If we were doing a scavenger hunt for iPhone 5 parts, we’d be nearly done by now. We’d have the back cover, front panel, motherboard, and a slew of other components for the handset.

But the recent ramp up in iPhone 5 leaks has some folks wondering, why are there so few iPad mini parts floating around? Apple is still expected to unveil both products next month, right?

Yes. Recent reports from the well-informed Rene Ritchie and other sources still have Apple unveiling the long-rumored 7.85-inch tablet at its September 12 event. And the reason we’re not seeing many leaked parts belonging to the device, is because the iPad mini isn’t likely in production yet.

The Wall Street Journal says production of the new iPhone’s 4-inch displays kicked off back in June. This means that the production of other parts likely started up around then or shortly after, and helps explain the increase in frequency of iPhone 5 part leaks over the past two months.

The iPad mini, however, is not in production. In fact, the last we heard, Apple was still tweaking the tablet’s final design, and tightening up details. So with no parts filtering through assembly lines in supply chain factories, there’s nothing to leak onto the web. At least for now, anyway.

While the tech world seems to be pretty confident that the new iPhone will become available next month, we haven’t heard a word on iPad mini availability. And if we had to put money on it, we’d bet that Apple would want to stagger the release of the two products by a month or two.

That would put us into November. Not only is this primetime for holiday shoppers (Black Friday), but it gives folks who just spent two, three, or even four hundred dollars on the new iPhone a chance to recoup their cash. And if the iPad mini isn’t launching until late November, Apple wouldn’t have to start production on it until later this month or even early September.

Of course, all of this is mostly speculation on my part. Apple could be manufacturing its new tablet in a top secret facility where workers aren’t allowed to leave, or the mini’s release could’ve been pushed back to early next year. I wouldn’t put anything past Apple at this point.

What do you think?

  • That’s one reason why I think the iPad Mini will not come!

    • SimonReidy

      The iPad Mini: the biggest hoax the tech community ever played on itself. Maybe. 🙂

      • Well why don’t they just resize the iPod touch? I mean I saw a kindle fire and I was like meh. Apple won’t probably do a thing that size.. It looks like an oversized iPod touch.

  • If i had to guess (and i do)
    Apple has two events left this year.
    Event1: iPhone, iPod touch, iPod nano
    Event2: iMac, iPad Mini, and maybe more computers MBPwRD in 13in & 17in ext

    Think of it as:
    Event1: Back to school
    Event2: Holiday season

  • Solowalker

    There’s no way it would be released in November. That would be a bad move by Apple. There are many reasons why they have released new iPods (the stocking stuffer of choice) in September/October for years.

    Speaking first-hand after working at an Apple Specialist for 2 years, a late September/early October launch is the most prime release schedule for holiday shopping. It gives Apple a couple weeks to disseminate initial stock to all their partners. We usually got literally only a handful of any item Apple released to last us for about 2 weeks as Apple reserves all necessary stock for their own sales channel. And then the first big load, that all goes to the half-early adopters, the people who want it as soon as possible but don’t want to order it online or try to beat the rush of the first week. Stock can struggle a bit through the end of October. It’s typically only about then or early November that inventory begins to be steady enough for the normal holiday shoppers.

    A November launch would most definitely be bad press for Apple. People being people would whine and complain and moan about not getting their fancy new iPad in time for Christmas. There’s no way they could get the supply and demand to match up enough in one month. And if you’re going to wait until after Christmas, might as well just wait 2 more months until February when you’re going to announce the 4th gen iPad anyway and do them both at once.

    I really don’t see Apple going against their years of wisdom to try to rush one more product out the door for Christmas. If it’s going to happen this year, it’ll happen with the iPhone/iPod announcement.

  • Or the parts we are seeing are meant to throw us off

  • Because iPhone will be released in September and iPad, as always, in the beginning of the next year.

  • Shadowlink

    Here is a simple answer,
    Because its NOT real

  • Manuel Molina

    I keep saying this: the iPhone that people continue to show isn’t the real deal. Apple would not let the new iPhone leak like this. Think about this: a new iPhone, iPad, iPod, iPod Touch, MacBook Pro 13 inch retina, iMac, and new iOS 6 all in october, but only the iphone leaks? I dont think so. Nothing but that has leaked and that isn’t odd? I say this iPhone business isn’t real.

    • Melvco

      I think your assumption that Apple “would not let” parts leak like this is way off. There is no way a company, even of Apple’s stature, could police an entire supply chain made up for dozens of manufacturers and tens of thousands of employees.

