Recently, major news outlets all but confirmed that the next iPhone will be announced on September 12 and become available on September 21. Aligning nicely with that piece of information, a new report based on industry sources claims that carrier AT&T is planning to launch the iPhone 5 during the third or fourth week of September.

Moreover, the carrier apparently told its retails staff it has rescheduled a large training event for regional employees from the first week of October in order not to clash with a “huge announcement”

Boy Genius Report editor Jonathan Geller has some quality sources when it come to telcos, writing in an exclusive story:

According to a trusted AT&T source, the carrier is currently planning to launch Apple’s next-generation iPhone during the third or fourth week of September, with an all-hands-on-deck policy in place for employees that will extend through to the middle of October.

With less than four weeks left until the anticipated announcement, I’m wondering whether or not you’ll be upgrading to a sixth-generation iPhone?

I know I will.

Hopefully it’s gonna be the mother of all upgrades.

  • I’ve been sitting on an iPhone 4 just waiting for this. MY TIME IS COMING!!! BWAHAHAHAHA!!!

  • Al

    Good thing AT&T is keeping there unlimited plan intact for unlimited users, I suspect it would be an uproar if otherwise chosen to cancel those plans with upgrading..

    • Don’t you still get throttled though? What’s the point of unlimited data if you’re going to get throttled…

      • Al

        Well, for $30..given that the upcoming iPhone will have LTE. It will be 5 GBs until being throttled, compared to being throttled at 3 GBs. Also, AT&T charges $50 for the 5 GB plan…

  • Miketyler

    How many articles must there be for release date of iPhone 5 in september

    • Al

      Hundreds! Just imagine when its released..

  • I’ll upgrade as long as the battery life will be upgraded aswell.

  • Orange UK are also planing on a September launch

  • In the past, how much definite hardware specifications are released or leaked before the official announcement; will we have full details anytime before the September 12th announcement date or will we simply speculate based on “leaked” information? Knowing that there’s just about one month left before launch, many like myself are getting pretty antsy and are also trying to recover some of our losses from current-gen iDevices by selling away.

  • September Hurry Up! I’m going to EXPLODE with Anticipation!

  • good news

  • Just please dont give us that enlongated Sh!t for iPhone 5…all of us are waiting for a spectacular…

  • i feel like the new iPhone is gonna dissapoint.. i just feel like it, just wait and see come september 12th

    • Why have I been feeling the same. I think the phone just can’t outshine the hype anymore.

  • I know someone that works at att n she told me te same thing 2 days ago i didnt believe her but now i di

  • Edson Guedes

    who want to donate an iPhone 4 or 4s for me feel free!

  • chjode

    If the rumored nano-SIM is true, I sure hope Straight Talk supports the new iPhone soon. I’d like to buy the iPhone for full price and then just pay the $45/month instead of the $80 that AT&T charges me now.