Apple has been granted an interesting new patent today that covers a personal shopping application. The app provides retail and pricing information based on user location and scanned barcodes.

The patent was published this morning by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. And if it’s any indication of what Apple’s working on, it could mean we’re in for some nice surprises  on the iWallet front…

PatentlyApple made the find:

“Apple has received their first granted patent relating to methods for conducting shopping-related transactions with a handheld electronics device. In some embodiments a mobile electronic device may be used to identify a product and obtain pricing information relevant to retailers of the product within a specified geographical location.

In another embodiment, a mobile electronic device may be used to acquire pricing information for a shopping list of products. Embodiments may also include a variety of features that make the shopping experience quick and efficient while allowing the consumer to hunt for a better bargain. Furthermore, several embodiments also allow the product manufacturers and/or retailers to distribute relevant product information to targeted consumers who are known to be, or who may be, interested in buying a particular product.”

Back in June of this year, Apple unveiled its Passbook application. The app, which will launch alongside iOS 6 this fall, will allow users to store gift cards and event tickets in a digital wallet-like fashion. But what if Apple started adding features to it?

It’s true, that functions talked about in the above patent are already covered by a number of third-party apps in the App Store. But obviously, Apple has the power to make a more cohesive experience, inside both the app and retail stores.


  • When are Apple going to patent the world .. They seem to patent everything. I know why they do this to protect there interest’s but this is getting beyond ridiculous..

    • Please explain why this is so ridiculous. You create something. To protect if from thieves, you got to patent it. Billy Bob shouldn’t be swimming in his money because of he got rich off of your idea/invention by ripping it off. I’d patent the skid marks on my undies if I knew it was going to make me money!

      • Like i said I know why they do it.. It just getting to a point where it’s now …I thought of something I know I’ll put a patent on it and see what happens . I.e. who are we going to sue

      • TILT_Dat

        You can’t patent ideas, only implementation. A long time ago when apple came up with the Mac OS they didn’t patent often, so when Microsoft copied it and became successful Steve Jobs started to have Apple patent everything.

  • Good news! Let em keep it coming…

  • Geeks on Hugs

    Another obvious and vague patent. Patent reform now!