It was recently suggested that Apple wanted Samsung to pay as much as $2.5 billion in damages for allegedly copying its iOS devices: $500 million in lost profits, $25 million in royalty damages and a whopping $2 billion for the profits Samsung “unjustly received” using Apple’s intellectual property.

A new report breaks down the figure on a per-device basis, as outlined in an exhibit prepared by accounting consulting firm Invotex Group, which specializes in calculating royalty rates for litigation…

Josh Ong of The Next Web points us to Apple’s exhibit titled Summary of Apple’s Damages Calculations [PDF download], observing that it outlines four damage scenarios, “ranging from $2.47 billion to $2.88 billion, depending on whether Apple’s lost profits are counted and which patents are included”.

Here’s a quick summary.

The experts calculated the above damages based on an extensive table which highlights Apple’s utility patent, design patent and trade dress claims against each of the 28 accused Samsung products.

Click to enlarge.

And here is the full breakdown of the damages Apple is seeking for each of the 28 accused Samsung products.

The Captivate device, also known as the Galaxy S, absolutely leads with an estimated $204 million in Apple’s lost profits.

The original Galaxy Tab?

Just shy of $20 million.

Also interesting, the Epic 4G smartphone brought Samsung the most profits based on design and trade claims, an estimated $307 million.

Also worth mentioning, Apple feels it should be entitled to royalties from six devices totaling a little more than $21 million.

Would you say that those calculations are fair?

  • Aric Bolf

    Samsung needs to be hurt so bad that nobody will dare break patent laws. Otherwise, what is the point of patents if nobody abides by them anyways?

    • out of his own mouth. think on that for a bit. Steve Jobs: “Good artists copy great artists steal”.. If the man will say that then what makes you think he wont do it?not trolling just saying!

      • Kok Hean

        He’s saying that Samsung is a great artist.

      • just like jobs was lol they are just learning from the master him self. lol after i read jobs bio i was my world changed about him.

      • False. “Good artists copy great artists steal” – what Steve meant was yea stealing the idea is fine but the IMPLEMENTATION is where samsung got caught. Also, “Good artists copy great artists steal” only apply if you DONT get caught. Appearantly samsung was not smart enough. Made it too obvious.

      • lol true.

      • Job compared the iPhone 4 to an old Leica camera, I think that is what he was talking about. Not taking the whole phone and dumbing it down to some shit version.

      • You don’t understand it. Good artist = Samsung(because they copied stuff from Apple).
        They would be great artists if they stole Apple’s plans and released an iPhone first 😉

  • anythingbutEXO

    lol Apple is crazy. they lost revenue not because of samsung’s designs- they lost revenue because of the android operating system… now that it is even more polished i think apple knows the marketshare is going to evaporate. as well as when Win 8 hits.

    • It was polished by them infringing on patents. Microsoft and Google were sitting on their hands in 2007. Sure. They are innovating now but before iPhone the mobile arena was awful!

      • Awesome point…:)

    • nope so not true… Apple isnt suing google cos they did not copy ios, but samsung copied their design shamelessly so…

  • So let get this straight what is the total royalties that apple is seeking? Sorry to ask

  • AforAppleAforAndoid

    sAMESUNG sucks

  • Will Walker

    All this talk about Android copying this and that… Which mobile OS had the most functionality? Let’s not forget iOS wouldn’t allow you to send mms, send data via Bluetooth, customization etc in the beginning. Look, both are good platforms, but there is a reason Android’s popularity keeps growing. Believe me it’s not because of the iOS necessarily, and design isn’t the main reasons people buy Android devices. The HTC One X looks much better than the Galaxy S III, but the GS3 more than out sold the HOX. Why? Software, Hardware, and FUNCTIONALITY.

    • Cool story bro, but totally off topic

    • Only reason why it’s famous in my country is because it’s very cheap. And iphone 4 (not even 4s) cost whopping 900US $ .I have got this S II. Was thinking of buying S III after the horrible time with android. I’m done. God knows how many time i have somersaulted my phone. It freeze all the time. Plus virus issue.

      • Will Walker

        That’s unfortunate for you. It really depends on which device you get, I too have had bad android experiences. I have used iPhones since 2008, and now I have the GS3. So far I haven’t had any issues, but if anyone will judge, first experience pure android then make your choice. Android isn’t like it use to be, other wise I would still have my iPhone.

      • I had iPhone 3G, sold it, went to Motorola Droid X or what it was called, sold it right after a week, got a 3GS, had it until feb 2012, sold it, got HTC Evo 3D, sold it after 2 weeks and got a 4S. iPhone is something totally different, like it doesn’t even fall in category of smartphones,it should be in it’s own category – iPhone.

    • Fandroid doesnt state the facts properly…

      • You’re still in school! What do you know about facts?

      • Are u not?

  • Apple are protecting wat is rightfully theres, Apple use alot of resources being innoative and delivering quality they have a right to prove who created the next generation of mobile handests.
    Samsung & Android devices update with alot of there innovation and funcionality in beta instead of testing and perfecting there ideas.
    Apple perfect there innovations and thats why we see a slower process to retail, however the quality of products are no comparison to anything on the market… most new innovation on the galaxy S3 is in beta and works when it wants to..
    Apple will soon be releasing IOS 6 along with the new highly anticipated iphone 5, and ipad mini which will outsell all handsets of 2012 put together and you can gaurantee the quality will be flawless 🙂

    • No product is flawless, there are always bugs. I can’t tell you the number of times my iPad 3 hangs. And iOS 6, innovative? Really? You can get every single one of those “new features” in Cydia or the App Store. There is nothing new there at all.

      • The fact you won’t have to jailbreak and get stuff from cydia is new, and you won’t have to lose your time by downloading appstore apps as well.

      • And that’s innovative how? If the stuff is already there, implementing it isn’t “innovation,” it’s convenience. I’m sure Apple still has something big to announce (like they did with Siri at the 4S announcement), and that announcement I’m sure will be something innovative, but right now iOS 6 is about making the jailbreak/appstore apps more convenient by having them implemented.

      • yea apple will have somethin big cos… They said they will have devices this year that will blow our minds

      • Ofcourse that’s true 🙂

      • maps is one you cant get from cydia ( just stating cos u said there was nothin new 🙂 )

      • Two words: Google Earth. It has the 3D view and directions already. I’m sure they’ll have something that will be new for the phone launch, but until then, there is nothing new on iOS 6.

      • I wanted to state that but it isn’t in every country

      • @dongiuj

        Nor is apples’ 3D maps. No directions in virtualy all of Asia, S.America and alot of Europe. No better than Google. So your point is???

    • very true point

  • Ignacio Irigoyen

    I think Apple deserves some money, after all the had to use money for R&D. But I think they are pushing far from what is fair

    • In the end, I’m sure both companies will have to pay money to the other. The only good thing that can come of this is the patent system gets looked at and revamped.