The high-profile patent trial between Apple and Samsung has exposed some pretty interesting intel on both companies. But the information brought to light tonight might be the best yet.

According to some new court filings, executives from the two tech heavyweights met in hopes of reaching a settlement back in 2010. And Apple actually offered Samsung a licensing deal…

AllThingsD reports:

“In October 2010, Apple offered to license its portfolio of patents to Samsung provided the Korean company was willing to pay on the order of $30 per smartphone and $40 per tablet.

“Samsung chose to embrace and imitate Apple’s iPhone archetype,” Apple said in an Oct. 5, 2010 presentation to Samsung. “Apple would have preferred that Samsung request a license to do this in advance. Because Samsung is a strategic supplier to Apple, we are prepared to offer a royalty-bearing license for this category of device.”

In addition to this, Apple offered to drop the fees by 20% if Samsung agreed to cross-license its own patents. The Korean company has a large collection of wireless IP and standards essentials patents.

Obviously, the deal didn’t end up going through. But imagine if it had. A majority of the litigation between the two companies would have never happened — and for how much? Apple estimates that Samsung would have had to pay up around $250 million in 2010, which is chump change compared to the $2.5 billion it’s looking for now.

  • Kok Hean

    Like it or not, they do own the patents. Just cross license and everyone is happy.

  • Karma, Bitch.

  • Imagine the phones we would have now if they would have crossed licenses.

  • luckily apple doesnt make cars, because they would patent 4 wheels, pedals for braking and acceleration, steering wheel and so on.

    • Right. And that is exactly what they did with their current devices. Patented already available concepts and ideas, called them theirs and now offer to licence them. I cannot believe how people’s critical thinking just disappears when it comes to Apple. It feels JUST like a religion. Fucking disgraceful!

      • Fandriod. LOL . Sorry friend but increase some IQ in tech. Apple inc invested alot in their creation. Frist they copied app store … And called it ( google play) or whatever, now they ripping of music store.

      • I’m a fandroid, with an iPhone. How appropriate. If I was one, I sure wouldn’t be hanging around on this site, instead, I’d be on XDA, AndroidCentral and such.
        So let me get this straight. Google Play is an App Store ripoff, because they dared to offer similar services, even thought both are completely different. Right, makes sense. Keep telling yourself that.
        Another typical pathetic fanboy who buys into magical propaganda.

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      • BoardDWorld

        Big pointing finger at your avatar. Actually you’re on here defending your preference in OS/Device. That’s fair enough.

      • I’m an iPhone user who started really, really liking Android after Jelly Bean came out and prefer it over iOS. Why is that so hard for some to accept? Yes, iOS is more streamlined and screams simplicity, but when it comes to features and options, the two simply cannot compete.

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    • goofygreek

      No, they would patent the rectangular shape of the brake pedal, gas pedal. and then say they made it work.

    • Sorry to be a bad guy friend.Funning thing is that all the thing you mention above were patent when they first came out. Pedals invented by kirkpatrick macmillan(),Tyre by Dunlop. Steering wheel by some Brit company. Which all were patent by respective innovater.

  • Imagine how much money both sides would have saved on legal fees. The only thing such litigation does is make lawyers richer.

  • YujinNY

    so for those android fans that say apple wants all for itself..this is proof that while apple doesnt go crying and showing proof to the world, they do have an ethical approach to their business, they just got fed up their request to avoid people from stealing from them went no has the money to sue everyone and they should as many of these asian companies are getting way to confortable stealing everything from the west…specially when anti american companies like google (Sergey is of of russian descent, so not much love to this country) gives them the tools and go ahead to do so…you support samsung you are basically saying you hate america…it comes to that…if you are from asia them your issue…no one likes to work for free..not even the chinese.

    • goofygreek

      So, if i understand your post correctly. Your saying that if you like samsung, you hate the USA? Please explain to me how a fucking digital device has anything to do with democracy, or love of this country….

    • dude now u wanna sound racist just because a digital device..that’s so low

  • SD

    SSBA………Samsung Should Be Ashamed

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