Apple’s iPhone event is now less than three weeks away, and the rumor mill is in full swing. It seems like every day we hear new rumors regarding what the handset will look like and do.

And while the constant speculation can be exasperating, it does help paint a picture of what we can expect. Keep reading to see what the tech world thinks we’ll see in the new iPhone…

Our friends over at put together this awesome infographic of predictions for the next-gen iPhone. The data in the graphic comes from 5 different tech sites, iDB included:

As you can see, most everyone seems to agree on a number of the rumors we’ve heard over the past few months. Thanks to consistent part leaks and reports, the iPhone is widely expected to have a larger display, a smaller dock connector, LTE, and an all-new two tone design. The 5 tech sites put the chances of these features materializing in upwards of 90%.

On the other hand, we haven’t heard much about the internals of the handset. Things like processor speed, RAM and camera sensors are all fairly unknown at this point. Processor bump is likely, but will it be the A5X or A6? Camera upgrade is a tough one to call because the 8MP shooter in the iPhone 4S is already one of the best on the market. And RAM is also a toss up.

Then of course, we could all be way off.

What do you think of the above predictions?

  • BGR is so damn confident…

    • No one’s telling you to upgrade; You could stick with the 4/4S. 😛

  • Brad Marquardt

    Guh. Hate the two tone. So much.

    • agreed. looks old like a step backwards. its growing on me though :S

  • Wasn’t something like this posted last year just before the 4s was unveiled?
    All that teardrop, liquid metal info was wrong then…
    I don’t believe this is the new iPhone. If so I’m staying with 4s

  • seyss

    My buddy Cook just emailed me with a list of new features for iPhone 5:

    – Hardware:
    Breakthrough battery.
    Non-mechanical home button.
    AM/FM radio.
    MicroSD support.
    Mini USB instead of non-standard cables.
    4G LTE.
    Liquidmetal design.
    In-cell thinner display.
    Gorilla glass 2.
    Mini HDMI in/out.
    More RAM (at least 1GB).
    Quad-core CPU/GPU.
    2MP (720p FacetimeHD) front camera.
    10MP rear camera.
    Thermometer and barometer.
    Many body color options.
    Scratch-resistant back to resist to hard tables.
    4″ screen keeping phone’s height and width.
    Digital TV support (free in many countries).
    IR transceiver to work as TV remote control.
    ITO coating.

    – Software:
    Non-indexed, universal folders accessible from all apps and PCs via USB (or Wi-Fi with iTunes) as a flash drive with file drag&drop support for music/video/photos/contacts/documents/podcasts/books/etc.
    Support for more audio/video codec and container formats (avi/mkv/wmv/aac+/etc).
    New Documents app to store and view user’s documents.
    Bluetooth file transfer (OBEX) integrated throughout the OS.
    Support subfolders in Photos app and keep photo quality when syncing.
    Manually run an app in background as if it were in foreground (Backgrounder tweak).
    Be able to download free apps without Apple account.
    Anytime and selective (individual apps) iCloud appdata restore.
    Access to photos without using Location Services (hide EXIF if Location is off).
    Offline dictation and Siri.
    Control toggles in Notification Center (NCsettings tweak).
    Chrome’s omnibar in Safari (Safari Omnibar tweak).
    Slide the keyboard to move the cursor (SwipeSelection tweak).
    User accounts support for iPad.
    New kind of iPad apps: windowed (Quasar tweak).
    Safari download manager.
    Wi-Fi Direct.
    Springboard and lockscreen widgets.
    App tryout like Amazon’s Test Drive.

    • That would be awesome !!! but that sounds more like the iphone17th generation. apple never allow all of that to happen so soon if they can get money by releasing all those features eventually.

  • The two tones look better than i expected

  • Give me:
    – 12mpx camera
    – A6 processor
    – Really good battery (the new skinny screen and connector can help with that)
    – and a MAJOR iOS6 improvement (I know apple hasn´t played all its cards yet)

    I´m waiting for reviews available on the web once is released, if it is an A5x I´m not gonna buy it…

    • Daniel Nadeau

      12mpx Camera?? Do you know how digital cameras work? A 12MP camera in a phone will perform worse than an 8MP camera. More pixels = smaller pixels (assuming the sensor stays the same size and since the phone is getting thinner, thats a pretty good assumption). Smaller pixels = more noise. Unless you are printing posters, you don’t need above 10MP in a fullsize camera, much less a phone

      • Well tell that to nokia and their pureview. (really good camera indeed)
        And I really love good quality pictures on cellphones. I know many photo enthusiastic people who agree! (not pro, just for the record)

  • Akicyron

    Hmm for me slimmer iPhone with better battery would do .. As I can only get slimmer design by design mod …. For the rest I am least concerned as We would get iOS 6

  • 123.8 x 58.5 x 7.6 mm

    3.95″ inches, 640 x 1136 pixels, (~326 ppi pixel density) 16:9 aspect ratio

    Apple A6 SOC (system-on-a-chip) POP (package-on-package) 32 nm (CMOS) process

    800 MHz quad-core ARM Cortex A9 CPU with 32 KB L1 cache + 32 KB L2 cache

    200 MHz quad-core PowerVR SGX543MP4 GPU performing at ~28 GFLOPS, ~130M polygons per second supporting DirectX 9, Open GL 2.1, Open CL 1.1

    Qualcomm MDM9615 with support for LTE (FDD and TDD) (75.5 Mbps), DC-HSPA+ (42 Mbps), HSPA+ (21 Mbps), EV-DO Rev-B and TD-SCDMA
    Broadcom BCM 4330 802.11a/b/g/n MAC/Baseband/Radio with Integrated Bluetooth 4.0+HS and FM Transceiver
    Camera Sensor not improved but improved aperture is likely.

    • harsh


  • What about the iPod Touch 5th Generation?

  • If it will be jailbreakable I am sold

    • iXanczy

      Have there ever been any unjailbreakable iOS products…
      One month, two months, who know, but JBs will continue to come until apple hire all the devs… 🙂

      • I think the new Apple TV is still not broken.
        If it’s gonna have a new cpu it will take longer than two months to jb.

  • i don’t think about big screen …. !!!if big screens how about applications .. ? if big screens, applications has to be produced three versions for standard, for medium size and for HD ( ipad ).. sounds funny 😀

  • Shandeep Segar

    over Confidence is not at all good
    ever thing MIGHT be wrong 🙂