From the courtroom to the marketplace, Samsung is adamant to counter Apple’s strides and retain its leadership with new device announcements. Samsung’s strategy of releasing multiple handset and tablet models has paid off. The company’s tablet tablet shipments during the second quarter of this year rose 117.6 percent. The flagship Galaxy S III handset that launched in early-May has become the chief contender to the iPhone and now the company is set to refresh its fabled phablet, the Galaxy Note, which despite naysayers produced some nice numbers…

As reported by Reuters, based on an unnamed Samsung executive, the new Galaxy Note will be announced at a media event scheduled for August 29 in Berlin, Germany.

Samsung Electronics is set to take the wraps off a sequel to its popular Galaxy Note smartphone at an event on August 29, about two weeks before the possible debut of Apple’s new iPhone.

A spokesperson told the news gathering organization today that “we plan to unveil the next Galaxy Note at the Samsung Mobile Unpacked event in Berlin on August 29”, two days before the opening of Europe’s biggest consumer electronics trade fair IFA.

Big media previously reported that Apple will hold its iPhone-related media event on September 12, releasing its next iPhone on Friday, September 21.

The new Galaxy Note, as we previously indicated, will probably feature a 5.5-inch display (versus the 5.3-inch on the current Note), a much better camera and a faster chip.

While I wouldn’t recommend any phablet to the worst of enemies, that’s just me and I understand that a form factor between a jumbo-sized smartphone and a mini tablet works fine for some.

How do you feel about those Gorilla-sized phones?

  • Haha Samsung floods the market with another crap, I am laughing on the floor.

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      • Daff Yheng

        Troll detected.

    • yamdigger

      Speak for yourself, fanboi: I have the Galaxy Note and I totally love it.

      • Love that Lag too..??…:p


        What lag are you talking about ? The lag on your little 16 year old friends low end 800-1ghz single core Android device that cost him $80 outright ?

      • Yea that lag…that a 3yr old 3gs with 600 mhz nd 256mb ram phone dont suffer….

    • ever 2 months another android phone supposed to be the iphone killer…lo. and they all get killed..

  • Ignacio Irigoyen

    Hm, this can harm samsung sales if it trys to go head to head with an iPhone lunch, and doing it with a Galaxy note and not the galaxy s make it even crazyer.

    It seems to me most people will hold for the iphone and will not buy the note just becouse it come up 2 weeks before

  • YujinNY

    I keep seeing short perite Koreans around NYC with the galaxy note. They look absolutely ridiculous lol. Holding the phone with 2 hands and sometimes almost falling in the subway.

    • I concur my friend, it’s ridiculously large as a phone lol. Tiny ppl trying to wield this device is a joke on its own. But I cannot lie, I want to see a slightly wider and taller iPhone

  • I think this is great for product competition, just kinda sick of the way Samsung release their phone,not saying their devices suck but man… Note and S3 both in a year, compared to Apple’s surprise, Prefer Apple style

  • Personally, its more of a novelty phone than an actual attempt at a phone, its as if they’ve created it because no one else did, but hey… If it works for some, fair enough but its not for me I’m afraid

  • Haha I’m a fanboy, u fandroid clearly have no clue bout what Samsung is doing. Dude,umat they launch a phone every few months stealing some apple features abd this release is only to rid the iPhone 5 of fandroids like you into buying it. I bet u are a freaking noob at ios and find that is boring cos u don’t jailbreak and learn xcode so don’t critisize with crap next time u post. I have had a Samsung phone b4 it is freaking not user friendly but I did not look into it. Apple is being smart for delaying a large display and waiting for a better battery. If u saw the battery life on the gs3, it sucks and I rather buy a htc than it. I m not a fanboy, but a

  • Developer*

  • And u yamdigger since u such a fandroid piss off to a android blog sice this blog tells u how to ultilize ur idevice to the max not post ur crap and insult me.

  • Ha for those retards who ask me to mind my language and stop critisizing Samsung cos I have never handled mine properly u r wrong. I am in the best school in my country and one my my Korean classmates, huh dam, his uncle is a vice-president of Samsung inc. so I have seen numorus devices he brought and none is better than the iPhone.

