Like Henry Ford did, Apple tends to never ask consumers what they want. But contrary to popular belief, the Cupertino firm does believe in market research and regularly polls people in respect to competition and its position in the marketplace. One of such research notes has surfaced today in court documents as we enter the third week of the Apple v. Samsung monster lawsuit.

In it, Apple asks consumers why they chose Android over the iPhone. Turns out regular consumers’ choices have little to do with their love (or hatred) for Apple or Google, with more than four out of ten responding they had gone Android just to stay with their current wireless operator…

Bryan Bishop, writing for The Verge, explains that Apple’s survey dates back to 2010, the year before the iPhone landed on the Verizon network, when it had still been an exclusive AT&T play.

With the survey indicating that 25 percent of overall Android buyers at the time had considered an iPhone, the numbers gives us a real look at just how much the iPhone’s AT&T exclusivity may have hurt it while Android — and Verizon’s Droid brand — surged in the US.

Here’s the full breakdown of the results:

43% Wanted to stay with current provider
36% Trusted Google brand
30% Preferred larger screen
27% Preferred Android Market
26% Wanted better Google services intergration
25% Wanted latest and greatest smartphone
25% Wanted turn-by-turn GPS
25% Wanted latest and greatest technology

If you ask me, Apple’s survey lacks an important choice: “I went with Android because I couldn’t resist my carrier’s BOGO promotion“.

I personally know heck of a lot of Android users who chose the platform just because their carrier spellbound them with a free device.

Also of note, one-third of respondents are all about a larger display on Android phones, which jives well with iDB’s own poll.

Another telling sign: one in four prefer Android due to its richer navigational capabilities, sometimes Apple will address with iOS 6 come this fall. As you know, iOS 6 ditches a Google Maps backend for Apple’s in-house solution which also sports built-in turn-by-turn navigation.

Per IDC, the iPhone and Android phones combined accounted for an astounding 85 percent of all smartphones shipped during the second quarter of this year.

There’s no doubt in my mind that Apple’s decision to cut a multi-year exclusive deal with AT&T had initially limited the iPhone’s performance in the United States.

In hindsight, Steve Jobs believed that Apple had a five-year lead over competition in terms of its mobile operating system. Indeed, the iPhone OS, a slimmed down variant of Mac OS X, was light years away from the crippled stuff found on so-called smartphones in the pre-iPhone era.

Unfortunately, Jobs had failed to anticipate that Eric Schmidt, then Google CEO with a seat on Apple’s board, was cunningly pushing Google into making Android as soon as he had learned about the iPhone project.

If it hadn’t been for Android, the iPhone would have obliterated its competitors and the mobile landscape – or at least the high-end of it –  would have exclusively belonged to Apple now.

Steve Jobs’s legendary disdain for carriers is well documented and the above survey just serves to highlight that while Apple owns the user experience on the iPhone, it’s the carriers who Apple must rely on to sell its device to the masses.

Sometimes, and for whatever reasons, Apple’s carrier partners see fit to push Android handsets over the iPhone.

I also have another theory about the Android freight train.

Up until recently, consumers were unable to either afford an iPhone or there was no iPhone-friendly carrier in their area or were unwilling to switch to another telco just to get an iPhone.

We’re talking large numbers of people and many of them have been talked into considering an Android device at the point of sale with an argument that Android offers the closest iPhone experience there is.

That’s not to say that Android lacks qualities of its own – it doesn’t – but Apple’s survey clearly highlights how carriers still have enormous power to derail devices or promote the hell out of them until they become successful.

Care to offer your thoughts about Apple’s survey?

  • I have to agree with this entire article. I went to my local AT&T store to help my father pick out a phone, and not a single Rep mentioned the iPhone, even though my father is much older and would have only needed the iPhone’s simplicity. But he instead got the One X. Not necessarily a bad choice, but I would have still preferred he got an iPhone, or at least for one of the Reps to mention it. I mentioned it twice, but my father wanted a phone with a big screen…

    Long story short, Reps don’t push iPhone like they used too. And sometimes, it’s because of that, a lot of people lose out on a great mobile experience that is iOS and ultimately, iPhone.

    • MagicDrumSticks

      Great experience? The UI has barely been updated since iOS 1, if at all. The phone is still 3G, doesn’t have removable storage, has an extremely small screen, is fragile, has android level battery life on the 4S.

