The end of the Apple-Samsung trial is drawing near, as the final day of witness testimonies is now complete. Both sides have exhausted their allotted 25 hours of arguments, and the case will soon be turned over to the jury.

In honor of this occasion, we thought we’d take a look back at some of the week’s more interesting moments in the case, from Samsung’s denial of copying Apple’s icons, to Judge Koh’s “smoking crack” comment…

  • Sick of the arguing – one of the more interesting aspects of this trial has been US District Court Judge Lucy Koh. She’s had no problems telling the attorneys from both sides what’s on her mind, and this week started off with her ordering them to stop arguing and agree on final jury instructions.
  • We didn’t copy Apple’s icons – last week, Apple’s attorneys show the jury some half a dozen images of Samsung’s icons and how they were similar to those found in iOS. This week, Samsung called on the designer of its Galaxy icons Jeeyuen Wang to testify. Obviously she testified that she didn’t copy.
  • Apple lifted the iPad’s design – one of Apple’s many claims against Samsung is that it intentionally copied the design of its iPad. Whether it did or didn’t, Samsung’s best line of defense against this in court is to present prior art. And it did, or at least tried to, with this tablet from 1981.
  • Galaxy Tab 10.1 came first – Samsung brought its industrial designer, Jin Soo Kim, to talk about the timeline of the company’s work on its Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet. The word is, Samsung watched Apple unveil its iPad 2, and sent its designers “back to the drawing board.” This one’s interesting.
  • Are you smoking crack? – this hilarious line from Judge Koh probably made 1000 headlines yesterday. The comment came after Apple’s attorneys submitted a 75-page briefing of witness instructions. Koh, being the outspoken person she is, told Apple’s litigation team to pare it down.

The testimony phase ended on a dull note today. Most of the day’s witnesses were return witnesses, and Samsung’s side was pretty quiet, as it only had 46 minutes of court time left compared to Apple’s four hours.

There will likely be some last-minute filings over the weekend, and lawyers will meet with the Judge on Monday for final instructions. The trial resumes Tuesday with closing arguments, and then it’ll be handed over to the jury.

And the verdict they deliver will be one of the biggest in corporate history. If Apple wins, Samsung could owe as much as $2.5 billion dollars in damages. And if Apple loses, that opens up its designs and patents to a lot more copying.

Stay tuned.

[Image credit: Vicki Behringer]

  • Well_Said

    The CEO’s for both greedy corporate companies need to sit down and work something out.

    • @dongiuj

      Couldn’t agree with you more. They’ve both had and been given the chances to do it. Do you know what the best communication, idea sharing and non bickering experience i’ve had? It’s the jailbreak community. If there was anything that you wanted to use, most of the time all you had to do was ask and work together on it. Imagine if these greedy power monger companies worked the same way. Imagine if the world worked together the same way.

      • Piss off fandroids, I am back.

      • @dongiuj

        No need for that vulgar language. Please try to talk nice or don’t talk at all. Also, please ask if I’m somebody that prefers android products to other products before name calling. I own an iphone, no android products. How does that make me a “fandroid”? As always, you never think before you speak princess.

      • Thanks mr. rogers for setting him straight…

      • your welcome…!!!…

  • Kok Hean

    This lawsuit is stupid.

  • The awkward moment when Nokia joins in the fight.

  • Either way stupid our not its big. I really did not pay attention to the litigations, but like basketball it’s the last two min that counts. And now that it is closing to the end I have my eyes on apple.

  • About time it ends maybe they will finish the New iOS and iPhone

  • Apple needs to focus there ass on the iphone 5 instead of this.
    Ive put an gs3 next to my 4s, it destroys my iphone. Iphone 5 only bigger screen and up cores with lame ios6 is FAIL HARD. Get off your asses Apple.

