When you have the marketing history that Apple does, you don’t anticipate many mistakes. The company has a long list of successful TV spots, such as the popular “I’m a Mac” campaign.

But obviously, Apple feels it messed up on its latest string of Mac ‘Genius’ commercials. Because it just pulled the three month-old ads from both its website, and its YouTube channel…

MacRumors makes the discovery:

“Apple has removed the controversial ‘Genius’ TV spots from its YouTube channel and from the Apple.com marketing page for the Mac…

…Apple stopped airing the ads on television soon after they were introduced during the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics, with Apple’s ad agency saying they “were intended only for a ‘first run’ during the Olympics.” They remained on YouTube and Apple’s website for several weeks, and only in the past few days were they removed entirely.”

There’s no doubt that Apple has taken some heat over the commercials, a set of 3 which featured the same male actor playing an eager-to-help Apple Genius. Some folks wondered if it was a good idea for Apple to make its potential customers seem clueless, which it did in the spots. Watch:

As MacRumors points out, Apple does have a tendency to remove older ads from its website and YouTube. But there are still clips up in both locations from as far back as 2010.

What did you think of Apple’s ‘Genius’ commercials? Were they bad enough to pull?

  • cudCopy

    Those spots don’t match with the earlier Apple TV-Spots – in a negative way :/

  • i think it just proves how many people buy macs but they don’t even know how to work them

    • Dont come in here with that shit. The guy needed help with a specific program. I doubt you knew how to use a Mac and every program for it (if you even use one) the first time you used it.

  • JerseyD

    THe idea was good but the commercials were really bad. They should have made the genius more professional maybe put him in an actual Apple store and not make the Apple users seem like idiots.

  • Xew

    Sad. I liked these ads, they were more fun and better than the Siri ads and not as in your face as the Mac vs. PC ads.

  • Aleksander Azizi

    I thought it was funny 🙂

  • Why because the guy was a little clueless? A large number of people are. I know people who barely know how to turn their phones on and off. I thought the commercial was cute.

  • seyss

    were they controversial? anything “different” is stamped as controversial these days by hypocrites

  • The user declares “let’s do this” at the end when they go off to help another passenger, so far from showing him to be clueless, it shows him to be quick on the uptake once he is shown how easy Mac makes it.

  • Bob Jonson

    yes they were kinda bad, but they were funny

  • That was cringeworthy… Ugh

  • Siempre pense que era horrible !1 that GOOD

  • Eldaria

    I actually thought they were pretty funny.

  • Lance

    I think it is a good string because it shows, if you are stuck with something, Apple is there to help you 🙂

  • Charismatron

    Don’t have a problem with the ad–it’s cute–and if I were putting a film together I’d love to have someone show up and basically do it for me! 🙂