It’s extremely likely that the two-tone back panels we’ve been seeing over the past few months are indicative of what we’ll see on Apple’s next smartphone. And some folks aren’t very happy about that.

But for those of you who like the design, you don’t have to wait until next month to enjoy it. A new ‘iPhone 5’ mod kit has surfaced that allows you to convert your iPhone 4/4S into Apple’s next-gen handset…

The mod kit includes a back panel, and both Phillips-head and Pentalobe (Five-Point Star) screw drivers. The back panel is made of aluminum, glass-like acrylic, and includes an original glass lens cover.

While it sounds like these things are well-made, we obviously have no way of knowing that. It is worth mentioning, however, that the manufacturer describes them as ‘durable,’ and offers a 30-day return policy.

If you are interested, the mod kits run $29.99 a pop. The price includes free worldwide shipping, unless you want it shipped via Speedpost (guaranteed 5-7 day delivery), and you get to choose white or black.

So, what are your thoughts on the ‘iPhone 5’ mod kit?


  • No more Obama

    soon after we started seeing these around and seeing how the 6th gen is nearly identical as the 5th gen and 4th gen iphones i knew this would come out. but i expected it after iphone 6, as i like to call it, came out. ill stick with my clear glass backing on my 4S. this two toned iphone will always be a huge mistake on apples part, for me anyway.

    • theyve already done a similar design on the imac if you think about it… 😛

      • No more Obama

        I’m not familiar with macs. I don’t like how the design is the same each year. so apple has been doing a two toned look or 3rd party manufacturers?

      • on the imacs they have glass on the top and a metal part at the bottom which does look a little similar to this supposed two tone design on the iphone

      • No more Obama

        i see what you mean. good point

      • I am curious to see your thoughts on the first iPhone. Did it not have a two toned design? it was a game changer, what makes this any different?

      • No more Obama

        i assume you are being rude, but ill answer your question. i only saw the original iphone in person once and didn’t like it. (i did get an ipod touch 1gen)…the original iphone with the plastic wasn’t the most elegant thing i’ve seen. and the aluminum scratched so easily, and let’s not talk about the dents. on my 4S i like the glass back as it doesn’t scratch easily nor dent. if it breaks. no problem, it only cost a few bucks via ebay. i never dropped my phone yet and it has zero scratches on the bezel and i don’t use a case. anyway, vote for romney please,thanks haha

      • Oh im conservative. Besides the point, and I wasnt trying to be rude. Just wanted to know your opinion.

      • No more Obama

        ah, the beginning seemed as if you were asking but the ending confused me if you were being rude or just curious. in the country i am living in now and have been the past 6 years, we did get the iphone until the 3gs. so i only saw the iphone once when i visit home. i always have liked my ipod touch 1Gen better then the original iphone but both of them scratched so much and easily that when the 4 came i realized i will always want a glass back that is replaceable. i hope the 6th gen will be but unfortunately it doesn’t see to be with these leaks.

      • Erny Carrillo

        Ur gay! U must be a white racist redneck or skinhead!

  • I might actually buy it. I kinda like it

  • It’ll be funny if this doesn’t come out as the final design of the new iPhone.

    • You’ll still have a modded iphone that other people don’t have

      • Gorgonphone

        but it looks um cheesy as hell…

  • Good trick

  • SimonReidy

    I think it’s a little bizarre that anyone would want to imitate a rumoured iPhone 5 design on their existing phone, but each to their own.

    Pretty much everyone I’ve spoken to just wishes the screen would be getting a bit wider and longer to push it up to around 4.3″ and an industry standard 1280×720 resolution (same 16×9 aspect ratio, just larger). As for the two-tone design its not brilliant, but at least it makes some kind of sense. Its been shown that a unibody metal housing will provide much greater structural integrity, rather than keeping it all glass as they did on the 4/4S. I think everyone agrees it would look better if the back was all metal, but clearly this isn’t possible due to metal blocking signals, so the glass parts are necessary for signal transmission.

    Aesthetic design is probably the last thing I care about on a phone. Don’t get me wrong, I’d prefer it looked as sexy as hell, but I’m more interested in how it feels in the hand and most importantly, what’s underneath the hood. And in that respect, we actually don’t know much about the new iPhone’s capabilities at all.

    • Agreed about the screen, i think it will take a while to get used to a long thin screen, it just doesn’t look right. In terms of functionality and usability i love iphones and will no doubt get the next iphone if it looks like a good piece of kit. But i can’t help looking at some of these wider gorgeous android screens and thinking WOW.

      It seems strange that apple has gone for this long and thin approach (if all of these leaks are true) But i guess you can never second guess apple. No doubt there’ll be specific reasons for it that we’ll all grow to love after some time using the phone.

    • ExRoot

      The expression is ‘To each his own’ not ‘each to their own’.

  • Fixed! Upgraded my iPhone 4 to a iPhone 5 for 30$ what a steal! 😀

  • FrankensteinBlack

    Glimmered by the Copertino vampire fruit bats once more. If this mod showed up 5 month ago prior to all the iP5 leaks everyone would have laughed at its ridiculous two-toned nature and comments on how it ruins the all glass ascetic of the iP4/4s would fly left and right. But because the iP5 bla, bla, bla fill in the blanks. Well I happen to be sporting a pair of garlic goggles and see it for what it is and that is PURE OVER PRICED UGLINESS!

    PS Logo light mod kit (same price mind you) FTW!!

  • Zenin

    looks like a tin foil screen protector for the back… would look better as brushed aluminium

  • janet howarth

    i like my iphone 4s as it is , and ive only just bought it, so wont be buying the new one took me long enough to get the money for the iphone 4s , manafacturers dont think about this at all good luck to those who get it, but i love my 4s

  • macboy74

    How do you convert your old phone into a new one when we don’t know what the new one looks like yet?

  • Without the larger display and LTE this is hardly an iPhone 5 conversion. Having said that, it looks awesome and while I plan on keeping my 4S after getting the 5 (or 6 or HD or whateverthehelltheyendupcallingit) I wonder if I want them both to have this two tone look on the back? I may get it if only for review purposes though.

  • a pop for $30 ? lol

  • TheMasaya

    Ugly as F#%*!KKKK…!!!

  • Damani Brown

    It’s just the back housing, which on eBay is only worth around $5 bucks.

  • Miras safadi

    it’s not worth buying! it’s only a matter of a few days and the new iPhone will be released and you can sell your old one and buy a new one!

  • This is exactly what reality about Apple is. “New” product is a slightly modified old product but x2 the price. And the funny part: People actually buy it. How enslaved can a human being ask to be?