If you’re searching for one of the best looking themes for the iPhone, then search no further than iOS X Ultimatum. The sequel of sorts to the original OS X Lion Ultimatum, this theme seeks to merge the desktop and the small screen into one environment.

Does this theme perform just as well as it looks? Check inside for the full scoop…

Themes, whether it be WinterBoard or DreamBoard, aren’t normally praised for their efficiency or familiarity from a usage standpoint. People use themes because they look unique.

iOS X Ultimatum is no different in this regard; it looks great, but the performance is hit and miss.

The main issue I encountered while using this theme was failing to get my taps to register on screen. I found myself having to tap multiple times on the same item for it to actually pick up my input.

Seeing as that one of the iPhone’s hallmarks is its responsiveness, this isn’t a good thing. All other gripes besides that are just limitations to the DreamBoard theming platform itself, and not necessarily a fault with the theme.

Visually, though, iOS X Ultimatum is hard to beat. The graphics are sharp, and the dock and menu bar are easy to make out. It genuinely looks like OS X Mountain Lion was ported to the iPhone.

If you’re a fan of themes and DreamBoard in particular, then you won’t want to miss this theme. It’s not as good as the original, but it’s a fine addition to the DreamBoard library.

On the flip side, as I always say; if you don’t like themes, then this one won’t be the one to sway your opinion.

DreamBoard is a free download on Cydia, but the theme itself is $2.00. Unlike most purchases, this theme is available via the ModMyi forums.

What do you think? Would you consider using iOS X Ultimatum?

  • Jeff I can’t find any tweak called iOS X Ultimatum

  • touch sensitivity is pretty horrible. It would drive me nuts if I used this theme.

  • How about iPad?

    • Dreamboard

      • aquawonder

        Could u stop saying dreambord.

      • Lol

  • What I don’t like about those themes are that the size are not customised for an iPhone. It’s pretty difficult to close folders, open apps, especially if you have fat fingers.
    But I like the UI of it! It’s great

    • Reminds me of a tablet PC. Shrinking down a desktop UI to such a small device just doesn’t work. Fortunately Apple realized that and created iOS 😉

  • Kok Hean

    An iPad version would be nice.

    • Dreamboard..

      • Could u stop saying dreambord. There is a iPad version of dreamboard…
        I don’t really can sat I would recomend it as I ecperience a lot of crashes, but hey there is a solution out there…

      • Can you FUCK OFF… !! Was I talking to you …. NO…
        I was trying to help someone .. And as for dreamboard crashing on you that must just be you because it was fine on my iPad.. ….

      • Lol but not nice

      • Wee woo wee woo! Butthurt alert!

      • Burge, please keep the language clean and polite. Thank you

      • gunther80

        Burge : little boy , we navigate this nice site to get info and have a good time. Calm down champ… or you get the f*** off.

      • You’ve joined the party too late .. Trying to get in on a comment after its over is and done with is a waste of time….

      • gunther80

        Oh so you gonna tell me when to comment now? Okay 🙂

      • No not at all.. Your just trying to join a post and make your self look good .. When the comment is over…

      • Kok Hean

        I’ve found a similar one without the top menu support. It’s called OS X Lion for iPad (Alpha), but I won’t be using it as it is currently too buggy.

  • M_AlO

    Seriously? I mean, if you’re going to review themes, then review the good ones. Not this..

  • Hmmm what camera do you use to recoud your videos they look amazing! lol

  • Hey guys i know this is probably not the right place to ask but here goes.
    Ive had my ipod 4 jailbroken since release and same with my ipad but i have just recently acquired and iphone 3gs and have heard rumours of bricking, So i was wondering if there are any risks in jailbreaking iphones that aren’t present in other devices, and if there are how do i go about doing it safely.
    Also does iphone 3gs ios5.1.1 handle jailbreaking alright.

    • Jailbreak away my friend… I’ve been jailbreaking iPhone since IOS 2.0 and I’ve not bricked one… You can always restore in iTunes ..

  • Didn’t Microsoft made this mistake with their phones? A small OS that is difficult to use?

  • Too bad I’m testing iOS 6 on a 4S. Otherwise I would have downloaded the theme, test it for 10 seconds and then deleted it.

  • Dan

    I bought OSX ultimatum when it first came out and was worely disapointed. I tried to use it a while but an iPhone screen is just too small for this type of setting. By the looks of the video, it’s still the same problem with this theme.