With Apple expected to unveil the long-rumored iPad mini in a few short weeks, we anticipate component leaks for the smaller slate to start picking up.

In fact, some photos started floating around this afternoon of what appear to be rear shells belonging to the highly anticipated tablet. But are they real?

Apple.pro was first to publish these photos, which were recently discovered on the often-mentioned Chinese microblogging site Sina Weibo.

The most notable detail about these images is that the shells do not have an opening for a rear camera. This directly conflicts with the claimed iPad mini cases we’ve seen pop up over the past few weeks, which have all had camera openings.

On top of that conflict, there are some other things that lead us to believe these aren’t the real deal. So we’re thinking there are two possibilities: the first, and the most likely, is that these shells are fake — made by some third party manufacturer to capitalize on the anticipation for the tablet. Or two, they could be a part of Apple’s prototyping process, as it tries to deduce the most efficient way to make the slate.

For the record, we haven’t heard any reports that the iPad mini has gone into production yet. So while we might see the tablet unveiled at the September 12 event, it may not go on sale until several weeks later. And with this in mind, it’s possible that even the folks at Apple don’t know for sure what features the final design is going to have. The company has been known to tweak product details at the last minute.

At any rate, like most part leaks, take this all with a grain of salt. We just want to know one thing, would you buy the iPad mini if it didn’t have a camera? As in, do you think it needs one?


  • Sachin

    I think apple won’t put camera in iPad mini as it would increase its cost. Eagerly waiting for the 12th/sept/2012

    • Irfan Tarique

      Cameras aren’t that expensive

      • Maybe, but if you need 1000000 at a cost of lets say 5$

  • i think back facing cameras in ipads are stupid anyways

  • I can’t imagine Apple deciding not to include a camera. The component cost is almost nothing, and the added value both to the consumer and Apple (and app developers) is huge. The shells in the photo must either fake or just incomplete. (And what were those photos taken with!? Not an iPhone4, for sure-)

    • Melvco

      Yeah, you’d think that after more than two years of ordering 5MP camera sensors Apple could get them dirt cheap.

      • The last time I looked, which was for the iPhone4, the cameras cost Apple $18 apiece. That’s amazing to me, considering the technology and quality imagery they’re capable of.

    • notewar

      1 gen iPad mini- mini iPad
      2nd gen iPad- mini iPad+ Cameras front & back + GPS & compass
      3rd gen ipad- mini iPad+ Cameras front & back + GPS+ retina display
      4th gen iPad- Perfect mini iPad with all (&more) feature included

      So wait till 4th gen before you invest in these new iPad (if Apple ever gonna released it….)

      Sorry english might not be perfect.

      • ReanimationXP

        nailed it. it’s the Apple way.

  • EVERYBODY SILENCE. I have an announcement to make. TODAY and only today DEAD TRIGGER from AppStore is FREE to download. This is an 1-day-event! Again DEAD TRIGGER is FREE for iOS.

    Thanks for your attention.

    • Kok Hean

      And I just purchased it without playing it… I am very sad.

  • I would definitely consider buying one. My kids love using my iPhone but it’s just a tad too small. I can’t afford an iPad because I just can’t settle for 2nd hand. For me a cheaper iPad but with the same great apps would be a brilliant investment not do much for me but as a tool to educate.

  • it doesnt even say iPad mini…

    • The iPhone 4S doesn’t say ‘iPhone 4S’ on it as with all the other iPhone devices, they don’t have their full name on the back.

  • It would be like iPad 1 all over again haha ;p

  • Gökçen Cabadan

    i dont understand why people giving time to prepare that kind of fake stuff.

  • YujinNY

    back camera is useless….but a high quality front camera is good

    • Not completely useless. When there is something I want to show (during a video call), the back camera becomes very useful compared to flipping the device in the other direction (and then I can’t see the reaction, or what I’m exactly showing). Back camera is useful, but front camera just has to be HD.

  • I never use the rear camera on my iPad anyway. The photos from my iPhone 4s are far better so I use them when photo stream moves them into my iPad. I do use the front camera for video chat often though.

    Since a main purpose of the mini is to save money, it makes sense to me to drop the rear camera. Lack of a rear camera has not seemed to hurt the sales of the Nexus 7.

  • I will agree with Michael Musgrove, i will buy it even with out the camera because my Iphone4 takes great pics and i have the Ipod Nano 5th gen and dont use the video cam on it so it will not matter if the mini have a cam or not to me!!

  • Mahjikk

    Obviously Fake. No lettering below the name. No camera and overall cheap-looking. This is most likely the backing of a Chinese “replica” iPad Mini loaded with android 2.1.

  • Ok I’m not going to sit here and say that a cam on an iPad mini would be useless, it wouldn’t be. But in saying that, I wouldn’t really USE a cam on an iPad anyway. iPhone 4 does the job just fine. The sole purpose for the mini isn’t to take photos. Sure it would be handy, but I bet after first playing with for a bit it would hardly be used.

  • That’s preposterous!!!

  • No reason these days to not include a camera in a technology device. It’s so cheap to do it now, it wouldn’t make sense and it’d be a big reason it wouldn’t maybe sell quite as well as it could. These are fakes/prototypes.

  • Instead of an iPad Mini, maybe it’s an iPod Touch Maxi.

  • The only real reason for leaving the camera OUT of the iPad 7 inch these days would be for corporations that refuse cameras for security paranoia reasons.

  • Daniel Levi

    that is useless,it doesnt show the legal regularity under the word “iPad”

  • The Apple on that casing is too large and the font is completely wrong off the top of my head.