iOS 6 brings a new app called Passbook that Apple argues isn’t a direct payment product (yet). Instead, the program lets you collect and organize discount coupons, gift cards and some such. Patents, however, reveal that Apple is actively thinking about leveraging NFC technology to turn Passbook into a comprehensive mobile shopping solution, referred to as the iWallet.

You could create fake coupons to play around with in the Passbook app, but I’d bet my shirt that you’d still be scratching your head as to how exactly Passbook is supposed to work in real-life. A nice two-minute clip embedded below will help clear up the confusion by showing some interesting possibilities for Passbook through real-life examples…

AppleInsider points to a cool video by enterprise mobile strategy and app services company iOptimal, which used its proprietary app called Passbook App Prototyper that talks to Passbook, pretending to be a point of sale.

As a result, iOptimal was able to create a real-world example of what shopping using Apple’s Passbook solution could be like, down to the coupons, discount cards and so forth.

Here’s the clip.

Note that Passbook operation is shown via an iOS simulator rather than on the device itself.

Cool, no?

Doesn’t this video make you yearn for the fully-featured iWallet shopping solution, with credit cards and everything?


    personally, i think pass book is garbage.

    • personally you haven’t even used it yet…so how can you make such a blanket statement?

      • sh00vie

        personally I agree with Zach

      • Loopthree

        1. With the personal presence or action of the individual specified; in person.
        2. Used to indicate that a specified person and no other is involved in something.

      • notewar

        Personally i just want to type ‘personally’ = )

      • I’ve used it, and its worked pretty well so far!

  • The music made wartching that video really irritating

  • Anyone saw the custom vibrations on beta 4 sounds?

    • That was in B3 as well

  • Viktor_Zweig

    Nope, something like that does not make me *yearn* for anything. Boobies, on the other hand bring a lot of very similar feelings and much more. 😉

    • Joey_Mousepad

      That’s cute. I remember my 13th birthday.

      • Viktor_Zweig

        Great minds, think alike.

  • Ignacio Irigoyen

    If this not only works, but also (an important as the first) becomes an acepted paying method almost in every place… Then yes, I would love this feature.

  • This actually makes me like PassBook way more. When I saw the preview I thought “Great, another stock app I’m not gonna use.” But if enough support for places get added to it, and it works at least this well, I might just use it.

  • Johnathan Jennings

    This video sucks. I still don’t understand anything.

  • How do I get passbook. I’m on the newest iOS 6.

  • Fantastic video and loving the look of that Pizza. Apple have provided another great platform for businesses to help declutter their consumers’ lives while at the same time getting more business through the door. Being one of the first to create Passbook Passes will help them no end. Given the buzz we see around everything Apple at the moment it’s a wave worth riding by all business – and not just the big guys like Starbucks.