Some news today for AT&T customers hoping to take advantage of the new FaceTime over Cellular feature in iOS 6. The carrier has just announced that it won’t be charging subscribers separately for the service.

The news comes in the wake of ongoing criticism, after warning messages started popping up in handsets running iOS 6 last month indicating that the feature would be an additional cost for AT&T customers.

But there is one major stipulation…

Apparently, the FaceTime over Cellular feature will only be available to customers who are on one of AT&T’s new Mobile Share data plans, which are expected to launch later this month. That means that folks on unlimited data and other legacy plans are out of luck.

MacRumors has the statement from AT&T:

“AT&T will offer FaceTime over Cellular as an added benefit of our new Mobile Share data plans, which were created to meet customers’ growing data needs at a great value. With Mobile Share, the more data you use, the more you save. FaceTime will continue to be available over Wi-Fi for all our customers.”

While this may sound like bad news, keep in mind that a majority of AT&T’s customers will likely be on these Shared Data plans by the end of the year. Unlimited has been gone for quite a while now, and we wouldn’t be surprised if legacy plan holders were forced to switch with new iPhone purchases.

Sprint too has announced that it will not be charging separately for the feature. But as far as we know, it will be allowing its customers to keep their unlimited data plans.

Verizon, on the other hand, has yet to comment on the topic. But given the carrier’s history with add-on data features, we expect it to follow AT&T’s lead.

  • Only on the shitty data plans? You mean the ones with the least amount of data for a individual at the highest price??

  • What a load of shit!!!! The more data you use, the more you save…. Bullshit!!!!!!! Well I have unlimited plan and if switch and use more data is will cost me more!!!!!!! I have verizon by the way. I think we should all just go to sprint and when AT&T and Verizon starts loosing millions of customers maybe they will realize this is Bull!!!!

    • i agree. this is a way to scam money out of users b/c they will go over their data using facetime over 3G it will use moore data and people will not pay attention to their data and then they will freek out b/u they used all their data in the first week. i used it ofer 3G (facebreak) for about 30 min and racked up some data if not for my unlimited i would have been effed. long live jailbreak and the unlimited data.

    • be careful with that Robert. I had sprint for my company with 5 employees using it. My plan started out at 290.00 per month and in 2 years they had jacked it up to over 600.00 per month. I took my phones down to their local office, complained, they said that’s the way it is, I said then cancel my plan and threw all of the phones against the brick wall in their office and said well that’s the way it goes and walked out leaving a shattered mess on their floor. Never heard from them again.

  • seyss

    you people should fix the title of this article to “AT&T announces Facetime over Cellular will be free only with the upcoming Mobile Share data plans”

    • seyss

      and please stop using the “won’t be charging” .. “won’t be seeing” .. “will be helping you” bs-technical-support-style phrases

    • seyss

      thanks for changing
      and to the cretins who downvoted me: _)_

  • see they will get you any way they can and that is why we jailbreak.

  • Saxonius

    Good news my foot… As the only iPhone user on my account, I currently have a $90 450 minute plan with 5GB and tethering. If I have to switch to the shared plan to use FaceTime, that brings me up to $130 for 4GB and unlimited talk time (that I’ll never use).

    So… it seems to me that they’re charging $40/mo for FaceTime.

    • chjode

      Yep, unless you have 3+ devices on the Mobile Share plans, they seem to be more expensive. I’ll stick with My3G and use FaceTime where I please.

    • I feel sorry for AT&T. I have been testing StraightTalk for over a month now on AT&T network itself. Paying only for $45 for everything. After testing them over a month, today I called AT&T to cancel my 3 numbers those were on a family plan. After rejecting their ridiculous offers to stay with them, I got their hefty rip-off family plan cancelled. Though I had to pay ETF on 2 lines, but I am very happy. ETF was equal to having AT&T service for another 3 months without text and having only 200mb data. Screw AT&T. Oh btw, I am able to make FaceTime over 4G from my iPhone 4S with iOS 6 beta 4 installed 🙂

      • So happy I have Virgin Mobile iPhone 4S

  • best way to avoid this is to use 3G unrestricted

  • Thanks AT&T for screwing us. Apple when are u gonna have ur own network?

  • Data = $$ for AT&T… 🙂

  • Screw you AT&T, thank you jailbreak community! All i can say is My3g or 3G Unrestrictor.

  • the best part is the “at a great value”! LOL seriously? at&t has screwed me over left and right and nickel and dimed me at every step. it’ll be years before they have LTE in my area, yet with all the expansions of the last few months with verizon LTE is only a few miles away and should be in my area before the end of the year. not saying vzw is any better because they aren’t in regards to cost but at least by switching to vzw i’ll get LTE. hell we just got 3g in this area Dec 31, 2010. until then i had to drive 40 miles to get 3g service. screw at&t!

  • I’ll stay on iOS 5.1.1 and continue to use 3GUnrestrictor while keeping my unlimited data plan and my $80 total a month plan. fuck you AT&T.

  • ExRoot

    F U AT&T! Thank you 3G unrestrictor. A plus to jailbreaking.

  • Perfect. I’m an individual… don’t have nor need a share plane. BS.

  • Thats why I’m switching to verizon, cus there not gonna charge for facetime neither is sprint….. this att ceo is crazzzzyyyyy and soon will be voted out if he keeps screwing people like us. We should take this matter to court bcus we are already paying to much for data and they want to keep sticking it to us. Att costumers have a voice lets raise hell. TOGETHER WE WILL WIN THIS BATTLE.

    • ExRoot

      Seriously? Verizon always follows AT&T.

  • Mysteroy3k

    I’m going to sprint

  • An individual like me has absolutely no need for a shared plan and AT&T requiring me to switch, just to use this feature, shows no thought or regard for that fact. With tactics like this, soon they’ll only support families! I think Sprint is looking better everyday…