A few days ago we told you about the iPhone 5 mod kit. It’s essentially a backplate for your iPhone 4/4S that’s made to look like the two-tone rear shells believed to belong to Apple’s next-gen handset.

Well either Tim Cook and company don’t like the fact that the mod kit is named after its latest smartphone, or it must look a lot like it, because Apple just served the developers a takedown notice…

9to5Mac has the takedown letter here’s an excerpt:

“We are authorized to send notice and takedowns on behalf of Apple Inc. (“Apple”), the owner of the federally registered Apple logo trademark (among others) hereinafter referred to ask the Apple Trademark(s).

We are writing to request your assistance with a website hosted by xxx INC that is violating Apple’s intellectual property rights.”

Of course, it’s also very likely that Apple just doesn’t like the fact that the mod kit used its logo. The company has been known to go after counterfeiters that illegally use its trademark.

But it acted incredibly quick on this — less than 48 hours — for it to be just your average counterfeiter. So you kind of want to think that this confirms that the two-tone designed backs are legitimate.

Whatever the case, it looks like the site is going to continue selling the mod kits for another 48 hours, and it’s promised to ship all orders. And as for the rest of us, well we’ll just have to wait until next month for the real deal.

  • They have also taken down the iPhone 4 prototype video and auction.
    Quick like a cat.

  • Gorgonphone

    i will serve apple a take down notice for the possibility that we will gat another 4/4S clone hone that is longer..

    • There arent many ways you can design a phone the shape is almost the same but i agree to some extent need to bring a change.If they carry this it will be its 3rd year with the same design which in mobile world is like 3000 years not good.Nokia always had the coolest hardware , the lumina series looks great sad software wise they suck.

  • I don’t think that problem is in backplate.
    I have receive EXACTLY same notice first time I have put Apple logo on my website (as a part of my logo) 🙂
    Maybe both 😛

    • you copied another companies world-wide known logo into your own!?
      That’s going to be tough for you ethically to run a business. I would never do business with you immediately seeing your logo

      • Hahahah!

      • I don’t understand why you say this since he just never specified if his website was a business website. Could be a blog.

  • I am not a big fan of take down notices… but I can understand this one and not for the use of the logo.

    I imagine a lot of devious people could mod old iPhone 4/4S to look like a 5 and sell them on eBay to people who would be looking for that two tone color kind of thing. It would make it easier for people to dupe potential buyers into thinking they are getting a 5.

    • I really wish the people who thumbs down would at least grow a set of balls and explain why.

  • Obviously it’s because they’re using the Apple logo without permission.

  • So the seller of this kit only has to remove the apple logo from the ad and then they can sell their backplate. Of course apple can’t say that they copied their new back housing cover design because the new iphone has not being released yet.