If you’re looking for a smashing deal on the new iPad, it probably doesn’t get better than that. Apple is currently selling refurbished new iPads at a $50 discount for the first time.

Starting at $449 for a 16GB Wi-Fi model, and going up to $779 for a 64GB cellular model, those refurbished iPads are just as good as brand new ones, well, except someone has owned them for a brief moment before you…

Like most refurbished Apple products, these refurbished iPads come with a one year warranty, a brand new outer shell, and maybe more importantly, a brand new battery. You can read more about the refurbishment process here.

This $50 discount will be available for a limited time only, likely while supplies last, so hurry. But of course, you might also want to hold your breath and wait for the rumored revamped new iPad that may supposedly come out next month.

  • JerseyD

    Refurbished new iPad? Oxymoron. lol

    • Exactly my thought as I was typing this post

      • Thomas Weaver

        He’s saying the new iPad. Latest model.. Refurbished.

  • Kok Hean

    Is it possible for a refurbished iPad to be refurbished the second time?

  • great deal.. ipad3 is great

  • Lord British

    Took advantage of this recently, 64g wifi only iPad 3. Upgraded from iPad 1. Glad I did it, $50 saved was nice, I picked up a Smart Case to go along with my order. Free shipping, got it in 5 days. I love refurbished apple goodies