DownloadMove is a new jailbreak tweak that allows you to adjust the position of the download bar that appears when downloading apps from the App Store.

There are several positions included with DownloadMove; they include: Middle, Top, Bottom, Up, and Down. Sure, it’s not the most impressive tweak from a functionality standpoint, but DownloadMove is a decent choice for those looking for this sort of change.

Once you install DownloadMove, simply head to the settings app, and select the position of your progress bar. After you respring, you should notice the new position of your download progress bar after your next App Store download.

Unfortunately, the tweak requires a respring with each change, and there’s no respring button contained within the settings panel. Not a really big deal, but it can prove to be an annoyance for some.

Also, I noticed something about enabling progress bar percentages in the description of the tweak found on Cydia, but I found nothing about percentages in the tweak’s settings. As it turns out, the developer updated the tweak to remove the percentage feature, but forgot to update the description, hence the discrepancy.

If you decide to take DownloadMove for a spin, then let me know what you think about it in the comments below.

  • Hey Jeff, love your new video background. Sort of can tell you shift to a new studio?

  • Kok Hean

    The developer used AppCent’s source code but he wasn’t supposed to redistribute it, that’s why 😛

  • oh my god, developpers have a lot to give to the jailbreaks community but they give us this little tiny miny tweak, this tweak must be included in springtomize 2 or a bigger application, I don’t even think that it’s useful, enough tiny tweaks

  • DomPerignon1

    Another useless app!

  • Wow

  • This is not going to be a popular post. Jeff, I used to go by your recommendations for which tweaks are good and what to ignore. When you said something was good I generally went and bought it if it was something I felt was potentially useful.

    Lately I have watched as you promote tweaks that are screwed up or just stupidly useless. I know there Is not much coming from the dev community lately but you are losing your credibility with me when you give an absolutely useless tweak like this even one second of time.

    C’mon man. Really? Status bar position for downloading? It really is a slow news cycle.