      And as for your theory on the leaked iPhone parts not being the real deal, where did they come from then? We’ve seen almost a complete handset of leaked parts that match up with previous Apple designs.

      Not meaning to sound attacking, just curious. I love a good debate.

      • Apple does have that much control and power because if there is a leak and their caught sometimes they commit suicide and sometimes they go to jail it’s nothing funny on apples end at least in china that is…

      • SimonReidy

        Why there’s certainly a record of suicides from Foxconn, I’ve never read a single thing connecting a leaked part to a suicide. That’s a big statement to make. I’m not saying you’re necessarily wrong, but do you have a link or any evidence to support your claim?

      • ReanimationXP


      • Manuel Molina

        Good point. Apple cannot police their entire supply; however, although we have seen so many parts leaked for the iPhone, why have we not seen the iPad mini, iPod touch (though I have seen one post about the displays of the iPod touch), the new iPod Nano’s, and the MacBook Pro 13 Retina? That is why I can’t shake the fact that the iPhone parts leaking fail to some degree or another.

        To be honest, the thing that bothers me the most is the battery. The bump up on battery life seems so small compare to other LTE phones on the market. Unless their new LTE chip really has cut the power consumption down from the previous ones in use by other brand phones and companies, I just can’t see Apple putting little effort in improving something most people have complained about the iPhone 4S since the one before – the iPhone 4 – was what we all wanted from a phone. Apple considering a thinner phone for the price of the battery or not a good battery at all just doesn’t seem like them.
        I just have the feeling that doesn’t seem real and it’s a hoax, though I could be wrong as well. Maybe the leaked parts might be the real deal; maybe not. I just feel if the iPhone parts can leak this much, others could or should.
        Will see what happens on the 12th. And I don’t think you’re attacking me at all – I actually like the fact that all the writers comment with the fans and readers of their blog. It shows they have opinions and care what they see on their articles.

    • It’s just funny to see how people continue to doubt that the new “iPhone 5” would look any different than reported rumors. It’s the same loop every single year. Given that one source reports leak can be ignored, but when variety of sources report the same design leak, you better start believing.

  • SimonReidy

    People still doubting that all the parts leaked from the iPhone5 are the real deal need their heads examined. We’ve had enough independent leaks from a shitload of previously reliable sources to know that the leaked design is what we’re getting. Plus the design just makes sense. Apple has failed at keeping most major product releases fully secret (there’s always been at least a few accurate leaks close to announcement) so why would this year be any different?

    We don’t have anything concrete on the iPad mini however, apart from a lot of guesses (as to why it makes sense for Apple on a technical and consumer level) from tech experts, bloggers and journalists.

    If Apple wish to be competitive in the budget tablet market, it does seem very likely for thr mini to come out this year, however for all we know, it’ll be just like last year’s iPhone 5 ending up being the iPhone4S, and hence we may not see it hit the market until next year. Perhaps Apple will launch the new iPad (4) and the iPad mini at the same time early 2013?

  • Or it could be an unveil of a prototype and a release that lines up with the original iPad. Isn’t that what they did with the first iPhone? Announced February yet released in June if I remember correctly…

    • Melvco

      This is something I actually meant to put in the post. The original iPad was shown off in Jaunary of 2010, but was not available for purchase until March.

  • WolfgangHoltz

    They will probably release it together with the iTV

  • mkaderi

    It’ll get released with new iPad event early next year.

  • macboy74

    If we see one of these things I doubt that it will be this year. March- April next year if they even do it at all.

  • No more Obama

    i just wish the ipad mini, and ipad 4Gen would look different. i’m tired of the ipod touch look for the ipad (just different material but same look) i can’t really say exactly how i would want it, but i want change.

  • I think it’s possible the iPad mini would be released. It might very well be the true star of the keynote. Apple is very good at misdirection (most of the time). But keeping that many suppliers quiet would be an incredible feat. I hope they do but I’ve got a Nexus 7 on the way just in case

  • This is why it felt good when the iPhone 5 didn’t came out last year. All the rumours and trash talk around it was boring me to death. And here we are again.

  • CarterMorgan

    Obviously what I want from Apple doesn’t really matter, but I do really hope that the iPad Mini comes out next month with the iPhone 5. I first started hearing rumors about it from a coworker at Dish and I have been trying to find whatever I can about it since. It would be a perfect fit for me, since I normally use my iPad 2 to watch live TV and recordings from my DVR on the Dish Remote Access app. It would be small enough that I can carry it around with me and be big enough for me to actually view the picture. I just can’t wait until next month to hear what Apple actually has to say!

  • i cant to wait to see how thr mini looks like