      Which user experience were you referring to? In the current situation I would recommend people avoid apple until 5 comes out

      • Obsidian71

        Pay attention. He said simplicity was the key. Removable storage, overly complicated UI and the other stuff really need not apply. I have no idea why you failed to comprehend the salient parts of Jordan’s post.

      • MagicDrumSticks

        Small screen is not an example of simplicity. Lack of LTE is not an example of simplicity. Crappy battery life is not an example of simplicity.

        Need I go on?

      • Obsidian71

        No you need not going on. You’ve sufficiently proven that you are incapable of looking beyond your own needs.

      • The fact that he said lack of LTE was not an example of simplicity only means he’d rather have a gimmick than something actually useful…like my dad needs LTE to make a call…idiots these days.

      • MagicDrumSticks

        LTE is a gimmick? You should just go back to 56k then, since broadband is a gimmick too. All the carriers are pushing out LTE and it’s already available in most cities. Don’t be such a blind fanboy that you can’t see what we’re missing out on. I love Apple and I have most if not all of their products, but a little criticism is necessary.

      • Being the idiot you continue to be, you still continue to be blatantly ignorant when it comes to facts. You never even asked me if he came from a dumbphone, you jump to the conclusion that he went straight from a smartphone to another smartphone.

        LTE is a gimmick. Why? YOU DON’T FUCKIN’ NEED IT. How is so hard to understand that LTE is just a marketing term used to fool the public into getting a product with faster speeds even when half of them will probably never be able to use it.

        Money isn’t a problem for my family. Yeah that’s right, we’re upper class asshole. But I’m sure you’re just saying all these things because you’re a jealous imbecile who likes to make a fool of himself.

      • MagicDrumSticks

        The fact that you are getting angry and calling me names just shows me that you can’t handle the argument or the truth. I’m trying to have a healthy debate but you’re resorting to insults and use caps lock, good day sir.

      • Nah, you’re just mad he proved you wrong. U mad bro.

      • MagicDrumSticks

        I’m pretty sure I’m not mad. I could care less what he buys. Though I still haven’t been told how LTE is a gimmick. And you mentioned that you have to pay more for LTE; this is not true at all. The HTC One X is $99 currently and it offers more than the 4S does for less price.

        Since you hate removable storage, the HTC One X doesn’t have that.

        See where I’m coming from? I’m pointing out valid facts while you’re resorting to name calling and provide no real hard evidence, it’s rather amusing to see you reply, shouldn’t you be at your busy job?

      • ‘”Im pretty sure I’m not mad. I could care less what he buys.”

        Then why are you arguing over what I should or shouldn’t buy…

        “Though I still haven’t been told how LTE is a gimmick. And you mentioned that you have to pay more for LTE; this is not true at all.”

        Not everyone will get LTE…hence the gimmick. Even when I point this out, you still avoid it…and nobody ever said you pay more for LTE…you claimed that yourself…

        “The HTC One X is $99 currently and it offers more than the 4S does for less price.”

        Your point? I’m not buying another phone…we’ve already done that already…*yawns at your pathetic attempts to make sense*
        “Since you hate removable storage, the HTC One X doesn’t have that.”
        Again…what’s your point? There are lots of phones with no removable storage…

        “See where I’m coming from? I’m pointing out valid facts while you’re resorting to name calling and provide no real hard evidence, it’s rather amusing to see you reply, shouldn’t you be at your busy job?”

        I’ve yet to see a fact that made any sense in trying to make a convincing argument on your part…and shouldn’t you be taking your own advice?
        “It’s rather amusing to see you reply.”

        This is iDownloadblog. If you bash the iPhone, you’re going to get trolled. So obviously, with any of your arguments, you’re going to be outnumbered.

      • But you have no argument…so obviously you just looked like an idiot in front of everyone…

      • Shadowlink

        Lol this is so true, just look u have 3 thumbs down you are just being real but the fanboys cant take it

      • Obviously this is true. Phones do have features iPhone does not. But…that was never the point. It was all about Reps not pushing the iPhone anymore…until you and you’re little friend turned it into not having features on phone…clearly this entire thing has gone south.

        Being a reasonable and logical person, I apologize if I offended anyone. Not everyone agrees on the same thing. And obviously, we had a disagreement.

        Because I want to be the better person, I’m going to say this:

        Some of you were right when it came to certain things. And some of you were wrong.

