We’ve seen a lot of cool accessories for the iPad over the years, but this one might just take the cake. Double Robotics has just unveiled a new self-balancing motorized stand for Apple’s tablet called the Double.

The stand uses the iPad for propulsion, as it wheels around on a Segway-like base. And the whole thing is controlled by a second iPad, using the camera on the first for guidance. You really have to see it to believe it…

As you can see, the Double is built to offer telepresence of sorts — the appearance of being in a place other than your true location. The remote control iPad sees everything that the Double sees, and vice versa.

The possibilities seem virtually endless for this kind of technology. Imagine professors being able to teach classes from the other side of the world, or a doctor helping with surgery, from thousands of miles away.

But it doesn’t seem like we’re quite there yet. The quality of the front-facing camera on the iPad is still awful. And at $1,999 a pop, plus the cost of two tablets, these things are still a bit too pricey for most folks.

Nevertheless, they are pretty awesome. And if you happen to have two grand laying around, why not go for it? Double Robotics is take pre-orders right now, and hopes to start shipping these things by December.

So, what do you think?

[The Verge]

  • Y

  • Hmm, cant really see any use for this, other than Americans to getting more fat, becos now they need to move even lees

  • vilienza

    like a Sheldon in ‘the big bang theory’

  • Tom

    I really don’t get this at all. what’s the point in it and this reminds me of an episode of the big bang theory when sheldon decides to stay in his bed and uses a virtual presence device (that’s what steve wozinak says)

    • I thought about that episode too. Sheldon would love this.

  • Ronald Weaver

    This just might be for those who can wipe there ass with money. They gotta have a easy way to see if the toilet paper money factory is in good shape. (lmfao)

  • love it i want one

  • Yea this is too much, maybe awesome from a business perspective, but not for personal use. Not to mention, wheres the security? How easy would it be to walk up and take one of these, and you can do nothing about it. So you lose an iPad and a $2,000 robot. Not a good idea at all..

    • Ronald Weaver

      I was gonna say run em over with the thing but you would be blind if they just locked the screen. lol

  • Bob Jonson

    This is really cool, but it does not have many practical uses.

  • there should be a way to control the iPad [fully] to make some use of this and apple wouldn’t allow that. Yeah Fully

  • And then they do this with robots and eventually well have a world like the one in the movie surrogates with Bruce Willis… stop it before its too late.

  • One business use for this could be as a rental. Just like we have fleets of rental cars that provide us with temporary use of a car when we travel, a company could rent a VPR (Virtual Presence Robot) to enable a person to be present in all but physical form. There are many times when Skype or Face Time could be used, but other times when a VPR would be more appropriate. With an internet connection, power source and docking station, a supplier to deliver, pick-up, and maintain the VPR’s, this could be the business model. The price and quality of the VPR’s would likely come down in time as they become more popular. If a person has family living a great distance away from them, but needs to be there for a sick parent who is in a hospital, or maybe there is a family event they would like to attend but due to the amount of travel time and expense, a VPR makes more sense.