Pebble, an iPhone-connected wristwatch, made rounds earlier this year. It took the iOS community by storm with its advanced features like the ability to pull various data off your iOS or Android device, the stuff like caller ID, email, calendar alerts, Facebook messages and Twitter notifications.

It also has a software development kit and features an e-paper display viewable in direct sunlight, a built-in accelerometer and a battery that will last you a staggering 7 days.

And now, the folks behind this interesting Kickstarter project have decided to show off an early beta of the Pebble’s gorgeous user interface…

The video below takes us on a preview of the Pebble interface and the device’s circuit board with the Pebble display connected and running the interface.

The latter shows some jerkiness, unlike the interface shown off on an iPhone, but that’s probably just one of the perks of beta software.

Here’s your video.

According to a Kickstarter page (via GottaBeMobile), the Pebble project is currently in an Engineering Verification stage, which means the team has still some testing to do before moving into a tooling and then manufacturing phase.

The Pebble comes in arctic white, jet black, cherry red and orange.

What do you think, is the Pebble worth waiting for?

  • Dan

    It’s a good concept. I would be interested if it came with better design. IE: fossil or diesel watches, I’d buy one for sure.

  • I thought the interface was better looking.. smoothier.

    • SimonReidy

      e-Ink has its pros and cons. Pros are no need for a backlight during the day as the pixels reflect light, and blacks are really dark and ïnky”.

      The current downsides are that the resolution of most e-ink displays is much lower than LCD displays of the same size. And of course, they are only black and white. Lastly they have a very low refresh rate, so whenever there’s motion on the screen, you’ll notice a bit of ghosting and lag as the screen updates.

      That’s why I’m not ready to jump on the Pebble bandwagon just yet. It looks great, but I’d rather wait for a higher resolution screen to minimise the obvious jaggies.

      • deepdvd

        It’s not E-ink, so none of your reasons apply. It’s a Memory LCD screen which they refer to as an “e-paper display” … Here’s a quote from Eric Migicovsky on the Pebble forum.

        “Pebble most definitely has an e-paper display. It does not have an E INK display (which is a specific brand of epaper, like kleenex is to tissues) but our display exhibits all the benefits of EINK without the slow refresh rate that is typical in EINK products like the Kindle.The display on Pebble is a Sharp MemoryLCD, with spectacular outdoor, direct sun visibility as well as an extremely small power draw, enabling Pebble to last 7+ days on a battery charge. The resolution is very fine pitch, meaning the resolution is quite high (144*168 pixels, 1.3″ diagonal viewable area)”

      • deepdvd

        and by “none of your reasons”, I don’t mean the monochrome display reason. It’s definitely going to be black and white (which is just fine for me on a watch) =]

      • SimonReidy

        First of all I apologise. I genuinely thought it was e-ink and am happy to admit when I’m wrong, so sorry about that and thanks for the correction. It certainly sounds like “MemoryLCD” has some advantages over e-ink. Particularly in regards to motion.

        The black and white part doesn’t worry me either, but I still think the resolution is a little low, even for a small 1.3″ display. The only reason I say this is that in all the computer renders for the product, the fonts and display look super-crisp and anti-aliased (smooth edges). However the times I’ve seen the actual display in action, you can clearly see jaggies around the edges, on the various templates.

        Don’t get me wrong, I still think its an awesome product, and would love one for myself. I’ve just decided to wait for the inevitable second generation which I hope can up the resolution and pixel density a bit, while bringing the cost down a little. Hopefully they’ll be much more readily available by then too. I wish them every bit of success.

  • Big O

    Have one in pre-order. 🙂

  • I think I want one.

  • deepdvd

    If anyone else (who might be waiting for their Pebble) was wondering, the music controls on the Pebble work like Apple headphones, meaning that double clicking the middle button will skip forward to the next song, and triple-clicking will go back. They didn’t show this in the video, so I was concerned.