    • The apple legal team has nothing to do with the production side of things. Think a little before you post something and look like an ass. You can’t compare the gs3 to the 4s. the 4s is running almost 1 yr old tech while the gs3 just came out. compare the iphone 5 to the gs3 and watch how the iPhone is still better. And my 4s is better than my friend gs3 which he has had issues with since day 1. he’s switching to the iphone if it keeps up.

      • I know you know exactly what I mean, so dont act stupid…
        Duhh production is done by another team, but use your brain.
        We’ve heard the rumors we’ve seen the leaked parts.
        4” inch screen looks like a toy next to a HD 4.8 inch screen.
        We’ve seen iOS6 and it just lacks innovation.
        Do you know how many things need to change before the iP5 can even compare to the competition nowadays ?
        I’ts just sad I love my iPhone jailbroke it been using iPhone like 4 ever. But my moms got a gs3 so I’ve been using it for days now and man… it puts iPhone to shame. It does everything the iPhone does and a lot more. So like I said they need to get off there asses..

      • Sell your iPhone and get a GS3 then. Apple care about costumers, and specially, user experience and long support for almost 3 years, so don’t expect radical changes on the iPhone screen size because that hurts the ecosystem with fragmentation. That’s why they want to make it longer and not wider.

        IPhone 3GS runs fast and smooth, same for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S… why people would need more power or something radical like changing from 1 CORE to 4 Cores? iOS is not asking for speed like Android does because his optimization suck hell.

        So just imagine this picture. iPhone 4, 1 core. Apple released the iphone 5 (and not the iPhone 4S) with Quad-Core.

        What all developers would have done? make apps optimized for “quad-core” screwing the Single cores! Result: Unhappy costumers!

        So, If you are no longer happy with your iPhone, don’t whine.. just sell it. If Android are better for you, don’t wast more time. I don’t get it.. if all “haters” on unhappy costumers don’t like the iPhone or think that Apple is getting worst … why you still use it? If Samsung it’s better for you… why are you wasting your time whining to Apple make it better? Seriously.. the lack of sense is too damn high. To me, seems to be a lot of BS.

        How this two companies work? Apple want you to buy the new iPhone… by teasing costumers. But if you keep your iPhone 4 or 4S, you will be fine for along time.

        What Samsung does? Release a new phone every 6 months and make the support worst than ever to make you wish the new phone to keep upgraded or to run the latest apps fast and smooth.

        And I repeat, Android sucks! Optimization sucks! That’s why the iPad can run a retina display resolution and Android don’t. Samsung is making a new CPU, to make the Android handle the retina display resolution! Conclusion: A core core iDevice has more value than a Quad-core Android.

        This thing seems a loop every year. “This is the iPhone killer.. it has the double power of the iPhone…” 512MB? We have 1GB…. 2 Cores? We have 4 cores…” and all nerds get delusional thinking that are buying user experience with specs. Specs are important.. indeed, but the system is the “driver” of the specs! If the system sucks… the specs are worthless.

      • Kevin Holzendorf
      • Shittiest logic today. My 3gs ran like a monkey on crack. You sir. Are wrong

      • You misspelled Android device wrong. And BTW, tell me how many Android devices, with 3 years old, are running the Android 4.0 fast and smooth…

      • Liu Zhenyu

        3GS is way out of date bro, go get a 4s and take care of it.

      • Apple only cares about the customer if you paid for Apple Care. No Apple Care, then Apple doesn’t care unless you can prove it’s a hardware defect or something.

      • My experience (and many others that I know) say otherwise. I had one iPhone with just one problem with the sleep button and they gave me one new on the same day. And, other thing, we don’t need Apple Care nor “carrier permission” to get official updates.