        I was right. And I was wrong.

        Since this is obviously going nowhere, I’m going somewhere. Good day my friends. Live long, prosperous lives.

      • Nope, they were all wrong my friend…they’ve proven nothing they’ve tried to claim and looked like ignorant fools and assholes…clearly, in general, we were all better people except them.

        They even deleted comments to cover it up…very, very sad.

      • Oh and by the way he didn’t call you any names, he just said you were a fool…there’s a difference. But since you’re a fool, I wouldn’t expect you to understand that.

      • Yup, LTE is definitely a gimmick. Just like removable storage. I have no need for removable storage. Removable storage is only for phones that can’t handle the storage space they already have, e.g any android phone.

      • I have a smartphone and I don’t even use…so I just blatantly waste money. Are you going to cry and argue something stupid about me wasting money? Who the fuck are you? You aren’t me. So I don’t give a fuck if I’m wasting money. I have money to blow, I have a job. Unlike you, which I’m sure is the only reason you’re trolling on this blog, because you have no life.

      • MagicDrumSticks

        What’s funnier is that you took the time to respond to my “troll” (which isn’t even trolling, I’m simply pointing out the major flaws in Jordan’s argument) comment with your creative, brash comment.

        So I have no life? Lawl.

      • Yet, you still reply to trolls, which means you have no life. Good job bro. You’re obviously outnumbered, and therefore have resorted to trying to make a convincing argument…but none of your points are valid.

      • MagicDrumSticks

        I don’t have a job and never claimed to. And yes I like to spend my time on the internet. So according to you and Joe I have no life, yet here you are, doing the same thing as me but denying what you really are as well.

      • Pretty sure Jacques has a job…he’s just browsing at work…which is why he hasn’t continued to reply to your blatant stupidity and ignorance. You’re a narcissistic attention whore…continuing to comment and attempting to “make a difference”. Seriously? You should get a job. Maybe do something productive, because you’re not getting very far here.

      • Because you know my dad didn’t get it for all the features iOS DOESN’T NEED. All my dad needs it for, is to text some and make a few calls. I don’t expect him to surf the web all day and play video games nonstop…get real. Just because the iPhone isn’t for you doesn’t mean it isn’t for other people.

      • typical american consumerism! why the heck do you need an iPhone to just text and make calls. Are you cray-cray?! Get a flip phone, it’s like a fifth of the price

      • Galit Rappoport

        Exactly. For making calls and texting better get a phone with real keyboard, that would make it simple

      • Hyr3m

        I recently watched the original iPhone’s announcement event. Couldn’t believe my ears when I heard Steve Jobs explaining how easier it was to type on an iPhone than on a blackberry-type keyboard. It’s easier to type on a 0 to 9 keypad than on an iPhone… That’s saying something! But on the bright side, we have him to thank for the existence of “damnyouautocorrect” (which is the go-to if you ever need a laugh)

      • LOL, you and you’re broken slider…

      • Yup. If we can afford it, you better believe we’re gunna get it.

        But I guess you wrote that comment on a flip-phone. I mean, it’s only a fifth of the price…why not?

      • If you don’t like it, go back to china you chink. Or better yet, tell your Chinese laborer friends to make better flip-phones…

      • MagicDrumSticks

        Wow resorting to racism now, I pity you.

      • Freedom of speech bitch…don’t like it, then go somewhere else.

      • max

        what the fuck is wrong with you? u think you know what your dad wants but, as per your own stupid statements, u don’t, SO DO US A FAVOR AND SHUT THE F..K UP!!! Calling someone an idiot…if you want to see and idiot, look at your stupid face in the mirror (Jordan Idiot Rushing). if your dad is just making calls why would he need and iphone?

      • I never said I knew what my dad wanted. He made that decision on his own without my help.

        You’re telling me to shut the fuck up…yet, that’s all of you’ve said and you’ve added nothing to article other than opinion of what I said and some childish name calling.

        My dad got what HE wanted and not what somebody else wanted him to. If he wanted a dumbphone, he would have got one.

        Looks like the real idiot is the guy attempting to impress other people by being an asshole and trying to look cool on A FUCKING IPHONE BLOG. If don’t want people to get an iPhone for whatever reason, why the hell do you read it?

