Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen an increase in iPhone 5 part leaks — specifically the dock connector/headphone jack assembly. The components have echoed previous reports that the next-gen iPhone would have a smaller dock connector.

Adding to the evidence is a new photo of a USB charging/sync cable, which popped up online this afternoon. With its 8-9 pin end matching up with the previous parts we’ve seen, it’s believed the cable belongs to Apple’s new smartphone….

iLounge posted the photo, which was sent to them via Veister, a mobile phone accessory outlet located in Shenzen, China (sound familiar?).

Here’s what the site had to say about the part:

“The cable appears to be highly similar to past Apple cables, with a full-sized USB plug on one end and what appears to be Apple’s newly shrunken 8-pin connector on the other…

…It’s unclear whether the part shown is a replacement cable or a genuine Apple part with pre-production markings.”

It looks real enough to us. And it further corroborates the theory that Apple’s future gadgets will feature a shrunken dock connector. Don’t worry though, your accessories are safe. Recent reports, and common sense, says there will be an adapter.

  • imaycon

    similar to megasafe tech on my macbook pro…

    • Kayneeezy


      • imaycon

        correct 🙂

    • How on earth is that similar?

      • imaycon

        I heard about it… We have to wait and see 🙂

  • Gorgonphone

    i am bored of this shrunken connector topic its like the most damn boring part of the whole phone.. geese let it go

    • Maybe boring but it’s a significant change and this the first “leaked pic” of the cord. Quit ur bitching, this “boring” feature leaves more room for better things like: bigger battery, LTE radio, larger screen…..so ya this boring feature could be the cause of some other more exciting features.

      • No more Obama

        sorry bud, but dont expect a bigger battery because of this small change.

      • lol so exactly how the fuck do you know that this is the actual part?

    • anasiatka

      Who woke up on the wrong side of the electrical current? What’s your deal? iDB is a blog that reports things that it finds on the interwebs that it thinks its readers would find interesting. Does this mean that everyone will like it? No. Would it still make sense for them to write about the topics if someone will appreciate it (it is obvious you aren’t one of those people)? I say yes. Maybe you were being somewhat sarcastic but I did not get that from you. Plus, as @e420Kush said it means there is room for other components. Down doggie, down.

      • Gorgonphone

        ok so you two like boring thats fine.,… i find boring to be boring… and the cable story is boring actually this whole longer iPhone rumor mill is lame and boring . this is not the iPhone 5 its the 4S2..lol You can get as mad as you want but you and the cable story will still be bring as hell..

      • anasiatka

        @Gorgonphone:disqus I am not mad, more so I am trying to calm you down. ;)… I will disagree with you on that whole 4S2, you sound like a Fandroid… Honestly, how much more of a revision does a phone need to have in order to be the next version? It has a new processor, new form factor, new OS version and larger screen resolution. It is a pretty sure bet that the camera is going to see some slight improvements too… Are you a Fandroid? Why would you not consider these upgrades to be worthy of iPhone X incremental increase in version number? Also, I would say that a new cable is a huge story and I appreciate iDB writing about it! These types of stories are what a consumer needs to hear. Some people want to see both the cable and the connector for it to really stick out to them that they need to be wise on their next purchases.

      • No more Obama

        why do you have to call him names just because he thinks differently from you?

      • folks often get emotinal and hostile… my ipinion is simple and i am not asking nyone to aggree . the jump from 3gs to the 4 was great and that is what i would like to see from 4s to 5

      • anasiatka

        @krmail:disqus Who called anyone names? I asked a question. I never called him a name, I just was curious why s/he did not consider the 5 an upgrade.

      • No more Obama

        re-read your statement to him. you most definitely called him names. he never mentioned android but you put him down as being a fan of android is some crime, yet we have no idea if he/she is a fan. that was really weird. (and i don’t have any android devices so i dont really know about the OS so don’t call me names). but do as you please.

      • anasiatka

        @krmail:disqus I think this conversation is getting us nowhere… I don’t need to re-read my statement, I asked “Are you a Fandroid? Why would you not consider these upgrades to be worthy of iPhone X incremental increase in version number?” I do not see any statements in there (stating that he was a Fandroid or claiming or calling him any names whatsoever) and in fact I was just asking to try and learn more about his opinion. If anything, I would say I was being respectful and polite to admit that my opinion is my own and I am interested and open to hear his/hers. But it sounds like you made your mind up already and nothing I say will change your opinion about me. So I digress.

  • Mohammed Madinah

    Frankly… it looks more awesome that I thought, I hope that this is the new iPhone cable.

  • testie

    I hope it’s that long too

    • No more Obama

      nice, i missed that. i hope so too

    • iAmsosmart

      thats what she said

  • JerseyD

    finally this so long over due. The 30 pin was too big and bulky. They just need to make the cable longer.

    • No more Obama


  • i don’t really care how many pins are in the cable. I just want the cable to be longer.

  • disqus_PJxcB4THbI

    where’s MagSafe?

  • I hope that’s not it. I want a magsafe just like how it works on my macbook!!

    • harsh

      that’s technically impossible as it will take almost quarter the space of the current iPhone

  • thats a bit long for apple usually their charging cable’s are shorter but we will see what happens next month.

    • No more Obama

      maybe they are getting generous with all the money they have…mmm nah, it’s either not a genuine cable or they will be charging us more for it

  • thepies

    Looks like the Mac’s one.

  • I hardly see the value of this over the normal one unless theres a thunderbolt one as well…

  • im just going to laugh my head off when the next iphone looks nothing like the leaked photos that are being uploaded

  • Osvaldo

    Just fucking wait for the announcement instead of wasting your time predicting this stupid shit!!!!

  • walalang

    Lot of people here saying that the cord is longer than the old one. Try to fold your old cord and compare it on the picture with an actual size. It’s just the same length.

  • TheMasaya

    i like more the one we have right now, every accessory already have it and the same cable fits on iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, iPod Touch etc.. and its a strong cable
    and this is Fake as F@#$!KKK…!!!