Of all the things we think we know about Apple’s next smartphone, a smaller dock connector seems to be one of the most certain. After several years, it appears Apple is finally prepared to ditch its trusty 30-pin design in favor of a smaller solution.

And this has a lot of folks nervous. The aftermarket for 30-pin-style accessories has to be one of the largest in the business. And we’ve all got loads of iPhone chargers and docks that could become useless as of next month. Or will they?

The often-accurate iMore reported last month that Apple is expected to release some sort of 30-pin dock adapter for the new charging port, which makes plenty of sense given the above information. But what would such an adapter look like?

The folks over at mela tech blog rendered a concept of what they think Apple’s dock adapter might look like. Their design connects to both the new charging port and headphone jack of a new iPhone, which part leaks suggest are both on the bottom.

This is smart for a few reasons. For one, it keeps access to the headphone jack open via a passthrough port — that way if the new dock connector doesn’t support audio output, or you’re just in the mood for headphones, you can still use it. And two, there isn’t any cable slack to deal with, so the new iPhone could still fit in docks made for 30-pin ports.

Don’t underestimate the importance of this adapter. It’ll be the only thing linking your new iPhone, or other iOS device, with all of your old accessories. And if Apple doesn’t do it right, it could turn millions of these accessories obsolete overnight.

  • Looks awesome…

  • Apple will probably sell this for about a year to make an easier transition from 30 to 9 pin. Good concept except for the ugly micro USB cables……..

  • I hope they change it to something like that. I have 6 of these wires, and none of them work (as of now), they are not long lasting

  • Why the headphone jack on the middle adapter?

    • If you would just make an adapter that is as wide as the dock connector itself the iPhone would stand very unstable in some kind of dock. But if you make it wider so it fits in the docks like a normal iPhone then you can’t put in a normal headphone. It would be hidden behind the adapter. What you see is a pass through so you can connect your headphone to the adapter

  • Sell???! They better give this with the purchase of the new iPhone!

    • Never ever 😀
      MacBooks don’t have adapters for HDMI with them either for example.
      They’ll want 20$ at least. Probably 30$…

  • This is dump!

  • seyss

    one little tip for you: apple won’t abandon a non-standard connector for another non-standard connector.