    • IPhone is the best there was , best there is and best there eva will be…:))

      • if iphone 5 flops then samsung will have better luck

      • Apple can turn flop into iFlop and sell millions of it…lolz
        But srsrly i really dont see an iphone being a flop…if they can sell 35+ million 4S then dey can not get it wrong…

  • The Note is a terrible idea lol

    • Aslam Shareef

      ….Becos u dont have it??

  • Dean Jewson

    Having had 2 iphones
    I am currently using a galaxy note and must say its the best phone i have ever had.
    I have had numerous android handsets but the note fulfills everything i want from a mobile device.
    Side by side with an iphone now, the iphone looks like a toy.
    Not that i can fault my note
    I personally cant wait for the note 2 to see whats new.
    As samsung did with the S3
    That had features many never even considered.

    • Plus you got that great lagginess of android….:)

      • Project Butter?

      • maurid

        Lag? As in… Froyo? Ignorants, ignorants everywhere.

  • The world is tired of being flooded with new crappy cheap android crap every damn week.. There is one iPhone and there are 80 different android phones.. then android claims to be selling so many more phones than apple duh..

    • Sw 16

      You seem to be ignoring the fact android is a multi platform OS. Would you prefer it if they decided to just stick to one device to satisfy you? The more competition the higher quality good we’ll get. Some people like ios some are droids and some both…win win

  • Dan

    I think it looks interesting and might be tempted if I didn’t already have an iPhone/iPad and iPod at home. I like that all my devices are integrated together. Also, the fact I can facetime for free with relatives in other provinces is a definite plus that android can’t match.

    • Kerry Paradise

      Actually if video calling is what is holding you back you should def try out a Note or other. Droid doesnt blab about allll it has to offer it actually has several option for video calling and they dont force you to only be able to use it with only users of their phone or operating system. If you get time check it out 🙂

    • Kerry Paradise

      Oh, ps.. the note also plays your itunes AAC files 🙂

  • Peter Reich

    I have been using the Galaxy note since it was available. It’s excellent and I strongly recommend it to anyone who is not office bound.

  • @Liu Zhenyu
    First, I have more then enough experience with iOS. My first iPhone I had used and fully JB was iPhone 4. Before I only used old phone like Qtek 2020.(Very old pocket pc with phone ability – yet it had 400 mhz cpu which was great for such a old tech.)After that I just switched between sgs(1-2-3) – iPhone(4{s})So from my experience, I will tell you in short how these phones were.
    iPhone 4 => Smooth from the beginning 😉 Jailbreak went fine(after some exp.)iPhone 4S => Maybe a little smoother then iPhone 4 – But its design was same with previous gen. So I sold it after 2-3 months using it.——
    Sgs1 = Laggy at stock rom => Custom rom + lagfix => Smooth.Sgs2 = Pretty ok at stock rom => Custom rom => Much smoother then sgs1Sgs3 = Smooth at stock rom, but tiny lagg when a lot apps are running in background.

  • Matthias Mohammed

    You guys arguing are all fools, its simple i have had every single iphone and jail broken all of them does that mean that the iphone is better then the note? Absolutely not, i sold my iphone 4s to get a note and i do not regret it one bit, lookup the specs and you will see that the note pummels the 4s in terms of raw power etc.

    Now when it comes to apps i have to say that if you compare both excluding the highly rated devs the android market does lack in terms of quality per app but they are getting there, is that still enough to make me want to go back nope, i love this big boy the screen is gorgeous and for now we still have adobe flash….i would consider going back if the iphone at least had an 5inch model but that aint gonna happen…..the android os is much more open then the ios for example i can copy pics to and from my phone something as simple as that cannot be done on apple.

    Anyhow all i have to say is that it comes down to preference but you cant say that the iphone4s is better specs wise because the note hammers it easily.

  • Its funny how comments about how great a Android Phone is are getting more thumbs up than comments that say that the Iphone is great.

    Am I on the wrong Website ?

    • maurid

      No, comments that are thumbed up here are mostly because they are true, or make sense. Let me put it to you this way:

      “The Apple App Store is much better than the Android Market in terms of quality and quantity.” THUMBED UP.

      “the iphone is the best phone ever, android lags, android copied apple, it sucks, the iphone beats android phones in every way!!!” THUMBED DOWN.