      • It obviously takes an idiot to know an idiot, so in this case, you’re a fuckin’ retard. But you wouldn’t be able to look in a mirror because you’re so goddamn ugly it breaks. Which is why you don’t have a profile picture. If you don’t want someone to have a smartphone what are you going to do to stop them? Oh that’s right, nothing.

      • MagicDrumSticks

        Again, calling me a loser with no life when you’re taking time out of your “busy” day to scope out people’s comments which you simply disagree with and then calling them ugly, your maturity is amusing, I wonder what kind of job you have that allows so much free time and grants you the ability to see what people look like over the internet.

      • I find it funny how he wasn’t talking to you…so you have two accounts just to back yourself up in an argument??? Wow bro, way to contradict yourself and look like a total tool!

      • MagicDrumSticks

        I know he wasn’t talking to me, the fact that he’s insulting users who were just making suggestions bugs me so I jumped in.

      • Yet, when I get insulted, I take it like a man and laugh. This is the internet my friend…if you don’t like getting insulted, maybe you should get that job you said you didn’t have…

      • MagicDrumSticks

        So I’m still waiting on the argument you were supposed to make a few hours back.

        Does choosing the iPhone over the dumbphone save you money? No.

        Can you say “I don’t want the data plan” to your carrier?
        No because it’s mandatory.

        Is there more maintenance/repair costs associated with an iPhone over a dumbphone? Yes.

        Is it cheaper to buy and HTC One X instead of the iPhone 4S? Yes.

        Is android awesome and iOS fail?
        No, I never said it was. I simply said that iOS and iPhone hasn’t been updated and is lagging behind. At this point in time I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

        See how structured that was? Again, you will probably call me stupid or something so there’s no point.

        Face it, you have thus far provided nothing that makes me think “oh yeah he’s right about that!” instead, you and Joe have simply resorted to calling people names and getting upset because someone came in and said the truth. Lets hear it big man.

      • Allow me to answer your questions…

        “Does choosing the iPhone over the dumbphone save you money?”

        Probably not. But who cares? It’s not your decision.

        “Can you say “I don’t want the data plan” to your carrier?”

        Yes you can. If you knew anything about carriers you would know this. So long as you don’t use features on a smartphone they can bill as you would normally with a dumbphone…

        “Is there more maintenance/repair costs associated with an iPhone over a dumbphone?”

        It literally all depends on the user. I’ve had an iPhone and Iv’e never had to do any maintenance on it of any kind…

        “Is it cheaper to buy and HTC One X instead of the iPhone 4S?”

        Not necessarily. I got a free 4S just for being a long time customer. So that point is invalid. And technically it all depends on where you get the phone. Online or in store, prices will still vary.

        “Is android awesome and iOS fail? At this point in time I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.”

        The fact that you bashed iOS and all the features it doesn’t need clearly proves that you contradict yourself…and if you can’t recommend it, it’s obviously no good, i.e., it’s a fail.

        “See how structured that was?”

        I literally picked it apart and proved you wrong on each one…there was no argument to begin with.

        “Face it, you have thus far provided nothing that makes me think “oh yeah he’s right about that!” instead, you and Joe have simply resorted to calling people names and getting upset because someone came in and said the truth. Lets hear it big man.”

        I’m still waiting to hear an argument worthy of any dignified response…so until then, get your panties out of a wad and admit that you are beaten. You can’t argue if you have no argument…clearly by stating all those things, you’ve indicated to me and everyone else you have no idea of what you’re *attempting* to discuss.

      • And…he just completely invalidated everything you just said…way to go dumbass…

      • It’s sad to see how hard you try to make yourself look like you know what you’re talking about…but it’s ok. I’m like Mr. T, I do pity the fool.

      • “Face it, you have thus far provided nothing that makes me think “oh yeah he’s right about that!”

        I guess we can all say the same thing about you…still have yet to see this argument you’re trying so desperately to make…

      • MagicDrumSticks

        Exactly. The two people above me hit the nail on the head. Why get an iPhone with all the internet and game features if your dad won’t use it? You’ll be paying extra for data that he won’t be using if he just “makes calls and some texts”

      • Shadowlink

        Too bad fanboys cant see the real truth

      • There’s no truth in fanboyism. So your argument is invalid.

      • Maybe when you get a smartphone you’ll understand…the world doesn’t revolve around you or your opinions, you’re just jealous someone got a smartphone while you’re sitting at your house trying to text on a dial pad…

      • Hyr3m

        Jordan, I hope you realize that the only way we can make your argument work is if we consider the iPhone as a dumbphone (which it pretty much is, except it lacks a physical keyboard).

