After months of questions, Apple’s long-rumored iPad mini is finally starting to take shape. Multiple reports popped up last night detailing what the tablet may look like, and this morning, a purported headphone jack surfaced.

The three write-ups that were released last night came from three different sources of Apple intel, but they all point to the same thing: a smaller iPad, with an iPod touch-thin profile, and smaller bezels on the sides of the display…

The above mockup comes from the folks over at 9to5Mac, courtesy of designer Maurizio Vitale. For the most part, the rendering is based on these claimed iPad mini schematics that started circling the web last month. And given the details in last night’s reports, there’s a pretty good chance that they’re the real deal.

Other than appearance, however, not much is known about the slate. It’ll likely carry the iPad 2’s 1024×768 display, and its front and rear cameras, but CPU and wireless connectivity (sans Wi-Fi) are still mysteries at this point.

Apple is expected to unveil its smaller tablet alongside its new iPhone during next month’s media event. But with little evidence that the device is in production, it may not be available until late October or early November.

So, what do you think of the iPad mini so far?

  • Alec Vanek

    I’m still 50/50 on of it will happen at all.

    • It’s not going to happen who believes sources that aren’t named and aren’t credible at all it’s pure hogwash and rully gumple!!!

  • It’s not going to happen.

    Sent from my iPad Mini.

  • I still don’t like the idea for the iPad mini as long as its at a cheap price people will probley buy it if they can’t afford a iPad

  • Who cares… just wait.

  • JamesR624

    Wow. Either this is WAY off or apple is getting incredibly stupid with designs. How the hell are you supposed to comfortably hold it vertically to read books or magazines? Thats the whole IDEA of this and you cant even do that properly on this thing!

  • Loopthree

    If the specs don’t match up to the full-size ipad, I’m not interested.

    • who cares about specs

      • Loopthree

        “personally, i would rather have a better front facing camera instead of one at the back”

        … obviously you do.

      • ./facepalm im not even going to bother

      • -_- you just did

  • Its RUMORS

  • i guess it will be the next ipod touch
    apply will take it to the next level

  • Tom

    NO!! THE IPAD MINI WILL NOT FEATURE A 1024X768 SCREEN. the pixel density of that will be 112.68 so just call it 113 and apple will not create a retina display enviroment and then bring out an iPad with a pixel density 113 compared to the 326 on the iPhone 4

  • personally, i would rather have a better front facing camera instead of one at the back

  • I guess iDeb Store is gone.

  • If true, I’ll definitely get one. I’ve been holding off for so long because even with the ipad 2, I just can’t lay in the bed and comfortable read something within my damn hand cramping up! I’m too vested in the Apple ecosytem to switch to another tablet… that’s if I liked any of the other tabs.

  • And wouldn’t it be almost like an iPod Touch?

  • Just take an iPod touch and put an “iPad mini” label on it. People will fall for it.

  • Irfan Tarique

    Looks cool as hell, but it’s just rumor

  • If just a $200 price difference, I rather get the original iPad ~ Big large beautiful screen.
    But I think this will be great alternative for those who want it so badly but can’t afford the original one

  • Ganesh Acharya

    Prediction: Apple will turn the iPod touch into a Phablet and call it the iPad mini

  • CarterMorgan

    I guess just being a regular iPad user who doesn’t put much thought into things like aspect ratio and dimensions means I don’t care about what it will look like or its specs; I just care about when it will come out. I first started hearing rumors about the iPad “Mini” a few weeks ago from a coworker at Dish, and I just want it to be announced by Apple soon. Right now I use my iPad a lot outside of my home, mostly for watching live TV on the Dish Remote Access app, and a smaller version would help that tremendously with its portability. I would really like to have one just to be able to carry it around a little easier; hopefully we get it sooner rather than later!