Despite thoughts of a service call as akin to a root canal, iPhone maker Apple has turned service into a selling point. Nearly 60 percent of current Apple device owners say they’ll buy another product from the Cupertino, Calif. company as the result of in-store service.

According to a survey by NPD Group, almost 90 percent of consumers who used Apple’s Genius Bar tech service rated the experience extremely or very satisfying. “A major part of their satisfaction came from the fact that only a small percentage actually paid for their service. According to the report, 88 percent of Genius Bar consumers said their service was free compared to 78 percent of all consumers.”

“People tend to associate any type of tech support as a negative experience, but Apple has demonstrated that those ‘negatives’ can be turned into positive brand experiences and result in a trip back to the store,” said NPD vice president Stephen Baker.

In another break from tradition, in-store tech support is something Apple customers eagerly anticipate. The online survey of 2,000 adults found 53 percent were “extremely satisfied with their in-store experience.” Young consumers, accustom to turning to the Internet for answers, actually preferred going to the Apple Store for service.

What do you think? Do you enjoy taking your Apple product in for service?

  • Kok Hean

    What’s this? The two words “Apple” and “free” are together?!

    • Actually, they practically give away new phones and pads, and computer parts at the genius bar. I have gone in several times, OUT OF WARRANTY, and been charged zero dollars for some unit and part replacements, and repairs. In fact, after 10 years of using Mac, and probably a dozen apple products, I can not remember one time I had to pay one cent out of pocket.

      • You stole a dozen Apple products?

      • Well I have not had anywhere near the same experience. I get treated like a second class citizen when my warranty is up. I remember when the “geniuses” looked at me with sobering eyes as they told my logic board failed on my 2008 $2k MBP, 1 month after expiration, and told me the repair would be $1000.

  • One downside though is that it’s a clusterfuck when you walk in.

  • Absolutely, they once changed my logic board + optical drive, free of charge! And that was a US 800+ at the time.

  • MadAndronicus

    I bought an iPhone 4 off Craigslist, a few months later the sleep/home button stopped working. Went to apple store and they replaced it free. Never had a negative experience with their customer service. It definitely is above and beyond any other company I’ve used.

  • For Halloween I’m gonna be a apple genius tech lol!!

  • Yuri van Deventer

    In South Africa thy are crap !
    There are no repairs
    And i think i know more about a iphone than the sales person

  • Miras safadi

    Well unfortunately my country doesn’t have an official apple retail store it has an apple premium reseller and the service is awful, they don’t help you, you leave unsatisfied.. Once i took my macbook (which was then still in the warranty) for repair service and they refused to repair it but you know in a polite way… So i had drive there about 5 times until thy fixed it! I was like almost begging them to fix it every time i went there! I would love to see the sevice at qn official apple store!

    • You’re probably an Arab like me from your name. Well, I can say that apple should start going to some obscure countries and start there, and not focus everything on the major countries. You’d get a lot more costumers that way. And by the way, A basic iPad 3 around here costs around 700$, iPod touches around 350$, and iphone in the 800s, and there’s basically no service. My broken iPod touch has laid in my closed for over a year now, while i’m trying to find someone who can fix it.

      • Miras safadi

        yeah! you’re 100% right, if apple starts opening retail stores in asian countries (other than china and japan) that would really rise their sails! you wouldn’t believe how badly people want an apple product for low prices! in my country the apple premium reseller sells macs about double the price they really are! and the iPhones, don’t even ask! their about 4 times the real price,say their about $600; first the premium reseller doesn’t even sell iPhones the only place you can buy an iPhone is from the carriers, second the carriers sell them for about $1000 or $1200!! that’s like $400-$600 more!! you can buy a freaking iPad with those!!!

      • ogtw

        $600 to $1000/$1200 is not 4 times, cut the apple shit and go back to school to learn maths

      • Miras safadi

        i was Exaggerating!!!!!

  • Dan

    Gotta admit they have great service. They even took back my iPhone 4 that was no longer covered by the one year warranty (had expired for a month) and gave me a new phone. At least with them, if you have a problem, you get to deal with human beings.

  • So what is the point of Apple Care if they do all of this amazing stuff for FREE?

  • @dongiuj

    I don’t enjoy having to travel god knows how many miles to find an apple store to replace my iphone 4, within the first month of purchase 3 times to be given, what I eventually was told by Apple was a reconditioned phone and told they don’t have new ones available. So basically I paid full price for a second hand phone. That’s not good service. THAT is absolute B*♪♪**KS service.
    Thumb up and thumb down all you like. But in my book, that service is unbelievable.

  • I have always had great luck with them. I have had a couple iPod Touches for my daughter replaced free of charge.

  • ExRoot

    I honestly have had every single iPhone, iPod (not 1st gen iPad) replaced at the genius bar no questions asked. I had my 2nd gen iPod replaced 3 times because my x husband hooked up the power wrong on my desktop. Kept blowing my iPod. The bar replaced myiPod 3 days in a row. That’s 3 times in 3 days until he figured out the problem and fixed my desktop.

  • @dongiuj

    They keep coming back because they have so many problems all the time. Of course the service should be free.