According to Bloomberg, Canada-based maker of BlackBerry handsets, Research In Motion, will be licensing its upcoming BlackBerry 10 operating system to a smartphone manufacturer, Bloomberg reports. Apparently the company is evaluating options as we speak, considering how other companies may be able to use it in a range of products. This is the last nail in the coffin of RIM as we used to know it…

Bloomberg has the story:

Research In Motion Ltd. said it will soon be ready to license the company’s new BlackBerry 10 operating system to other manufacturers, even as it races to release its own devices with the software by early next year.

According to the report, BlackBerry 10 OS is “in the final stages of testing”. The embattled handset maker is said to be “considering how other companies may be able to use it in a range of products”, according to RIM’s new CEO Thorsten Heins.

Note that RIM never allowed any company to make BlackBerry-certified handsets. It was recently asserted that Samsung could offer RIM a lifeline and acquire the company, but the Galaxy maker denied the story.

Perhaps Samsung is one of the companies RIM’s CEO is considering as a BlackBerry 10 licensee?

BlackBerry 10 was born out of QNX, a third-party operating system RIM acquired in 2010 from Harman International Industries for $200 million.

The CEO explains RIM could have licensed BlackBerry 10 to car makers, if it wanted to:

QNX is already licensed across the automotive sector – we could do that with BB10 if we chose to,” Heins, who has begun to carry a BB10 phone for his own use, said in an interview at Bloomberg’s headquarters in New York. “The platform can be licensed.”

Has this come as a surprise to you?

  • Am I missing something? Or does it seem like this article is incomplete?

    Still a very interesting topic however.

    • I think it was developing at the time you might of read it. Full article is up now.

      And it looks like RIM finally noticed that released Blackberry 10 on their devices this late is unsustainable. I wonder who will take on the BB10 OS…

  • RIM said they wouldn’t be able to get their own phones out til next year, even though BBOS 10 would be out before then, so this makes perfect sense. Let’s just hope that the licensing fees help keep them around enough to get their own phones out, or at least until Samsung or MS buys them.

  • I think RIM needs to think about adopting other OS’s with their devices.

  • So basically, RIM’s OS is becoming like Android, available for everyone? Dear lord, I hope they in future, if survival is miraculasely acquired, make it exclusive again…. Apple does their OS and phones, providing us a very good integration between those two, and they make it very good. It just works 🙂

  • D R

    RIM may offer BB10, but why would anybody bother with it? It has zero apps, no consumer demand, and I don’t think it’s even been publicly demo’d.

    In every way, it’s worse than WP7, which I believe has an even lower marketshare than the current BB OS.