Sprint must really, really want you to become a subscriber, because on the heels of its $50 iPhone discount and $100 American Express Reward card offeranother promotion has been spotted.

According to a new report, the country’s #3 carrier will soon start offering $400 of in-store credit to new customers if they switch their service over to Sprint and sign a two-year contract…

PhoneArena has the scoop:

“For activating three or more lines on an Everything Data Share or Simply Everything Data plan, Sprint will give you $400 of in-store credit that can be used towards the purchase of “qualifying devices”, such as new phones. Your signature under a 2-year contract is required too, and the lines must be active for at least 60 days.”

New customers must be porting their lines over from a non-Sprint affiliated carrier (which means Boost and Virgin Mobile customers are out) to qualify for the offer, and the credit must be used in full at the time of purchase.

The offer begins this weekend, on August 19th, and will run through September 15th. So if you’re looking to jump on Sprint’s unlimited data plans, or score some new iPhones next month, this might be worth looking into.

What do you think, would you switch to Sprint for $400?

  • Easy answer NOPE!!!!

    • Have fun worrying about going over your data limit.

      • I have the unlimited plan and also have a clear hotspot which is also unlimited and comes in handy

  • Geeks on Hugs

    No more contracts ever. I buy devices cash and they can compete on price and service.

    • You may as well take the reduced price on the phone because you don’t save any money on your bill by bringing your own phone.

      • Guest

        Yes you do.

      • What carrier does you a discount on your bill if you bring your own device? No one in the US that I’m aware of.

      • SMART MOVE! Buy a Virgin Mobile iPhone 😀

      • Geeks on Hugs

        Google discount mobile phone service. The small players can’t market like the big boys. I pay 45 dollars a month for unlimited everything with family mobile. Boost is another. There are many.

      • Geeks on Hugs

        Another one is Ting

  • David Saltares

    I have a sprint account with 3 line, currently for my wife and mother but I’ve been with AT&T since 2007 once the first iPhone came out. My contract with AT&T expired on June 23rd of this year. Now that Sprint is the only provider to offer unlimited 4g LTE data coupled with the fact that I’m sick of the crappy service I get with AT&T, I’m ready to sign a 2 year contact with Sprint once the new iPhone comes out. If I read this post correctly, the only way to qualify for the $400 in store credit is if I’m activating 3 new lines from other providers? So its a no go if I’m only bringing over 1 line?

    • MrE

      Unless you live near Atlanta, Kansas City, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, or San Antonio, Sprint’s 4G LTE network is no good to you ATM. Download the app called “Coverage?” to compare all the carriers coverage in the US. Then you will realize why Sprint has to fight so hard for your commitment to them. Sprint has the worst 4G coverage of the big 4. They wasted their time with WiMax and now they are behind. Haven’t you wondered why there isn’t a Sprint version of the new LTE iPad?

      The truth is…
      Verizon has the most coverage – both 3G and 4G.
      AT&T has the faster 3G network.
      LTE is the true 4G network and right now Verizon has the best LTE coverage area of the big 4.
      AT&T (and T-Moble) offer 4G speeds with their HSPA+ network but this is a gimmick IMHO. HSPA+ is a temporary solution for a Carrier desperately in need to advertise 4G service. LTE 4G is the future standard and is why all carriers worldwide are moving towards it.

      • MrE

        And what does Sprint have to offer?

        Unlimited Data on a very slow and limited “3G” CDMA network. Or if
        you are lucky, an LTE network in a currently very limited network area.

        Honestly, you get what you pay for…

  • StephenLivshits

    YES! Assuming the iphone is up for pre order on the twelfth, the window will be open just long enough.

  • I was with Sprint for seven yeas before jumping to AT&T for the last three. I said I’d never go back but I just might.