      • Its not about the way the comments are made, its more about how the people on this site are more and more commenting about that Android Phones are better than Iphones. I cant understand why, i mean how the name of this site says (IphoneDownloadBlog) its an Apple oriented site.

        And thats not the first “post” where people are doing that.

        (Its just my own oppinion)

  • Zorvage

    Hehe, phablet.. Jumbosized, gorilla.
    LOL! 5.5? Really? Haha dumb samsung

    • Aslam Shareef

      Dont hide ur jealousy behind ur attempt at being sarcastic

  • Is the phone going to be bigger or just the screen?
    I have the Note and will never look back.

  • Zorvage

    What the FUCK is up with the comments here? I thought this was an Apple blog..

    • Hehe

    • It is BUT it doesn’t mean that it will only go about Apple. Other companies
      (mainly samsung) are important to be mentioned on this blog.
      By doing this, idownloadblog is much better.
      Why? The people here can also learn something about the competitors, what they are doing right now.
      Are they making much faster phones? Is it larger? etc…
      So in short => Comparison

  • Tomi Phipps

    I traded my IPhone in on my Galaxy Note, and I couldn’t be happier. I love the size of this phone in my hand. It is comfortable to hold and comfortable to my ear. I also enjoy watching movies on the 5.3 screen. I couldn’t be more thrilled. I just LOVE this phone!

  • Hey guys, I’ve had 2 iPhones by now and jailbroke them too. But when I saw the Note I just had to… naaah just kidding the Note sucks 😀 And even if it wouldn’t suck I would never compare it with an iPhone… The Note is no phone… its a… thing 😀 A thing I don’t need… at all 😀

    • Kerry Paradise

      If you can, you should speak from experience. Otherwise, your comments are useless. If you’ve not purchased and used a Note for a couple months then your speaking ignorance.

  • Ios vs droid. The debare goes on…. Aa a person who has to deal with both and fans of both on a daily basis all i can say is everyone is entitled to their opinion. If you want a phone that requires a pc to activate and then to repair it get an iphone. If you want one that works out the box get a droid. If you want a phone that has to be illegally jailbroken to truly use and enjoy it get an iphone. If you want one that can be used to the full extent out of the box get a droid. If you want a phone that can only store your stiuff on the phone or in the icloud get an iphone. If you want a phone that allows you to store thibgs on phone„ internet, and sd card get a droid. If you want a phone that requires a magnifier to read it get an iphone. If you want phone that you and 2 other people can view at same time get a droid. Nuff said

    • …and if you ROOT a Droid….well, the fun really begins!

  • I love my int galaxy note and android in general. There is so much freedom and room to be creative and customize. I would cry if I were stuck with an iPhone now.

  • dEO roni

    w/ my only 160cm high body (n small palm) , low budget and it’s service centre nearby.. hahaha sure i’ve my dream gadget and can’t wait to bring the 5.5″ galnote home w/ shakehand price too.

  • Alright guys I am sorry for my rudeness b4, anyway, I think the iPhone is better through performance and user friendliness. It doesn’t mean u jailbreak means u will like it. You must study the phone directory and learn Xcode to use it to the max, including tweaks other developers create. Nothing beats the feeling of creating our own awesome tweak or theme which is original.

    • But it’s not possible to use xcode on other platforms like windows etc, it only works on mac ;P

  • ronandlorrainer

    i love this samsung note phone. i will not change this phone to any other. works great.
    i have the best of both worlds with my note.

  • Aslam Shareef

    Cant wait for note 2

  • Wooow thats will be ameazing
    i have the galaxy note
    really good fone
    i didnt use my computer for months now
    that fone has everythi.g
    i cant wait for the note 2

  • Kerry Paradise

    If you can, you should speak from experience. Otherwise, your comments are useless. If you’ve not purchased and used a Note for a couple months then your speaking ignorance.
    I had the very first iphone and everyone thereafter. I was blown away by the genius and simplicity of it all. Like a mini comp that only had the few options most ppl needed. Then i realized after owning all of the iphones that it didnt REALLY offer anything that i needed anymore. Lack of freedom for file transfer, flash, accesories, and a tiny screen. Not business friendly.
    Please ppl speak from experience. I have yet to meet anyone who tried out one of the latest droids and said they went back to iphone.
    And FYI the “new” features on ios 5 had already been perfected on driod forever it just wasnt blabed about

