The physical game controller space for iOS is still up for grabs. There are some nice options already on the market, sure. But none of them have really managed to stand out, or pull ahead of the pack.

That’s why we continue to see new iOS controllers pop up all the time — it’s still anyone’s game. And as you’ve probably already gleaned from the title, we’ve got another one to show you.

The coco controller, by Milkshake Labs, is a new gamepad for iOS devices (and a few Android handsets). On the surface, it looks like your average controller. But it’s definitely not…

Where as other gamepads we’ve seen connect to devices via bluetooth, the coco connects through the headphone jack. Not only does this mean that the controller doesn’t require batteries, but this also supposedly makes it easier for developers to add game support.

And that’s the key to success in this space: developer support. No one is going to want a gamepad for their iPhone or iPod touch that doesn’t work with a majority of their games. At the moment, Milkshake Labs says it only has around 30 games on board, but it’s hoping to have hundreds by launch time.

But developer support isn’t the coco controller’s only hurdle. The team has a lofty Kickstarter goal of $175,000 to meet in the next 29 days to become a reality, and it’s only around $8,000 right now. If you’re interested in helping, a pledge as low as $35 reserves you your own controller.

So what do we think of the coco? As we’ve said with a dozen other Kickstarter projects, it looks promising. It’s inexpensive, doesn’t require batteries, and it appears to be very well designed. Now all it needs is backing from the developer community, and oh yeah, about 170 grand.

What are your thoughts on the coco?

  • lack of left analog stick makes it another useless controller for me

    • They’re listening to feedback and looking into either adding a left analog stick straight away or lowering the stretch goal to get it added.

  • Looks useless. Especially considering I can use my ps3 controller with my nexus 7.

    • yeah well most of the people use it with iPhone 4/s or iPad and not nexus 7. So it may look useless to you but for me and i hope other people it looks good and promissing. The only thing missing is left analog.

  • Thats true unfortunately to bad it doesn’t have left analog but still a good controller.

    • They’re listening to feedback and looking into either adding a left analog stick straight away or lowering the stretch goal to get it added.

  • Controllers for a touch screen phone are pointless they are bulky ugly and take away from the aesthetic feel of your phone.

    • That is a valid argument when referring to people that use their device as a fashion statement. Some of us enjoy the functionality.

      • The touchscreen wasn’t meant for these bulky addons either way you look at it the gaming device was meant as only touchscreen when you add these ugly things on they start to look like android devices and most people buy iPhones because it is aesthetically pleasing that’s the best selling point that puts them ahead of all other smartphones.

      • ReanimationXP

        I did not buy my phone because it’s “aesthetically pleasing”. Frankly, I think the iPhone 4 is rather ugly compared to other iDevices like the iPad.

        I bought it because it’s fast, has the best OS, the best software, the best screen, and it’s the most customizable (when jailbroken).

  • It won’t fit my 3GS right? :/

  • I’m not buying anything that works on a 30 pin connection, ever again

    • hellome

      well good thing this does not use the 30 pin connector.

    • ReanimationXP

      Doesn’t use a 30-pin, derpington.

    • It uses the headphone jack for communication, not the 30 pin connector. There is also a headphone jack built in to the controller so you can still use headphones.

  • Aaron de Silva

    I would buy this!! (now lets hope it fits the new iphone5)

    • They said they will support the iPhone 5. Please back it so they can reach the funding goal 🙂 I’ve been wanting a controller like this for a long time.

  • Hope it fits the iPhone 5.

  • SimonReidy

    So if this connects through the headphone jack, I’m guessing it provides a passthrough jack on the controller, so you can still plug in your headphones? It would be rather useless to me if it relied on the iPhone’s crappy external speaker alone as I always game with heaphones.

    • Yep, it has another jack built-in to the case so you can still use headphones with it.