There is no shortage of iPhone 5 mockups these days as the big launch draws nearer with each passing day. Like all the other concept renders before it, this one’s also based on leaked components, engineering samples, case molds and cases we’ve seen so far.

What’s unusual about this particular set of renders is that the images depict what holding an iPhone 5 in one’s hand may look like…

The renders are credited to the French blog NowhereElse, which also brought you images of a purported Nano SIM tray for the next iPhone and another gorgeous Liquidmetal iPhone 5 concept render.

Here’s a look at the iPhone 5 in an average person’s hand.

And the white model, too.

Another one for the sake of completeness.

What do you think about those renders?

NowhereElse has a few dozen images so make sure to check out the original post.

I was originally skeptical of a rumored two-tone design, but these renders made me reconsider my stance. A little bit more than half the respondents voted in our poll in favor of the two-tone look.

Can you fathom holding a taller four-inch iPhone in your hand?

  • Shadowlink

    If they dont make it wider it will look nasty

  • coejam


    • Impeach Obama

      hmm, so many thumbs down to your ugly comment…maybe they prefer fugly?

  • Vitaliy T

    amazing job with renders, but they messed up with iOS home screen apps images – iPhone 5 will never run on iOS 5. always mess up with something smh…

    • JamesR624

      It’s NOT GOING TO BE CALLED “iPhone 5”!!! Your own comment even proves this!

    • 4p0c4lyps3

      Thanx, tard.

  • Looks good to

  • stop posting fake images ‘ the iphone 5 nobody know how it is

    • maurid

      Oh my, oh my.

    • Impeach Obama

      i still call it the iphone 6. but apple doesn’t want people to realize how old it is and how little it has changed. so a play on the name we get. ie.iPhone 4S

  • I understood that they don’t want to change the size of the screen because the developers will have to make all the apps again (like they did with the iPad) but if they are alredy changing why not increase the wide to ?

  • The problem I see with the taller phone is that it’ll be really hard to use notification center with one hand ( and other stuff on the top of the screen)

    • 4p0c4lyps3

      Okay, baby hands.

    • tim

      you’ll be fine

    • Agreed, wether you have big hands or not it’ll still be much more awkward to hold with one hand and use notification centre. I’m sure there was an article a while ago about apple having picked the current size because it’s easy to use with one hand. I guess that’s gone out of the window!

  • maurid

    So what, it’s just gonna get taller and taller? Because “wider” would be “too big”, huh?

  • If you notice the YouTube app is still there as mentioned in the recent removal of it in ios 6 beta 4 it is gone so obviously this is fake

    • What makes you think it was real in the first place?

    • Jude Johnpeter

      Its not fake it’s an artist’s rendering
      Know the difference!!!

      • Wow my bad man my bad

      • Impeach Obama

        whoa, i thought you were joking. didn’t know you were serious

    • 4p0c4lyps3

      Beautiful job at stating the f’n obvious. Lol, u genius. Did u read the article?

      • Impeach Obama

        Geniuses only work for apple in their retail stores

    • come on….just read it dude….

    • This isn’t fake. The iphone isn’t actually on. Its just that they put a screen shot of an iphone on ios 5 and then they slipped it on.

  • Irfan Tarique

    Gonna have a hard time finding a wallpaper with that dimensions.

    • Worst. Post. Ever.
      I’m going to go out on a limb and say, you won’t have any problems mate.

      • Irfan Tarique

        Keep your kind comments to your self. “Worst post ever” who are you to judge?

      • Everybody judges Irfan. If you say you don’t, you only fall under the “hypocritical” column. And btw I’m not judging. Merely stating fact. How on earth are you going to have a hard time finding a wallpaper with those dimensions?

