The wait is over folks! The new Facebook app that was promised to us almost three months ago has arrived in the App Store. It runs faster, launches quicker, and includes a handful of new features.

The client has been completely rebuilt in Objective-C (no longer HTML5) and now has an enhanced photos feed, built-in Messenger support, and several other performance improvements…

Facebook’s Mick Johnson explains the update:

“Today we’re announcing an update to the Facebook app for iPhone and iPad that makes keeping up with friends faster and easier. Facebook 5.0 for iOS is twice as fast as the previous version when launching the app, scrolling through news feed and opening photos in feed.

We’ve rebuilt the app from the ground up, so now the app opens much faster and your news feed and notifications load right when you open Facebook.

As you scroll down your news feed, all your friends’ stories appear faster than ever. A banner lets you know when new stories come in, and you can tap once to immediately see the latest updates.”

The app doesn’t look much different, but you do notice a higher level of polish than before. And boy is it fast. Loading from a cold start still takes a few seconds. But once it’s open everything happens almost instantaneously.

If you currently have the Facebook app, or you’ve deleted it recently due to hatred, we recommend you download the new version immediately — it’s a huge improvement. You can find it in the App Store, and obviously it’s free.

So, tell us, what do you think of the update? Worth the wait?

  • DRYN

    can’t wait to be dissapointed yet again!!!

    • Guest

      430851 reviews almost all bad and just 2 stars!!! not even gonna try it! These failed facebook apps actually put me off using facebook!!!

      • Tom

        You’re stupid. Those are for the old version.

      • Those reviews aren’t for the current update

      • DRYN

        the heading says (current version) but indeed the reviews are for 4.1.1

      • Howard Ellacott

        Those are the reviews for all the other versions, it’s only been out about 30 minutes, HOW ARE 40,000 PEOPLE GONNA OF REVIEWED IT?!

      • Those are for the old versions. If you can’t read, it says “Average for Version x.x.x”, or “Average for All Versions”…

      • anasiatka

        @DRYN:disqus You just need to install the latest version and you’ll see like everyone else that there is an enormous improvement… Heck, it feels like a new application to be honest.

      • Yeah every one of those reviews is for an old version, not the one that just came out.


  • I saw this and went *MOTHER OF GOD WHERE THE FUDGE IS MY IPOD, NAOW!!!*

  • Downloading now! I really hope it’s improved from their old p.o.s.

  • And yes, it’s waaaaaaay faster :D.

  • Howard Ellacott

    Still not as fast as the mobile safari though…

    • iKrill

      What are you talking about?!?

      • Howard Ellacott

        Using the Facebook web app in safari is still much quicker.

      • iKrill

        I have to disagree there. You are very limited in terms of usability in the web app. For example, you can’t zoom in on pictures or view entire albums. You also cannot easily go back. You’d need to hit the back arrow more than twice to successfully go back.

  • wait … i can no longer mark messages as UNREAD 🙁

  • anasiatka

    This is awesome! It is amazingly fast, quick, speedy, and amazing! Yes, I repeated a bunch of words… I actually uninstalled the previous versions because of how slow it was, but this is definitely staying back on my 4s. Thanks iDB for the update reminder! I would never have known about it since I uninstalled it. 🙂

    • Kok Hean

      Does it crash?

      • anasiatka

        It has not even once so far! I’d say they fixed a lot by re-writing from the ground up.

  • Downloaded now, WTF no landscape mode??? R U SERIOUS?

  • Wayne Lloyd

    Is timeline supported on iPad now?

  • Just tested it!
    Pretty amazed! Much faster!
    New type of ‘icons’ Timeline pictures open faster

  • The app is different UI wise. You’ll notice right away that the three share buttons (status, photo and check in) have a new design. Also, I noticed when scrolling through the news feed, facebook posts will be stretched to fit that post. For example, If the user has submitted a lot of information, the post box will stretch out with the desired information (including photos).

  • ExRoot

    Wish I could get exited but I have not used Facebook in 3 years.


    • *excited.
      You can get ‘exited’ at the club when the security points your direction to the door.

      • ExRoot

        Nice response. Guess I can say thanks to auto correct on my perfect 4s!

  • Seriously, no landscape mode? Listen up Developers! Any app that has an option to pull up the keyboard. You MUST be able to put it in landscape mode to type because typing a long paragraph in portrait mode SUCKS BALLS. another FACEBOOK FAIL.

    • For a tiny thing, you are gonna hate the whole app?

      • I never said I hated the whole app……just fucking stupid that landscape is not included in this release.

      • kubo HC

        It bothers me enough that it does not rotate as it writes the stupid narrow iphone, really no way to turn? or just slower to downgrade to an older version?

    • Brian Ralls

      Yep, this was a BIG FAIL! ruined the App for me as far as I’m concerned! Must have idiots for programmers over there when it comes to programming for native iPhone apps!

  • Wow, really nice.. no lagging at all =)

  • NO sharing capability ?

    • That’s a damn BASIC feature. I don’t believe after all these updates, no share option yet…

    • Weiren Huang

      there is a sharing capability on the Facebook app!

      • Where might that be?

      • Michael Spencer

        If you open up a shared link, it will open in a browser window (in the facebook app) with the share icon in the lower right corner. 😉 It’s a little difficult to find.

      • what if the thing you want to share is not a link, for example a photo…

  • Edson Guedes

    It is missing the option to share!

  • Elvin

    Much quicker and looks great on new ipad!

    • Wayne Lloyd

      Does it display timeline on iPad now?

  • Shut off nitrous, it seems to run better without it.

    • Kok Hean

      What do you mean?

    • Well its not running on HTML5/Javascript anymore so I don’t know why you would keep it on. -___-

  • Still needs Neutral tagging not “with” tagging also sharing! and ill be a happy camper other then that its SUPER FAST!

