I have a love/hate relationship with BiteSMS. On the on hand, it’s my most used application and I can’t seem to find a decent replacement that offers as many features, but on the other hand, it’s the only application that sometimes often causes my iPhone to crash.

I’ve tried to replace it many times but I always come back to it simply because its feature list has been unmatched so far. Today, BiteSMS gets that much better with version 6.3 now available in Cydia

Like every new release, BiteSMS 6.3 is coming with an array of bug fixes, which hopefully will mean less crashes for me. Among the fixes, our friends from China will be happy to learn that BiteSMS 6.3 fixes the Emoji character encoding bug, while iPad users will most likely appreciate that layout issues have also been taken care of.

Besides the usual bug fixes, BiteSMS 6.3 also comes with:

  • new themes
  • a new “Mark as Read” icon in the banner roll notification
  • the ability to display contacts pictures in the Lock screen notification list (I love this)
  • an improved control of the Quick Reply feature

All these new features can easily be set directly from BiteSMS’ Settings panel.

BiteSMS is still a free download in the BigBoss repo, but it’s worth noting that the free version is ad supported, and won’t give you the ability to use the themes. The developer of BiteSMS is currently discounting the app to only $5 instead of $9.99, so if you haven’t purchased your BiteSMS license yet, now is the time.

  • Kok Hean

    I’m already using Messages+ that came with IntelliScreenX (._.)

  • Matt

    i use it all the time but don’t like the idea of not being able to attach an image/video with the quickcompose. or am i overlooking something very obvious?

    • Yes you’re missing something 🙂
      In Quick Compose, scroll to the Popup button, tap on it, then either choose to take the photo or choose from library.

    • Double tap and press the camera icon (I think, it’s been a whole since I used it)

    • Matt

      omg i feel like a jackass. i’ve seen it, tapped it before but only saw smileys never the camera or the browse. one of those things where it’s in front of you yet can’t see it haha thanks guys

  • she gets to surf all day and YOU have to pick up the baby? pfffff

  • intelesxreen Xiliminates all need for bite

    • not really. BiteSMS is way ahead oh messages+. BiteSMS acts as truly native integration.

  • I used BiteSMS for a while before IntelliscreenX came out with Messages+ Included. I’ll give this new update a try and see which one I like best.

    • SimonReidy

      BiteSMS is the best for features by far, but I find the quickreply pop-ups more intrusive than Messages+.

      With Messages+ the banner appears as normal, and only when you click it do you get the QuickReply option. However with BiteSMS the large popup window replaces the banner automatically, covering the screen and pauses whatever you’re doing at the time.

      However Messages+ is very simplistic, so it depends on what you’re after as there’s no doubt BiteSMS is overflowing with advanced functionality.

      • disable quickreply popup. Simple as this. You can get the popup when you click on the banner.

      • SimonReidy

        I didn’t realise that option was there. Sorry for the misinformation and thanks for the tip. Might have to check it out again.

  • Gus Me

    Looking forward to update. I also have IntelliscreenX and the Messages+ is NOT the same as BiteSMS, I tried to use it for a while and had to go back to BiteSMS.

  • bitesms is fucking rulez!!!

  • “BiteSMS 6.3 is is coming with an…”

    ?? Grammar police!

    I love BiteSMS and deal with the random crash here n there.

    • Jon

      Don’t be AN asshole.

      • DingusKing

        “On the on hand” he makes a very valid point.

    • Fixed

  • can you go more on details on how to enable what you have on the picture above..just like when you receive a imessage youll slide to reply..how does it work in bitesms??

    • Yes, slide to open up BiteSMS Quick Reply

      • thanks sebastien..it worked..sweeet!!

  • BiteSMS & qr4whatsapp the best in Cydia!

  • Finally a decent price. This app is awesome, (minus the constant crashes that i get myself as well) but it was never worth $10. Lowering their prices to $5 not only makes it more reasonable but I’m sure they will actually make more revenue than at a higher price of $10

  • ReanimationXP

    Can LockInfo support the picture feature?

  • i use iRealSMS 3.0 and it works great. Any one with a side by side compare/review? Or point me to a link??? Thanks in advance!

    • I bought iRealSMS sometime in 2011 and now it crashes on me. Can’t get it to work correctly.

  • Ben

    Is it possible to have both both messages+ and intelliscreen X installed on the device? Will bitesms work well with intelliscreen X?

  • my phone never crashed because of BiteSMS. I would say it is one of the most stable tweaks i Had on iOS 5.

  • i hope Ayecon updates there theme to include quickreply for bitesms. or creates an quickreply theme.

  • Can only find the beta 6.3.14. is the new called 6.3 ? or do i haff to delete the bitesms.repo ?

  • sasan akbari

    I wish it was completly free. ( ads free & theme included ) because for some people like me ( Iranians ) it’s not possible to purchase via paypal and …

  • sasan akbari

    My cydia doesn’t show me the update.
    My bitesms’s version is 6.3.14

  • What version is this exactly? I’ve yet to to recieve any update on cydia. And the version I have, and have had for some time now, is 6.3.14. Is that the on this article is about?

  • Love Bitesms just hate the fact that after you receive a text and you do not answer it before your screen goes dark, the quick reply feature is gone and you have to unlock your device to do anything. That is super annoying and I wish they could fix this.

  • WOW… you just changed my life. No idea how I overlooked that for so long.

    • Gregory Surels

      Glad I could help. it’s kind of easy to over look or not know about features ( there are so MANY features ). before I JB my phone I didn’t even know you could slide the notification icon ! I found out completely by mistake. I live with my cousin ( another i phone user ) and he said he found that option by mistake as well. so as you see it’s very easy and a common occurrence .

  • Ok new update dose not work with the banners at all. I’m assuming it’s a bug that needs to be worked out ?

    • it must be your phone because the new update is just awesome in every way.

  • Kuhn

    It’s funny how the time is 12:48 and the last message was received at 12:50

  • CoowkeeeFX

    This update is good, but after updating with this version my home button doesnt work properly.. Anyone have the same problem or solution? Thanks!

  • Is it ready for ios6?

  • What is this pay for BiteSMS Credits? Do I have to pay as I go? I don’t like that. I just like a one time buy an app fee and that’s it.

    • SimonReidy

      That’s an optional feature for people that want to pay to use BiteSMS’s network to send cheaper texts. However now that iMessage exists there’s not much point to that feature unless you get charged a lot for texts to other other phones. Just leave it set to use your mobile carrier instead, and you don’t need to enable that feature at all. iMessages will be sent as iMessages and texts will be sent via your carrier as normal.