It seems that everybody in Asia and their mother have some spare iPhone 5 parts to share with the web at large. A new report is out today with a pair of images showing the purported front assembly of the next iPhone, meticulously disassembled in a true teardown analysis manner…

The French blog NowhereElse points to a pair of image sourced from iColorOS that show all the parts thought to make up the iPhone 5 front assembly.

Here you can see a bunch of internal sensors, the volume control circuitry, the smaller home button and the glass display.

Note that the above image also depicts what looks to be a Nano SIM tray that NowheeElse first leaked on Monday.

Here’s that smaller drawer compared to the MicroSIM drawer used on the iPhone 4/4S, from four days ago.

And here’s another look at the front assembly parts.

NowhereElse is increasingly becoming the source of late iPhone 5 rumors as we approach the rumored September 12 announcement.

Just yesterday, the site pointed to a Chinese newspaper report claiming that the iPhone 5 will be just 7.6mm thick (versus 9.3mm for the iPhone 4/4S) and published a bunch of gorgeous renders depicting what holding a four-inch iPhone with a taller display could feel like.

The blog also published a full on image of the purported iPhone 5 dock connector which clearly shows a metal ring inside the casing cutout, suggesting MagSafe-like functionality.

What do you think about this iPhone 5 front assembly?

Perhaps you can glean other interesting tidbits from these shots?

  • i <3 Phone 5 rumors

  • What happened to being “completely redesigned?”

    • presidentwalter

      The thing that steve jobs said about design is that it shouldn’t be changed to differentiate a product from it’s predecessor or competition. It should only be changed when the form factor does limits it’s abilities or functions. Hence the current design might just work for the phone.

      • I’m all for keeping the form the same, it works, but I could have swore there was a quote from Apple saying it was going to be redesigned. I can’t find it anywhere, so I guess it was just the speculation from last year and this year.

      • presidentwalter

        I was sort of hoping for a sleek all aluminum back. I’m guessing reception would be terrible though.

      • JamesR624

        Doesn’t limit it huh? How about being able to stand up to every day life? If you think making a cell phone’s casing and shell thats supposed to protect the components inside out of GLASS, you probably shouldn’t be designing cell phones. The fact I have to put a case on my phone just to be able to use it is stupid.

      • presidentwalter

        Eventually all phones won’t need a case. Types of glass like Gorilla glass and it’s successors, make the need for cases and protectors less prominent. And when people hold a smartphone, they want a premium, sleek feel to it, not a chunky plastic tub build.

      • Been using my iPhone 4 without a case, still looks new. Just a zagg film on the front and back

  • I honestly thought they were going to make it a bit wider. Even slightly! Countdown to Sept begins!