  • No landscape and STILL no sharing!!! WTF, YO!?!?!

    • Mut

      I can’t understand why they removed landscape mode on it 🙁

      • Me either that was the first thing I noticed

    • That pretty much ruined it for me. Some things are improved, but uploading is still glitchy (with no way to say “OK, I can tell you fucked that one up and have been hung for the past 2 minutes, so let’s try uploading it again WITHOUT erasing the post I wrote along with it”)… and there’s no more “pull to refresh”… but NO LANDSCAPE? What the hell. What the actual hell. They screwed that one up BAD.



    So, this morning I got a notice that my Facebook App was being upgraded (finally) to a new, faster re-designed App.

    Eagerly I downloaded the App…. TO RECEIVE A TOTAL DISAPPOINTMENT!!!!

    So, I just had a chance to use it – and it was (MUCH) slower at
    displaying pictures than the former FB App. (is there an “undo”
    available)??? “FASTER”… What a joke!


    Doesn’t FB realize that I (and probably you too) want the ability to
    “SHARE” a post while we are on our FB App??? Umm…. Hello!!!!

    How many times have you been out and about, see a post on your mobile,
    want to share it, CAN’T, think, okay when I get back to home/office I
    will be sure to “SHARE” it – but forget….

    I thought for sure such an obvious feature as SHARE would have been built in to the new App – but, it isn’t there……

    Really, are you FB guys over there idiots? Or, just too depressed that
    your Stock price is nearly HALF the original $38 your Wall Street
    Brokers tried opening with!

  • I’m amazed that they removed the landscape capability! It’s almost laughable… So the only thing they did was remake the app; doesn’t seem like they added any features.

  • Timeline for iPad was finally added & it’s a whole lot faster now, progress in the right direction.

  • Im not able to erase my pictures? Maybe they forgot to add the delete button.. Cant find it..

  • Kok Hean

    It’s really smooth. Previously it would take about one or two seconds to launch, but it launches normally on my iPad 3 now.

  • Norge12345

    i agree, it was much faster than the previous edition, but when you search a friends name and then click on the name to continue to the profile, the loading is still slow, but faster than the previous!

  • Appletiser

    cynical old me is always wary of any new FB update. they always make a fuss and fanfare about the positives, the speed increases and bug fixes yet every update brings about more, often secret unmentioned issues (one’s that if you knew about would discourage you from updating) than it’s predecessor – the last update that ‘fixed’ everything was itself superseded by another update the following day. i would welcome an option to disable the sluggish timeline on the mobile platform, a fix to photo’s and comments disappearing then reappearing, fix the Like button that does the same and, as noted already the simple ability of using a social app to SOCIALLY share something!* should i update or just stick with the devil i know and enjoy the beauty of a little red update badge on my home screen? nope, the red badge looks fine to me.

    *sorry for that little rant, as if any facebook devs will ever read this.

  • No share?! Shame!!! Why make fools of us users?

  • Think I know what’s going on: Facebook was taking longer than anticipated to complete the “makeover” (which, months ago, was reported to be coming) so they released this incomplete version. I’d imagine an update is forthcoming which will bring back landscape and hopefully include the share feature. Otherwise…

  • iFuture

    Thank god !

  • Does anyone know if it still makes sense to use nitrous for Facebook? Or not?

  • Daniel

    2 features have been lost.
    1. There is no option to edit Favorites
    2. The app no longer remembers the last page. It always defaults to your timeline!

    I rolled back

    • You can’t sync friends w/ contacts for contact pics either.

      • TheAntman217

        Yeah it suck for now but iOS 6 will have it built in so we just have to wait for iOS 6 to get that feature back.

  • Fizzy

    This update is amazing. I downloaded it this morning!

  • It looks like Facebook+Messenger+Camera•=Facebook 5.0 ^^

    But still need more update though.

  • Carlo Salgado

    much much faster. but i already miss the Default.png on app loading. i wish the did not remove that.

  • Hmm… Should I still keep the Facebook Messenger app then?

  • Finally, I can delete the messenger app

  • SimonReidy

    It seems only a few people have noticed that one of the old app’s best features is gone – The ability to keep your iOS conctacts in sync with Facebook, so that their latest profile pic and info is updated in your contacts.

    I don’t even use Facebook much any more (G+ rules) but contact syncing was an easy and convenient way to quickly add photos and additional info to many of my contacts.

    Can anyone recommend a third party app that will perform this function? Even if its a manual process its better than no syncing at all.

    • TheAntman217

      Yeah I noticed that too but iOS 6 will have this feature built in so I guess that may be the reason they removed it.

  • Luke

    I’m trying to find a new friend and the everyone button has disappeared??

  • abhay gulati

    It freezes on me when I try to browse groupss. Anyone with te same problem?

  • Still can’t tag in comment.. improve it

  • Way faster. I’m so happy with it. Sharing would be nice…

  • About time! Great upgrade!

  • messing both the share and the delete post features

  • Dark

    It crashes on my JB phone.. No share button. No contacts sync option.. I like the previous version as it does not crash. Has sync option..

  • Michael Spencer


    • And you don’t think it’s retarded that it’s not a native feature for the app? In order to share I have to go to the web browser!?!?! That’s dumb.

      • Michael Spencer

        Yeah I admit that a share button in the app would be nice and it’s a little frustrating. Maybe next update? When iOS 6 is released since it will have fb integration?

  • disqus_YNrNvCIkq5

    I won’t use ANY app that doesn’t rotate to landscape. I removed Facebook because the update doesn’t do landscape and I won’t be using it again until it does.

  • JP

    How can you edit your favorites?!

  • No use of quary keyboard STILL! You can’t delete photos or comments and features are still limited. Bottom line; it still sucks @$$