        If you need a phone to call and text, get a dumbphone. If you need a smartphone, you might as well get a phone that’s really “smart” (which means something else than an iPhone).

      • Well with that argument you just provided, you’ve made it rather clear that you’ve never owned a smartphone in your life, and the fact that you’re telling other people to get a different device on A FUCKING IPHONE BLOG means that, not only are you an idiot, but you lack any logic or reasoning when it comes to what any consumer wants.

        If my dad wanted a dumbphone, he would have gotten one. But he didn’t. He got a smartphone because that’s what HE wanted. What you think and what you know are clearly two different things.

      • Hyr3m


        you’ve made it rather clear that you’ve never owned a smartphone in your life ”

        What the hell do you think I’m doing here? Honestly… try to use some of that logic & reasoning you say I lack.

        As you’re an obviously hateful person, I’ll just explain it to you:
        I’ve had many iPhones and iPod touch… almost every generation of each of Apple’s “mobile” devices has been in my hands for anywhere between a day and months. I know first hand how retarded and shitty Apple’s devices are. I’m now the proud owner of an ICS Android Smartphone (on JellyBean soon) and, just like 99.9999% of people having switched to Android, will never go back to – and never stop laughing at – fucktard iPhones. I still have an iPod touch 4G for a few iOS apps so I keep following the news here and laughing at Apple’s latest retarded moves ( 8 || 16 pin dock connector, (i)phony lawsuits, “round pancake”-type of patent filing etc…)

        No offense but… your dad didn’t pick the iPhone because it’s suitable for his needs (from what you said, a phone 400x less expensive would’ve done the trick), he picked it for another reason and it’s very likely that Apple’s awesome marketing strategy is to blame.

      • That fact that you’re still arguing over a dead article is enough for me to clearly state how pathetic you are. You and all of your friends have been proven wrong, there was no argument, and you’ve failed to support any claims you’ve made.

        Your argument is invalid.

      • Gettin’ real tired of this shit in my notifications.

        You hate iPhone, yet read and comment on an iPhone blog.

        No matter how much you think you’re right, no matter how hard you argue, no matter what you do in life, the fact that you came to this blog simply means you envy the iPhone and crave the news around it.

        Based on that, you lack the reasoning and logic that was already pointed out. Way to look like a tool.

        As what Jordan said, your argument is invalid.

      • Funny how a dumbphone revolutionized all smartphones today as we know it…but since you’re retarded, you wouldn’t know that.

      • Hyr3m

        Joe, I obviously meant that there’s no way Jordan’s argument can work… He describes the needs that are fulfilled by any dumbphone and says the iPhone is the best for those needs.

        The genius points at the moon, the moron stares at the finger.

  • I agree with this article – Carrier choice and a fluke is what got me in to iOS….

    Here is what happened – it is a 2-Part story, but I’ll make it as brief as possible! 🙂

    FIRST: We hated AT&T – we were BURNED by AT&T in the past and currently were very happy with T-Mobile….. Then, the “Announcement” came that AT&T and T-Mobile were to merge! We had been looking at some various Android devices at that time, but were holding off because we didn’t want to go back in to a 2-year contract…. At that time, we really didn’t have much of an opinion either way about Android vs. iOS.

    SECOND: Bank of the West did an iPOD promo…. Get a FREE iPod 4 Touch when you opened a checking account… Long story short – I got my free iPod 4 Touch and was absolutely BLOWN AWAY by the HIGH QUALITY of iOS!!!

    THIRD: With the exposure of iOS and being AMAZED by it, and T-Mobile being swallowed up by the “Evil” Empire (AT&T) we figured if it was a “done-deal” that T-Mobile was going over to the “Dark side” then what the heck, we might as well as take advantage of the big sales on the iPhone 4 which were happening a few months before iPhone 4S was rumored to come out.

    So, had T-Mobile not been (what we thought at the time) going to AT&T…. AND I had not gotten my FREE iOS iPod 4 Touch – we would have bought an Android device and stayed on T-Mobile. 🙂

    But, we got an iPhone 4 and we are living “happily ever after”…. Until that is iPhone 5 is released and T-Mobile gets in on the game!!! Then seeeeeee YA AT&T!!! LOL!!!

