We’re a little bit late to the party on this one, but if you haven’t seen this new OS X Pad HD theme for the iPad, you have to check it out. You’ve seen OS X themes before, but you’ve never seen anything like this.

The theme has a fully functional Finder bar with interactive menu options, a customizable dock, and editable folders that look just like real OS X folders. It almost seems more like a software upgrade than a theme…

The developer claims that OS X Pad HD is “the most advanced Mac OS X experience available for the iPad,” and we’re having a hard time disagreeing. This is certainly one of the most comprehensive Mac-based themes we’ve ever seen.

So how do you get it on your iPad? Well for starters, you have to be jailbroken, and you have to have DreamBoard installed. If you meet those two requirements, add http://fnetdesigns.com/cydia/repo to your Cydia sources and download the Theme Outlet store app. This is where you’ll be able to find and install OS X Pad.

Both DreamBoard and The Theme Outlet store are free downloads, but the theme itself is $3.50. But given the amount of polish and features this particular theme has, it might just be worth it. If you’re skeptical, however, be sure to stay tuned to iDB for a full review. I suspect Jeff will be along soon to work his magic.

What do you think of OS X Pad HD?


  • Christcentered

    Checking it out now.

  • Worthless

  • ReanimationXP

    Cool, but all these are gimmicky and usually require an obscene amount of setup. If it could enumerate my already created folders and work with that, I might bite.

    • No more Obama

      you should try dreamboard. no set up required. give it a shot

  • Kok Hean

    OS X Lion for iPad (Alpha) does something similar without all the options, but it is free.

  • The video and this article didn’t tell me why do I need this? There’s no reason to get this. Why would I want to have OS X on my iPad?

  • Dyan Ewell

    only if i had a fucking ipad i could get this and all the other jailbreaks you showed of.

  • Now this is what the iPad should look like to start with..

    • Care to elaborate a bit?

      • The iPad should of been running a striped down version of osx not iOS

      • That’s just saying the same thing using different words, not ‘elaborate’.
        You tried, though, thanks for that.

    • Maybe to you, but tell that to Apple selling millions and millions of iPads.

  • I don’t like it. It’s like Leopard with a touchscreen. If Lion and Mountain Lion has taught us anything, it’s that we don’t need more buttons, but gestures. Why can’t I have the OSX Mission Control on iPad? If I were a good developer, I’m sure I could come up with something way better and advanced.

  • Sure this looks cool and stuff, but how does this improve the efficiency on the iPad?

    It’s just a skin with the same functionality as iOS, with the looks of something not intended to be used on a tablet. This is like adding an aileron to the back of your car thinking in would be fast and good looking.

  • I’ll wait until someone cracks it, it’s an awesome theme but it’s just not worth the money in my opinon.

    • Shame on you…:/

      • JamesR624

        Yeah. Shame on you for not paying someone that cobbled together someone elses code and graphics and called it their own!

      • Whose code and graphics did i steal…???…:o

    • Don’t get cracked tweaks/themes you cheap ass! Buy them and support the developers!

  • Can you run windowed applications together on a single screen?

    • JamesR624

      Get this theme, get quasar and viloa, the nearly full OSX experience on your iPad.

  • I like iOS the way it is. Running a mac theme is cool for about 5 minutes then you get tired of it and uninstall

    • Dlevi309

      i was just thinking that lol 🙂

  • I have all the osx themes and this is not the best one. It doesn’t even have mission control, Launch pad or a dashboard. Fake images is meh. I like it but there are way better ones and retina ready. Can’t change dock icons and the dock is to small. This simulates snow leopard and below. No thanks. Go with the other ones that actually simulate lion like the one from krobyn

    • air naji

      Which theme do you think is better than this ? I’ve tried a lot of the other ones but they don’t run as smooth as this one but that’s my opinion. Which do you think is better ?

      • Go to modmyi and try OSX Mountain Lion for iPad

      • air naji

        The free one with no finder bar?

    • Actually, you can change the dock icons and replace any of them with any app you have on your iPad. By clicking on the settings icon third from the right gives you access to the “Dock Icon Settings” that lists all of the icons in one column to the left and those you can replace them with to the right, as well as a custom option when once clicked will give you the option to replace a given default app on the dock with any app on your iPad. I’ve put Spotify and Tweetbot on my dock, to give an example.

      This theme works very smoothly on my iPad and for me who never had a Mac (I come from a family where we’ve all been using Windows and my closest experience to anything Apple is use of iPod, iPhone and iPad) it is fun to get the look and feel of (close to) an actual Mac OS. The only thing that annoys me is that I have trouble setting my own default wallpapers. I do everything it tells me to do in order to get my own wallpapers, I move them into the user wallpapers folder, rename them, make sure they’re in the right size but still nothing shows up when I click on “User Wallpaper” in the wallpapers folder. Aside from that, it is an all over great theme that is definitely worth the purchase and hopefully it will get better with future updates as well.

  • is it free tho?

    • ?? You might as well ask

      “Will it Blend?”

    • No more Obama

      price is stated at the end of the blog post. not free

  • Dan

    Looks fun to play with, but when I try themes like this (bought it for iPhone a while back), I always end up going back to stock

  • Lee Swain

    Bought it. And it’s very cool. But I do have a few complaints. Forst of all and this is the big one. Without portrait view it’s useless to me. I hardy ever use my iPad in landscape and it’s dumb using it sideways.

    Next up is there are a lot of buttons and UI elements that do nothing. I know it’s to make it look like OSX, but it’s misleading.

    And finally, we should be able to put icons on the desktop. Otherwise it’s wasted space.

    Also maybe make it work with quasar so we can have windowed apps, that would be cool.


  • nacho

    for ios 8 ?