      • yep and it’s major failure is ANDROID. android blows monkey balls. it freezes, lags, crashes…it’s just a hot mess! i own both os’s….iPhone 4, new iPad, galaxy tab 2 7.0. so i run both iOS 5 and android 4.0.4. i’ve NEVER had a crash with iOS, yet android crashes nearly every time i use it. android lacks the polish and precision that iOS has. it is an inferior product, and many reviewers have noted the same. if you like android so much then just go and get yourself an android phone and STFU. you are never going to get a TABLET sized screen on an iPhone so ya may as well jump ship and go away. you can be one of the very few out there with retarded phones the size of bricks. these people look like complete idiots with their jumbo sized phones to their ears.

      • AmazingBJW

        Ah but project butter on Android 4.1 fixes a lot of that. I’m by no means an Android fanboy nor am I an Apple fanboy and I agree that iOS has by far more polish than Android but Android is now at the point where smoothness and speed matches iOS.

      • perhaps but i’ve also read reports on this very site that state the polish is just that….that the product is still garbage but now garbage with polish. there are aspects from android i’d like to see in iOS but i’d never switch over to android…that mistake was made in 1/10 and quickly rectified. i just get a kick out of this kid and his whining…every post is the same with him whining. if he wants a gs3 then he should get one. how one could prefer plasticy cheap garbage over quality is beyond me but w/e works ya.

      • Dude hold ur horses u might have a heart attack!
        We are talking bout phones here and preferences of people with different needs…

        Dont say ios never crashes cause it does, been using iphone sinds 3G and jailbroken, from now and then the springboard just crashes so dont act like iphone is jesus plz.

        I know android has been laggy and all those things but the GS3 really stands out as far as I can see. been using it a week now, not a single lag no nothing…. The speed of the browser and browsing in general on a HD screen like that is amazing have u even see it playing an HD res video ??? its cool lol. Also plays flash vids with buttery smoothness

        Id like to customize my homescreen and things like that been waiting for that way to long on apples side. I want apple to do well before the gs3 I laughed at androids but shit is serious now believe that.

        Im irritated that iphone misses such a lot of basic features, u must jailbrake to make the phone a bit usefull.
        Like I would like to block phone calls from an irritating ex girl and i just got this iphone.
        I have to go jailbrake it(if there is one available) buy iBlacklist before i can block her!!!
        GS3 blocking calls is build in mate!!!.. I know what I am talking bout its little basic things like this that irritates me the most.

        My contract ends oktober I only take 1 years contracts so I can keep switching phones.
        I will wait to see the iPhone 5 and I hope it blows me away but I doubt it after I saw iOS6.!

        And all Im saying is Apple needs to get of there asses or they will lose and miss a lot of customers 😉
        Now think about that and keep your bloodpressure low plz.


      • hi, tool…you are the only one that seems to be raising bp. lol

        i’ve owned an iPhone since launch day of the first iPhone and i’ve yet to EVER have a crash on a non-jailbroken build. stock for stock iOS runs by far better than android does.

        with all of your whining and crying…just fucking switch already. remember where you are and the audience that is here. we aren’t samsung fans, we aren’t android fans. you seem to be one so going on and on why g3 is better for you…none of us really gives a fuck. just sayin.

        of like 20 posts from you all 20 is you whining and complaining. we get the point, you’ve beaten that dead horse repeatedly. let me assure you, it is dead.

        you have been able to customize your home screen, wallpaper, icons, where your icons reside, and so on with the iPhone for YEARS!

        android lacks the polish and beauty of iOS BIG TIME. android is loaded with fragmentation. the apps are bland and almost all of them are ugly as hell. if you like 2nd best then by all means get yourself an android phone. ultimately, like i said, no one gives a damn. i’m sure i’m not the only one that is sick of seeing your constant whining. just go get your samsung already and shut up.

      • I say what ever the fuck I wanna say Im an ios user like all here…
        You are getting sick of it because u take it too strongly to the heart like Apple is your mom or something, you just haveeee to defend it… Stop acting childish if you dont like my posts ignore them. But no you feel like its your duty to step up to defend your mommy. gtfo here get a life stop taking this conversation to the bone like your doing. THE ONLY DAMN thing im saying is its time to step it the f*ck up for apple wether u like it or not…

        Cutomization? what like winterboard ? its all the same boringly static ass icons on the screen ive used it so much they come out of my fckng nose.. Ive installed allmost every tweak worth mentioning, maybe I just want something new, io6 didnt deliver so im fckng bored period..