  • not sure if i like the headphone jack on the bottom. it makes sense of your using a dock with a built in jack but what if your using it in your car? it would have to sit upside down i put mine in my cup holder wile using a jack to my radio and it sits perfect so i can see the screen on this one it would not sit right if they did that

    • 4p0c4lyps3

      It will b ideal. Merely for access while ipodding in pocket. But i guess whn ur phone rings u want to pull ur phone out upside down. Luv the counter intuitive logic, lol. Thank god Apple is righting this issue.

  • I don’t even know what the back of my iPhone 4 looks like; it’s been in a Mophie case ever since I unboxed it.

  • smtp25

    WOW- IT LOOKS SO DIFFERENT to the iphone 4/4s – its two tone !! front looks exactly the same except stretched – way to put a lot of though into the surposed amazing apple design process guys

    Thats why everytime you see thew ‘new’ iphone they show the back

    • 4p0c4lyps3

      Lmfao, what else is it gonna look like? Rlly? -1

      • smtp25

        Look at the S2 and then the S3 – S3 they changed things up rounds it up instead of keep the same old box

        Even iOS 6 they refuse to actually move on and have stuck to the same tired layout, no widgets, no multiple ‘desktop’s, no custom shortcuts. Ziiip

        fwiw: i have the 4s and ipad3 – come Sept/Oct not sure

    • Impeach Obama

      thats apple for you. somethings in mac look exactly the same for more than 10 years. look at the scroll bars the blue and white stripes. same as it was more than 10 years ok. Apple’s motto. “Think the same”

  • You forgot to remove the YouTube app. Apple have in iOS 6 lol

  • So the iPhone 5 has ios 5?

  • Crap I thought I would never say this but the black one looks better than the white one. That actually look so sexy.

    • 4p0c4lyps3


    • 20 people agree with me? I thought I was going to be hated by everyone!

  • 1337lolzorz

    Perfect 16:9 dimensions.

  • Alec Vanek

    That looks pretty cool, but i think i’ll stick with my android

  • It looks weird. Like a TV remote control. And if they implement “black bars” on the screen to accomodate older apps, it will suck.

  • say no to headset on da bottom

  • Very disappointing, my orange iPhone 4S looks better then this. I hope everyone has it all wrong.

    • Impeach Obama

      i think it’s pretty ugly too. its far to similar to the iphone 4S but just uglier. i think they should have completely changed the look and feel of the iphone. 6 years of the same front just a little taller? but the same sides as the last two years. this is were i get bored with apple. same crap each year. i like things too look different but have the quality that apple gives.

  • Also the dimensions of the pics u take on this will just be retarded

  • 4p0c4lyps3

    One word… DOPE.
    Haters r gonna hate. To the ney sayers, good luck finding anything sweeter… lol. Maybe a Sammy for ur shyt taste. Good luck with that. Coz however the 5 turns out, it’ll still shame the opposition. Sorry, retards;)

    • Impeach Obama

      if you start off with a post saying DOPE expect a few hands down. just thought i’d help you out for your next comment

    • How old are you, 12? Dope, yackaty yack don’t go back

      • 4p0c4lyps3

        39 and yes, dope.
        Which adjective wld have appeased u? Lol, whr u from?

      • haha all good bra, just playin yo, ya know, dat hoe, down the ro? hahaha it doesn’t matter where I’m from. This is a blog about Apple not me.

  • this is ugly for me

  • KeithRVA

    They need to release this thing already so that the phone I really want, gs3, will be cheaper on craigslist 🙂

  • apple might as well cal it…the new iPhone!

    • Impeach Obama

      even though it looks nearly identical to the last two iphones?

  • Donovan Wynter

    thats a really ugly shyt!!! samsung galaxy s 111 here i come

    • Impeach Obama

      at least samsung can design more than just one beautiful phone. iphone 4/4S is beautiful. but apple will never innovate again. they will stick to this look for many many many years

  • Kyle Schweizer

    Can anyone link me to the wallpaper that he’s using?

  • It will fit perfectly on my hand !
    i’m thinking about to buy the black one too. i don’t know , just saying .