  • I’ve been with Verizon for years and held out on getting a smartphone bc of the rumors that Verizon would get the iPhone. When they finally got it I walked in the store knowing I wouldn’t leave without an iPhone and the reps tried to shove androids down my throat. Telling me about free music, removable storage, bigger screens, discounted and free phones, and all that jazz. I told him, “I don’t want that crap!” lol. And I walked out with my iPhone. I love it.

    • Shadowlink

      You dont want that crap? So why did u want the iphone because everybody that u know had one?? that seems to be the reason for a lot of people which is stupid, blinding yourself to see that android has better customization than the iphone, and i know thats not what everyone wants but everybody goes by whatever everybody has must be the best…

      • Because nobody wants a crappy laggy android…I had one and all it got was viruses and crashed all the time. Ended up switching to iOS because it worked. It’s called an opinion asshole, everybody has one, and they all stink. You may not like that he got something he wanted, but I’m damn sure he could care less about someone trying to convince him in to getting something he didn’t want.

  • @dongiuj

    So looking at the figures, not far from 50% of people leave ios for multiple reasons.

    • Hyr3m

      or, 100% of people have on average 2.37 reasons to give up on iOS…

  • Koolaid

  • Most android haters bash the os simply because they have the euphoric Apple-itus and simply have to hate everything non-Apple to preserve their unconditional love of Apple.

    • Shadowlink

      True and unbelievably stupid reason to do it and i bet most have not ever even tried an android device

  • I work in IT and simply can do so much more on my Galaxy S2 than I could ever do on my old iPhone 4. Yes, I used to be an iPhone fan like you, but my change of heart was the desire to have more functionality from a technical standpoint. Btw I used to go by Applebyte on this blog a long while back if you think that I am a one-sided Android fan boy. I don’t drink anyone’s koolaid. I have a true desire to find the best that technology can offer.

    • max

      well said buddy…well said!

      • Love how you deleted your comments on the above section because you’re too weak willed and arrogant to accept you’re own brash, unoriginal, and ignorant statements…

      • Being open minded is in no way arrogant. I meant the what I said before but realized after I what I said that some people can not handle the truth. I guess I was right.

  • Wait, wait, wait. 27% preferred the Android Market? Not that the android market is bad or anything but the apps are not even comparable in quality or selection as well as fragmentation problems. Android does many, many things better than iOS, like a lot better, but the market place is not one of them.

    • Hyr3m

      Guess people are just stupid… I mean look at Christian’s article…

  • Hyr3m

    Christian : 43 < 51, the name of this entry should be : "Apple survey says folks predominantly go to Android for something else than just staying with their carrier"

    Or, more importantly, "50% think that the "latest and greatest smartphone/technology" isn't the iPhone, even if they own one."

    Also please subdivide what needs to be subdivided because 237% 100%. On an exactitude and clarity scale of 1 to 10 I give you -5.
    43% Wanted to stay with current provider
    36% Trusted Google brand
    30% Preferred larger screen
    27% Preferred Android Market
    26% Wanted better Google services intergration
    25% Wanted latest and greatest smartphone
    25% Wanted turn-by-turn GPS
    25% Wanted latest and greatest technology

    As always Christian, very lousy journalistic work! … Oh… wait! That’s a pleonasm! Then… erm… Congrats! … I guess…

  • So, this points to that the claimed apple iphone selling loss in the US isn’t due to Samsungs, its due to their own business desicions on AT&T’s agreement and the close of the iOS platform

  • peoplegetpeople

    What an incredibly pompous, arrogant, and unflattering article this is! To suggest that EUs purchase Android devices simply because “they either can’t afford an iphone, don’t have access to an iphone, or were told that android is the closest to an iphone experience” is both haughty and remarkably uninformed. I would say AT LEAST 45% of Android users and buyers are such because of disdain for Apple’s closed ecosystem (I have an iPhone 4 on my lap right now that I can’t unlock from baseband 4.12.02 without paying someone because of Apple’s closed ecosystem), Desire for customization (why apple STILL doesn’t offer the level of customization Android offers is beyond me!), and a WILDLY growing outstanding reputation. I am non-partisan to both (the ifan vs fandroid war) but I DO prefer Android for the reasons mentioned and the vast majority of folks I know, interact with, work with, live with, etc. are sailing the same boat.

    This article has fanboy written all through it…