Earlier today, Apple pushed out iOS 6 beta 4 to developers. It’s the fourth update to Apple’s latest mobile software, which is expected to become available to the public sometime in September.

Judging by the lengthy change log we’ve been reading through all morning, beta 4 is full of bug fixes and other improvements, and not much else. But we have noticed one notable change…

As pointed out by 9to5Mac, the default YouTube application is missing in the new beta. After hearing this report we checked our own devices with iOS 6 beta 4, and sure enough, it’s gone.

Fear not, apparently the omission has something to do with an expired licensing agreement, and Google is working on a new YouTube app that will be be available in the App Store.

The Verge has Apple’s statement:

“Our license to include the YouTube app in iOS has ended, customers can use YouTube in the Safari browser and Google is working on a new YouTube app to be on the App store.”

For the time being, folks on iOS 6 beta 4 can continue to use the YouTube web app in Safari. We’ll be sure to let you know as soon as an official app makes it into the App Store.

  • The fuck… Wha?

  • I don’t think I would miss it too much, the stock YouTube app sucks so I use YouTube on Safari anyway. Let’s hope they are making some major changes to it though!

    • Youtube app has the ability to display a much higher resolution then safari!

      • Yea but you have too be on Wi-Fi, with the mobile YouTube on Safari you can hit the HQ button even if your on a data connection and get great quality!

      • Kok Hean

        Y U NO install 3G Unrestrictor or My3G? They work great and you can get HQ quality anywhere with a 3G connection. But I use YourTube 3 anyway, so I don’t even need an internet connection 😛

      • I’m speaking from a stock standpoint. I do use those by the way. 🙂

  • Honestly will not miss it. The site is faster on Mobile looks better. And I can now start opening it on the site and not that terrible app whenever I hit a URL for it.

  • First? sure everybody will miss it… 🙁

  • I think Apple removed the app as,they remove anything related to google, and I think it’s a good thing because I’m sure google will launch their own native YouTube app, and it will be much better than apple’s, and certainly also better than their webapp!!

    It can be a good thing, I think.

    (sorry for my English, I’m French… I love this blog, thanks for your work, keep doing this job as well as you do at idownloadblog!)

    • I think you have better English than most natives.

    • Outhig

      They do want to remove anything related to Google, but this time they had a genuine reason, the license.

  • Brian Burns

    The YouTube app is gone for good. Apple’s license to carry it on iOS has expired and google is working on a standalone version to be released in the App Store.

  • Saw this coming a mile away.

  • Hopefully this means that Google is working on their own app. The Android app is miles ahead of the iOS app, so hopefully it’s not that hard of a port for them.

  • Mysteroy3k

    Web app is better anyway rarely use the native unless I want to listen to voice vids while surfing safari

  • Why the YouTube app? Why not Stocks?

    • I like the Stocks App. Oo Whats wrong with it?

      • JamesR624

        Besides, they have no reason to remove it. It and weather both use *smirk* yahoo. In fact, I think the only reason yahoo gets used anymore is because of Siri and Apple’s stock iOS apps.

      • iphonetech11

        yahoo also gets used for weather but stock and youtube and weather can be downloaded and not use up as much space

  • I use protube anyways So it really doesn’t matter but if the one google is making is better then I will get it and lately ive been seeing some bugs in the protube app so hopefully the app google is good to make is better because of the bugs in protube

  • Y an app tho? y cnt they jus make it better apps crash alot on my idevice

  • What about “Yourtube” (the tweak that adds ability to download youtube videos within the stock youtube app) ?? Feel sorry for people who spent money on that tweak …..

    • maurid

      Then too bad. Apple has nothing to do with the Cydia Store.

    • Kok Hean

      It would be worth paying for if it wasn’t so buggy… Anyway, I prefer that over ProTube because I can very quickly download all of my YouTube subscriptions unlike ProTube, which requires a lot more steps.

      Tap on Subscriptions. Tap on video. Tap on Download. Tap on 720p. Tap the back button.
      Tap on another video and so on.

      • It works the same way in ProTube.

      • Kok Hean

        No. In fact, I’ve even quickly made a YouTube video about this. After being convinced by three people who commented about ProTube, I decided to purchase ProTube for $1.92 (1.49 USD) which also comes with ProTube HD, which is awesome! YourTube’s faster for me. I don’t regret the purchase though.

  • THANK GOD! Now maybe it’ll actually be USEFUL! Damn thing has barely been touched since the onset…

  • I am updating to beta 4 right now. Yah, YouTube stock app was a waste of space, time and it was annoying.

    • Impeach Obama

      how did it “annoy” you

  • JerseyD

    Good the YouTube app is a mess and very clunky. It never gets updated w iOS so hopefully google will improve it and offer better support w it being in the app store.

    Until then I’ll use protube

  • jdshorrock

    You shouldn’t need a separate app to access YouTube in the first place.

  • Protube is much better.

  • I Use Foxtube. Puts Youtube in the garbage. Actually Youtube is in garbage without Foxtube

  • seyss

    what? this is big. so the Youtube app will be unstocked? you’ll have to manually create a Apple account and get it from the appstore??

  • Is Google going to enable mobile adds in the iOS application too?? Probably -.-

    • Impeach Obama

      yeah good point…on the computer i use add blocker so i never knew they had ads to recently when i used someone elses computer. i have ad blocker on my iphone too via a tweak, so hopefully it will work for that also.

  • Alec Vanek

    i really hope this youtube on the app store is better than the stock one now

  • Hugo Oskarsson

    Ooh so they removed the google maps with street view AND the friggin youtube app and added a fake flight mode and “ios maps” with flyover and directions witch YOU CANT EVEN HAVE ON THE IPHONE 4 -___-
    ios 6 was the only thing holding me back from selling my iphone, but now when i see theyre only making it worse im going to try to trade it for a nexus…

    the real bummer is theyre gonna make a better youtube app for ios then for android :(((

  • Whatever it is, love or hate, let the android and Aplle war begin

  • thepies

    Awesummmmmmmmm! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  • HC

    I don’t really use it that much, but it’s def. good to have. New YouTube app in the develops? Sounds good!

  • The one thing that I’ll issabout the Aplle YouTube app is that there are absolutely no ads. But it’s a sacrifice I’ll have to live withtoget a better youtube experience. At least now the official app can get updated instead of waiting for each iOS release for some small updates to the Apple YouTube app. The web app is great and all but I’d rather have an app specifically made for iOS.

  • Ryan B

    I liked the stock app because there were no ads. Now with googles app we will be bombarded with them. Sucks!

  • kteelou

    I just sold my iPad 2 due to iOS 6

  • This is Apple’s attempt to compete with Google.

  • rafaela

    🙁 i miss it! the app is weird

  • Superfield

    This article is probably too old, but it’s the most relevant to my question. I love MxTube, but it can be a pain to find videos sometimes. I use it for downloading videos I plan on having for a longer period of time, while I use YourTube for short-term stuff. I love how it is built right into the native YouTube app. However, as the native YouTube app isn’t in iOS 6, I was wondering if there was a jailbreak app to add the ability to download videos to the new YouTube app. If it’s in development, then I’d like to be pointed to where I can follow it and get it once it’s done.

  • This is stupid. I prefer the original app that came with the iPad 3. Hate to safari it. WTF apple, try to jack people money or what. Fix this problem and put back the original app on the iPad 3. I just bought the ipad 3 a day ago and this shit happened. This is some Stupid shit apple.

  • Tony


  • Variousthings3251

    R.I.P. YouTube iOS 2007-2012