  • Samsung rule iphone drule lol

  • Iphone doesnt have,and never will have flash player ha. Apple need to sort them self out. Its 1 sham phone after another lets see what will be next hmmmmmm iphone 6 same shaped phone same weight same colours available same everything lol. Oh maybe a different duel core processor becoz u really dont need a quad core proccessor when your running an ios from the cave days! Apple should concentrate more on making a decent phone on an android platform than taking the kings of phone makers samsung to court. That way they might just make a half decent different looking phone and tablet. They might even make a good effort at making a phablet hahahaha. How does apple technical design and marketing team manage to pour thier own cornflakes in a morning when they cant even make a decent phone lol hahaha

  • Lol apple is just keep making them more smarter every each new IPhone…
    and samsung just keep make them bigger and bigger

  • Archit Mishra

    u jst wait for iphone 5… samsung will get fucked up… :-/

  • Mine is 15% bigger than yours, but we all know that size doesn’t matter so long as you know how to use it… Yeah, right. Samsung’s Galaxy Note has an OLED screen, it’s superb, and it helps older eyesight. You’ll understand all too soon my boy.


    Apple has made it clear that they want to kill the rapid growth of mobile technology with bullsh*t law suits. These law suits claim certain LOW END Samsung devices are exactly like their supposed high end iPhone that they charge customers 3 times or more the price for. They are doing nothing but making themselves look bad with this court case. Did the first company that came out with a flat panel TV sue all the companies that made their own flat panel Tv after that? No they all just feed off eachothers technology advances & make the technology better in their product & this is how TVs have advanced so rapidly. By buying Apple products your supporting the killing of rapid technical advances in the mobile industry that will give customers the best possible devices that could be achieved. ANDROID IS THE FUTURE, deal with it. – KID ANDROID
    I love that everyone who came from having an iPhone to getting the Galaxy Note absolutely love the Note & Android & see that it is so much better than the crappy iPhone lol. I have yet to find a single person who bought a Galaxy Note & didnt think this & went back to an iPhone. -KID ANDROID (Team.Android.Canada)

  • Tim Morrison

    I luuuuuuv my Note and SG2 before it. Do i miss my Iphone 1,2, 3and 4?…not a bit. Do I think Iphones are great devices…absolutely. Kudo’s forever to Apple. Theyre our pioneers. Samsungs selling way big…but are still followers.

  • After my Galaxy Note got the 4.0.4 ics updates… There is no lag at all and the interface is beautiful… Apple is simply over prices and quality wise Android isn’t bad at all..
    In all the hardware and software combo in my Galaxy Note can kill the iPhone like an insect…
    The screen is the best part of my phone and when I carry it every one and every phone bows down to the awesome-ness of my Note..
    The Note shouldn’t be even compared to an iPhone.. It’s not even competition.. And as a matter of fact Nothing is..!
    And the last and best part.. I totally don’t beds a PC or Mac now after I got my Note… Haha…!

  • After my Galaxy Note got the 4.0.4 ics updates… There is no lag at all and the interface is beautiful… Apple is simply over prices and quality wise Android isn’t bad at all..
    In all the hardware and software combo in my Galaxy Note can kill the iPhone like an insect…
    The screen is the best part of my phone and when I carry it every one and every phone bows down to the awesome-ness of my Note..
    The Note shouldn’t be even compared to an iPhone.. It’s not even competition.. And as a matter of fact Nothing is..!
    And the last and best part.. I totally don’t need a PC or Mac now after I got my Note… Haha…!

  • I have a Note and had an iPhone…Notes far preferred to me but a BIGGER ONE??? Not really necessary…

  • vampyren

    I’m an iPhone 4s user but going to get the note2 instead of next iPhone. Tablets are to big for me but 5 inch is perfect + it got phone. I’m sure apple won’t make a bigger screen than 4 inch. Plus I like the note sd expansion.
    Now if we could get a release date 🙂 really want this bad boy.
    Been playing allot with s3 and note in the shop. S3 has a nice feeling so been real close buying it but must resist haha