Just as we expected, shortly after the jury handed down its verdict today, Judge Lucy Koh set a date for a preliminary injunction hearing. Apple has already won — some one billion dollars in damages — but now it’s looking for sales bans.

The hearing is set for September 20th. And considering that the jury found several of Samsung’s handsets, and two of its tablets, to be infringing on Apple’s patents, it’s very possible that we could see some products banned from the US…

The Verge has the story:

“After the jury returned with some corrections to its initial verdict to resolve some of the inconsistencies in its findings, it was excused from the courtroom and Judge Lucy Koh discussed the next stage in the trial with both sides: a preliminary hearing on injunctions based on the verdict. Given that many of Samsung’s phones were found to infringe on Apple’s patents and that many of them are still for sale today, it’s possible that we could see sales bans as a result of the next hearings.”

Apple has to file its injunction requests by August 29th. So we should have a better idea by then of which of Samsung’s infringing devices it wants gone. It’ll be interesting to see what they go with, as The Verge points out, several of them are still on sale in the US today. In fact, Boost Mobile just launched the Replenish, and the Transform.

The initial trial may be over, but between this injunction hearing, and what will likely be several appeal attempts, this courtroom battle is far from over. But make no mistake, with today’s verdict, Apple just took a commanding lead.

  • Where’s the Samsung stock dive?

    • takean

      It’s the weekend. Wait till monday

  • They don’t look the same 0-0

    • Tell thay to the jury who read the 132 page internal report by Samsung on how to make their phone more iPhone like.

  • Good bye Samsung

    • I want Samsung to lose, but I don’t want things to remain the same. Apple has a patent for bounce when you reach the end of a list, and Samsung has one for listening to music while checking emails. That is beyond fing insane.
      Also, I believe how it is incredibly dishonest and hypocritical of you (commenters) how you are flaming the hell out of Samsung for something Apple is also guilty of doing. Its perfectly fine for Apple to rip off existing ideas and claim them, but when others do the exact same thing, it becomes unacceptable.
      Be realistic for once.

      • I completely agree with you, Apple has ripped some things from other companies, such as the notification center from Android, and it was wrong of them.

        All smartphone manufacturers should get together around a kitchen table (cwutididdar) and decide what is a necessity for a smartphone (features that can’t be used against each other in lawsuits).

        Features such a scroll bounce to tell the user when they’ve reached the bottom is NOT a necessity. It is a fun factor (cwutididdar) which Apple created themselves. – This type of stuff should be patent protected.

        Features such as disabling touch input if you’re in a call and you raise the phone to your ear should NOT be patented, BUT dimming the screen at the same time should be patented, because it’s not a necessity.

        This is an Apple fanboy being realistic. 🙂

      • Yeah, like the iPad was orginally developed by LG. Apple took(bought) the name as well as the tablet.

  • @dongiuj

    If you buy a smartphone thinking it was a different smartphone, either you really shouldn’t be buying a smartphone or take it back and slap the staff that sold it to you for not doing their job properly.

    • Maybe you know it’s not an iPhone but you buy it because it looks like one, has a lot of things “in common”, and its cheap….but…… If that same smartphone would had look like a “calculator that make phone calls” , I’m sure you would not have bought it

  • Gerard Hampton

    This is a sad day for the world of technology.

    I dont much much about the law, but can samsung sue apple in other countries and recover some of that money? (assuming they win the case)

    One of Alexander Bells relatives should step up and sue apple for stealing the use of his telephone idea.

    • SVEDKA

      what if the Rolling Stones came out with a great album and I recorded just one song and released it under my name.. and it was a big hit!?! and everyone loved my song! that would be a sad day for music?

      • Gerard Hampton

        Theres different laws for music. if you release it as a cover version youre fine. if you say you wrote it you would have to prove it. There are lots of very similar songs out there though..

  • Apple won this one, but now we can expect all-out war with Google. i wish i was a lawyer. i expect next big win to go google way.

  • instead of being an apple fanboy, why don’t you realize that this is a sad day for us because it proves how broken the patent system is, as well as proving the judicial system to be highly flawed. An American company won in the American judicial system how is that surprising to anyone. Apple and South Korea had a lawsuit in South Korea and Apple won partially and Samsung won as well. It’s funny how the country of the “opposing” company can somehow be more bipartisan than the country that supposedly established democracy in that country. This isn’t a matter of how similar the phones look. Do you really think people can’t tell if they’re holding a Samsung Galaxy or if they’re holding an iPhone? Get real. Apple has become the biggest patent troll and it’s really just sad.