        Apps maybe ugly but not all of them…
        Some important ones like the ones google owns are way better then ios.. Youtube/facebook ect.
        If the users that we are dont critize on what we dont like about iPhone.. shit will never change u would be still rocking ur ”Ayecon” theme on a iPhone 7 LOL….with no proper mail widget.

        I switch phones yearly so its simple if I dont like the iP5 im getting something else! Maybe I will or will not like it as much as an iPhone I dont care ill get the next iPhone because this model maybe wont fit my needs (bigger screen ect.).

        Now calm down have a glass of water 🙂 Its too Damn hot outside for you to have a hot head like that…..

      • dude no one is getting heated but you. btw get educated. there will never be an iPhone 5. the 4s IS the iPhone 5. that being said…just switch phones already. you obviously have a hard on for the galaxy…just go get one and be done with it. your constant threats of switching are lame. are you 2? if you aren’t pleased with what apple is offering then by all means pack your bags and switch, i’m pretty sure no one here will miss your whining and constant repetitive posts. we all get are not impressed and bored with the iPhone. so why sit here and bitch to everyone about it over and over and over again? you know what to expect of iOS 6 and you know what the new iPhone is going to look like…so why prolong it? switch and make yourself happy. but quit whining about the same things over and over again….it’s like beating a dead horse.

      • Im done conversating with you!…
        IDB posted a article on why its probably gonna be called iPhone 5 after all, so you get educated!..
        Please do me a favor go look at the post of the leaked front panel of the new iPhone 5, there you’ll see how many people dislike that look of it and the small ass screen!!!
        Everybody there is talking bout switching to a GS3 funny enough..

        Go piss those people off then mr. Apple police lol.. ur needed there. So im done conversating with u Apple fanboy.
        A company needs critics or they will never get better!
        So fanboy ur ass out of here go rotten your Apple elsewhere!

        Move along people….

      • If you never had an ios crash you cant be using that many apps. Its the apps that causes crashes on both systems. Not the OS. ios has thesame crash ratings as android basicly. Can bet you 5 bucks that my moms phone never had a crash. She dont use apps…

      • On IOS, apps can crash sometimes. on Android.. the whole system crash. Time to reboot the system… sad but true. Denying the facts don’t change it, fandroid.

      • And iOS without jailbreak is stale and out of date. Out of the box, the only thing that iOS has that really makes a difference is stability.

        Maybe I am in the minority, but I want to customize the hell out of my phone. Ringtones and wallpaper is not enough. I think Android kills iOS in this category. I dig the widgets and I love that on my iPhone. Intelliscreen X, HTC Animated Weather, Dashboard X with weather, SBSettings, RSS, Local IP and Jukebox… that’s the only thing keeping me with Apple at the moment. Without the jailbreak, I would already have a Nexus or Galaxy S3.

      • i would tell them to switch to the iphone. i had the same experiences using android(owned a dell streak and an S2)…..things just didnt work right all the time(lots o bugs would cause things to crash, etc…)….. not that the iphone and IOS are perfect(far from it), but the iphone and IOS are better products(for right now, anyway).

        Tupacaveli ….you are right, they should focus on other things… should samsung…

        i cant wait to see the mobile world in 5 years… 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • No matter who wins, someone’s gettin’ screwed.

  • In the end, they’ll do what they did in Apple v. Microsoft in the ’90s: they’ll just make both companies cross license their stuff. It’s kept Apple and MS from suing the pants of each other since then, so I’m sure it would work this time too.

  • fucking samsung is copying iphone. wit till iphone 5 n ios 6 then apple will fuck that samsung