree with the second part. My strong guess is, apple wants us to believe these leaks, or we wouldn’t see this much of leakage.

      And another reason is : why haven’t we heard about any internal hardwares ? We are “weeks away”, but all we see are empty cases ? This dosen’t makes any sense to me.

      And I don’t think Tim’s managment is this much weaker than Steve’s.

    • Because this is all FREE PUBLICITY for them. C&D on a lot of this would cut down on the big hype machine that they have built up.

  • I hope it has better speckers and maybe just a little bit of bass? Lol

  • “We’re just weeks away from Apple’s next-gen iPhone event”
    Any news about this?

  • Scott Mullins

    pretty soon they’ll come out with new phones every 3 minutes lol. The iphone 5 was the biggest downgrade ever hopefully the 6 will be better but Id skip the 5s too if its screen is stretched and too thin like the 5.