Last week, T-Mobile announced that it was going to begin offering truly unlimited data plans on September 5th. It says the plans will work in conjunction with 4G data speeds, and promises that users will never be throttled.

Well, good news today for current or potential iPhone customers on the network. According to a new report, the carrier is about to start offering 4G micro SIM kits, compatible with its unlimited plans, for unlocked iPhone users…

TmoNews received the above leaked internal memo meant for T-Mobile employees regarding the carrier’s launch of Monthly4G micro SIM kits. The kits will be arriving on August 29th and will be compatible with iPhone 4 and 4S models:

“Beginning August 29, REtail and Branded stores will display the new Monthly4G SIM kits. This new format includes a Micro SIM kit, which is compatible with the iPhone 4 and 4S, allowing customers to bring their unlocked iPhones to the T-Mobile network. Both the Monthly 4G SIM kit and the Monthly4G Micro SIM kit replace the previous version.”

In addition, the site has received some documentation regarding upcoming trainings for T-Mobile employees. Interestingly enough, among other items, there is a section in the documents entitled “Selling against the iPhone.”

So T-Mobile is going to start offering new micro SIM kits for unlocked iPhones, and it’s going to start teaching its staff to sell against the handset? Looks like the carrier is going to be again be left out of Apple’s fall activities.

  • markfulaytar

    Straight talk works just as good if not better. Not to mention its cheaper. I’m getting +5 Mb down speed on 4G HSPA+
    No LTE unfortunately:(

    • Primo Sidone

      Although advertised as “unlimited,” Straight Talk throttles when you “abuse” data. They will even tell you so if you call and ask. Some people say this could happen at 100mb per day or 2gb per month. Some even say they disconnect your service if you don’t stop “abusing.” This could lead to a permanent loss of your number. I’m a Staright Talk user, by the way.

  • Taylor

    Can I get 3G on my 3GS ?

    • Kok Hean

      Use an adapter, I think.

  • I am about to move somewhere, I am just not sure where. I am sick of ATT. They are doing anything they can do to get me off my unlimited. They gave it to me and they should have to stick by it. I hope T-Mobile does luck out and get it. I would love to switch.

    • OMGitzYODUH

      How exactly are they trying to get you off your unlimited. I’ve had mine for a long time and even when they threatened to when I was tethering 20GB + for 3months they never did. I’ve switched from a 4 to blackberry 9900 to Galaxy S3 to 4S and they still haven’t given me trouble; either your doing something wrong or just have bad luck IMO

  • SKD

    Does this mean iPhone 4 will get 3g/4g speeds?

    • RB McKinney

      Yes, I too would like an answer to this.

      • seems doubtful… but no real answer yet guess we have to wait and see

    • iPhone 4 (HSDPA) is not capable of 4G speeds, and neither is the 4S (HSPA+). And HSPA+ is not 4G/LTE.

    • OMGitzYODUH


    • I think it will cuz it’d be pointless to offer these 4g kits because they were already selling micro sim cards which didnt offer anything except you didnt have to cut your original card

  • Yeah hard to understand how this article could be written with zero mention of what speeds the iPhones would get on Tmobile’s network. They can call it 4G all they want. Consumers need to know what speeds they could expect.

  • Nicek1d

    I recently got my 4S unlocked by At&t and I am less than a year into my contract! All I did was call to see if I was elegible and my 4S was! they said all you need to be elegible is be on contract for over 6 months, thats all! No more gevey ultra s needed now and voicemail and imessage work perfect on my tmobile sim!

    • Wow… If I would of known this information before I sold my iPhone 4s on Craigslist. I could of sold it for more money ! Oh well, at least I know for my next device … Still got $425 out of my iPhone before the new idevice is announce on sep 12 !! Cant wait = )

      • Nicek1d

        Yeah this was a tip given to me by an At&t employee who was curious about the gevey I had in my sim tray and he said why use it when i might be eligible, so he told me anytime after 6 months you can unlock the 4S, 4 or 3GS for free even if you have a 2 year contract.

  • Any chance this will work on the iPhone 5?

  • Good News

  • chjode

    That’s good to hear. I sure hope that T-Mobiles frequency refarming project speeds up because as soon as I know there are 3G/4G speeds around me, I’ll jump from AT&T.

    Though, the new iPhone is likely going to use a nano-SIM. I wonder if T-Mobile will support that.

  • Guest

    If inserting a T-Mobile microsim into my iPhone will give me speeds comparable to my wife’s Galaxy S 2, I just may jump ship to T-Mobile.

  • FrankNormal

    The Exhibit is faster than the iPhone 4 and $150 with true 4G enabing streaming TV

  • FrankNormal

    Used Galaxy II S is $200-300 and faster than the 4S and true 4G with microSD Apple customers are sheep

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