We’re in the middle of an election year here in the US, and come November, we will have a new President. But until then, we will be forced to endure countless hours of debates, political TV ads and who knows what else.

Luckily, the folks over at Chair — the team behind the popular Infinity Blade franchise — just released a game to help us cope with all of the stress of the election. It’s called VOTE!!!, and it’s actually pretty fun…

From its App Store description:

“From the creators of the bestselling and award-winning Infinity Blade series, play as President Obama or Mitt Romney in a slapstick battle for the White House. Equip your candidate of choice with a variety of iconic American outfits, accessories and items. Use your skills to unlock score boosters, win votes and rack up the top score as you campaign for victory.”

If you’ve ever played Infinity Blade, you’ll feel right at home with VOTE!!!’s controls and gameplay. It uses a very similar style of swipe-in-slash combat that, if timed correctly, can lead to high-scoring combos and victory.

The game is every bit as ridiculous as it looks. There’s some 30+ accessories you can use to outfit your candidate, ranging from eye patches to mustaches. And there’s loads of goofy sound effects and bad Obama impressions.

Nevertheless, the game is briefly enjoyable, especially when you consider its price tag. You can find VOTE!!! in the App Store for free.

Have you played VOTE!!! yet?

  • This game looks funny as shit I am gonna whip mitt “raw moneys” ass

    • No more Obama

      you do realize obama became rich after becoming a politician and a dirty one at that

      • I’m sure you have plenty of proof on this right? Did you make sure you have enough tinfoil on your windows today? Someone with an idiotic username such as yours is pretty much already a fox news subscriber I can only imagine the nonsensical things you believe or that have been taught to you by your supreme commander rush limbo

      • No more Obama

        obviously i watch fox news. its the only conservative news agency on tv. are you retarded? do you think i would watch msnbc where the anchors get a tickle up their leg when listening to obama speak (which was from a “hard news” journalist) abc news? nbc news? cnn? hell no they give one sided news-liberal crap. fox news is slanted conservative as most shows are run by a conservative but what they do is different from liberal media, they bring on an opposing viewpoint.

        obama got to be a multi-multi millionaire after being a politician. they dont make a lot of money. so think about it little boy, how did it happen

      • Damani Brown

        Do you realize you’re retarded?

      • No more Obama

        how can i be retarded, i never voted for obama

      • He just realized we all have a black president and after watching fox news he realized that it’s his patriotic duty to disrespect the highest office in our land and to use code words to show his hatred for black people.

  • Rather than comment on the game this post has created a political debate lol.

  • Ryan C

    “come November, we will have a new President”

    Looks like this author is fairly confident in the GOP.

    • Xavier

      I figured the same thing. Just the way they have the president as an opening mouth looking fool.

      • No more Obama

        obama thinks he had been to all 57 states with 2 left to go when he was campaigning…hopefully now he realizes there aren’t 59 states but 50 states. obama is a moron. as little liberals would say…”nuff said”

      • Your racist views has scoured you poor child if you hate having a black president that much your welcome to move ill gladly buy your ticket anywhere.

      • No more Obama

        i’m african american btw

      • ExRoot

        That sir I doubt. My opinion goes beyond your political views but instead focuses on your avatar. It is the equivalent of a black face minstrel and a person of color would not find that acceptable. You are a liar.

      • No more Obama

        dont be rude and tell me what i should find acceptable. be respectful. i know liberals find it hard to do that. and you want to censor conservatives but get a life

      • ExRoot

        You ‘sound’ like a lunatic.

      • He watches fox news which says enough about his tiny brain I just hope he doesn’t have a gun license.

      • Lol sure you are !!